I’ve been working on the other side of my dining room. I showed you my meditative boho space last week. Today you’ll see what I’ve done opposite that wall.

I love throw quilts because there are multiple uses for them. You can of course use them on the couch as a throw. Or hang them on the wall. Or fold at the end of your bed.

I think the hanging plant looks so pretty against the colors of the throw quilt. Well, I like house plants period of course. They just give everything that extra special touch.

Then on the other side of the wall quilt, you see a hanging tray. You can put plants in it of course. But I’m finding that the screw hooks don’t necessarily hold the weight up in my ceiling.

So I put candles in the tray for now.

The throw quilt has some red in it, but it isn’t a dominant color. I’ve always loved that yellow-gold color and have used it a lot in my home.

There are so many fun things you can do when decorating boho style. There are really no limits.

Global decor can take any shape or form. You can mix patterns and textures. To me it kind of brings to mind a blend of Mexican, Indian, and African style.

I am having fun with changing things up. Since I’m inside every day most all day, it’s nice to see something different.

But I’m not done. I’m working on the living room as well.


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  1. This is a stunning quilt, wow. Do you have a pattern that you’re willing to share? I absolutely love it, and would like to make it for my daughter.

    Thanks for any info you can provide!

  2. Brenda, that quilt is gorgeous! I love it! It looks so pretty styled with your plant and the hanging tray with candles. Can’t wait to see the rest! Love and hugs!

  3. Im just loving the colours on that quilt, it certainly has that relaxed vibe. I’m glad youre enjoying re decorating and re inventing your cosy space at home and enjoying it all so much. I think youve inspired a lot of us here!

  4. I love quilts and this one is a winner! The colors work so well in your space, and the size is great too!

  5. Beautiful quilt, Brenda! Looks great as a backdrop for that little red lamp. And I really like that hanging tray. Where did you find that? I could see it hanging at one end of my bay window in my living room where most of my plants sit.

    Can’t wait for the next installment!

  6. Ooooh, I like that quilt/wall hanging. The funniest thing is, just before I got to the part in your text where you said what kind of designs/colors it reminded you of, I was thinking that it reminds me of India – they have always been so famous for their colorful calicos and cotton weaves, their skills with textiles, which they have been exporting for hundreds of years, not to mention the gorgeous way in which they combine and arrange rainbows of colors in their more formal dress in their saris. Now I’m beginning to think that my home is too plain!

    1. I like to have more neutral furniture, then spice things up and change things around with colorful accessories. It’s much cheaper and fun to switch things.

  7. Brenda, Every thing you have done so far, has come together so nicely. When I saw the macrame hanging for a plant, I had to smile. Putting candles in the holder is an awesome idea. Love the idea of macrame and how it has made a come back. I made many many wall hangings in the day, still have my books on how to macrame and my T-pins are still stuck into a pin cushion. Good grief, it sounds like I save everything, doesn’t it?? Art supplies are my weakness…

  8. this is such fun seeing your new look take shape! actually boho strikes me as more YOU than the farm one.
    and have loved the pictures of Charlie Ross and Ivy lately. I think you have a wonderful life!
    I’m enjoying this cool day. it’s such a treat in this part of OK. the heat will be back by next week I guess.
    in the meantime I am just reveling in the cool cloudiness of it! xo

  9. The quilt is great. Full of fun and color. I looked on amazon just yesterday for a quilt throw and saw nothing this cute. Did it come from Amazon? You have such a flare. You could so easily stage houses. Can’t wait to see
    what’s next!!

    1. Yes, it came from Amazon. Do you want me to send you the link? That one was rather expensive at over $40. But I bought another for over the couch that is a yellow/gold and white for around $30 at Wayfair. I’m getting quite a lot of stuff at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 off and I just got back from Home Goods where I found this fancy boho orange pillow on clearance plus a big wooden Buddha head to hang on the wall on clearance for $9. Score! You can get really nice quilted throws at Amazon.com for $24.99. Believe me, I Google everywhere to get the best price!

  10. The color and design of that quilt throw are very pleasing. The throw has a complex pattern, but the overall effect of it on the wall is simple and satisfying. You are getting some great new looks for different parts of your home with fresh things that tie in with what you have already, so it isn’t too jarring of a change. I like what you’ve done.

  11. I don’t think you’re ever done!! I understand completely – if I were home more, I’d get tired of looking at the same thing and have to change things up. As it is, I’m not home enough and when I am I’m too busy these days to do much! Looking good, as always, Brenda!

  12. Ohh very nice Brenda! Colirful and easy to live with. I began collecting quilts years ago. Was always difficult to find throw quilts. So usually twin size worked better. Easier to launder also. I must have at least 20+ old quilts. No more buying though. All done collecting things. Trying to unload my huge assortment of cookbooks. Just too many. Loved buying them all in padt years. Gave my niece, cousins, etc many if the books. Lots more to go ,,,,,,, hahaha! Hope to see your living room reveal soon.

  13. This is gorgeous! I would break out in a smile every time I looked at that space — the quilt has great colors and design. And I really like that hanging tray with the candles. Might just have to look for one of these.

    I finished watching the Netflix series Rectify last night around ten. I think I watched the final season in just two days. My emotions were raw when I finished. What a great family story (complete with all the blemishes). I loved the character Daniel but actually the entire cast was wonderful.

    Take care and have a wonderful day with Charlie and Ivy.

    1. I cried during Rectify a number of times. What a great show. I got the macrame hanging tray from Amazon.com. They seem to have the best prices for most everything I’ve looked for.

    2. I started watching Rectify last nite, Boy, you were right. I hate to quit watching to do other necessary things Can’t watch but about 2 episodes at a time. It’s heavy. but so interesting.

  14. Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the living room.
    I, too, am longing for a change of scenery. Just wish that I knew what direction to take.
    What are you doing with your farmhouse decor?

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