Boho Living Room Changes

Today I am showing you what I have done so far in my living room.

First you see that the quilted throw I tacked above the couch is two colors, a goldish yellow and white.

Since I have the flower patchwork quilt on the opposite wall, I didn’t want to add too much wall color decor to the living room right now.

I might take down the quilt I made years ago, along with the two miniature quilts I on either side, at some point. But I’m not ready to do that right now.

One of my boho craft ideas is to perhaps make a long string of colored beads and drape it across the top of this quilted throw above the couch. I certainly have enough beads and such on hand to do that.

You also see a new orange pillow on the couch that I found on clearance at Home Goods. I only purchased the one pillow. The others I already had in the closet.

You also see two boho macrame wall hangings on the wall on either side of the quilted throw. I ordered them from Amazon.com.

The lavender and purple table you see by the front door has been out on the patio for several years.

Below you see another new wall display that I created with 2 place mats and 2 wood wall flowers I placed at either end of the wall quilt. All from HL for half price.

I just nailed the place mats on either side of the quilt and then tacked on the little wood flowers. I thought about painting the wood flowers, but at this point I’m not planning to do that.

Right now I am leaving the enlarged photos I took when one day when driving out in the countryside that are on the wall on one side of the living room window. I might switch that up at some point.

But I kind of like the dark frames in contrast to the adjoining wall with the lighter quilt and macrame wall hangings.

I bought the house plant painting below for half price at HL. I already had the wooden sign I placed underneath it.

I brought the green vine garland into the living room thinking I might drape it across the wall quilt above the couch. But I didn’t feel that it was long enough.

So as I was taking it back to the bedroom closet and walking past that wall, I had the sudden whim to drape it over the plant painting.

I wasn’t really planning to leave it there. But when I stepped back to look at it more closely I realized I kind of liked it.

So there it stayed.

I had thought that the painting just wasn’t quite enough for this wall. But once I added the vine garland it added enough bulk that I changed my mind.

I love little surprises like that!

Below is how it looks coming from the short hallway that goes to the bathroom and bedroom.

In terms of new decor I purchased for the living room, I will break down what I spent to switch this room from a farmhouse theme to a boho theme.

Home Goods: Pillow: $15 on clearance; round basket for coffee table: $16.99.

Hobby Lobby: House Plant painting: $10.99; place mats: both for $5.99; wood wall decor: both for $11.99. (Hobby Lobby half price sale, so I got two for the price of one)

Wayfair: Boho quilted throw: $29.99

Amazon.com: Macrame wall hanging: $18.99; Other macrame wall hanging: $21.99

Total for new living room decor: $125.94



  1. I’m really a great fan of seeing boho-inspired designs especially home interiors. You were so creative about turning your house into another place. That is something that I’ve really wanted at my house too. Seeing that photo’s made me more inspired.

  2. Wow, nice changes. I love changing my interior on a budget. You might like wish.com. Lots of boho stuff very cheap but shipping takes longer. I got pillow covers for a couple dollars. Many things are free with just shipping cost of 2 or 3 dollars. It’s fun to look around at the site! Love your new evolving look!

  3. It all looks great, Brenda, but I miss the cow!

    I don’t think you could do any decorating in your apartment that would not look really well-tho’t-out. The things I like the best are the placemats with the wooden flowers which look quite expensive and the macrame wall hangings. Also, the plant painting. I also really like the array of pillows on your couch. The different patterns all combine to make an interesting collection.

    I’m wondering whether you have changed the decor over your dining table. Seems like you did do something different a few days ago but I can’t remember for sure what it was.

    I’ve found myself in kind of a switch-it-out and up-date-it mood lately, too. I went to Goodwill today with my sister and found a few things none of which was decorative except a photo frame and mat with places for two photos that I am planning to fill with images of our cat that just passed away. Anyway, I have enough of a stash in my house already that I can cull for new decor! Am wanting to get my sewing machine out and make some new pillow covers and maybe some drapes for my slider. Hope my energy holds out!

    Thanks for showing your new decor today, Brenda. I hope it lifts your spirits and helps you not worry too much about Charlie. Give him a pat for me and tell Miss Ivy to stay out of trouble! Did you ever find your watch?

  4. Hi Brenda, I hope you are doing well. I miss seeing your pretty patio. Hope everything didn’t burn up in this awful heat . I like the make over on the walls. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

    1. The tree that hangs over the fence has branches nearly to the ground about to break. And it’s too heavy for me to deal with. Have to wait until someone can get to me.

  5. Hi, I love everything you did. It’s your home so you should do whatever you want! Love the added orange pillow that gives a nod to the coming Autumn. I always have a few antique quilts draped or hanging somewhere. That’s where the coziness comes in! I’m looking forward to baskets of pine cones, pumpkins, vased tree branches, golden leaves and spicy apple scented candles. Welcome Fall!!

  6. Fun touches! Have you ever visited The Wicker House blog? She loves thrift/boho things, too.

  7. I am amazed at how many ideas you always come up with Brenda!! It looks spacious and not crowded…something hard to achieve in apts…how well I know!!

  8. I love your redecoration! It’s always fun to see what you will do with what you have. i want to say again that I follow your blog because you are truly creative. Anyone can throw a bunch of money at something and say “they” redecorated it. That take zero creativity. You are frugal and creative and I really admire that! Thanks for you fun ideas.

  9. Honestly Brenda you are the queen of thrift and your home looks wonderful, the way you draped the vine over the picture it looks fabulous!

    I particularly like the place mats with the wooden flowers. I wouldn’t have thought of putting them on the wall but they definitely belong there.

    You have a lovely home full of interesting and surprising things.

  10. I love it! It looks great, so natural, so organic, but also restful and stylish at the same time – and urban. Not country. There is a hip vibe but not cutesy. Does that make sense? Nice finds! I really like the two wood flower medallions that you tacked to the placemats on the wall. The natural texture of the placemats plays beautfully off the wood flowers. I like them unpainted, they echo other wood elements in the room and have a natural, relaxed feeling to them that I think painting might take away. If you paint the flowers I think that would tend more toward a country vibe that you’ve moved away from. I love the macrame hangings, they are just the right accessories for the space. Charlie looks right at home on the sofa.

  11. It looks great, Brenda. It’s amazing what can be done for little money. I was looking at those round trays at Home Goods the other day and thought about buying one, but decided my coffee table was too narrow for it. I see lots of things there that I really love. xo Laura

  12. I like the new wall hanging very much. The color is bright but the pattern is soothing. I still love your quilts though and hate to see them relegated to the closet. Your idea with the placemats and wooden flowers looks so pretty and expensive. You’re a wizard with a little bit of money, Brenda. Still love that green piece of furniture. The color is great and green always blends and soothes our eyes. I think your photographs are great and bet you could sell them via Etsy or EBay. Since you started using macrame I see it more and more. Thinking you’re right on the decorating trend.
    I had to take my little 8 lb tripod kitty to the vet yesterday. She got a cold and had the sniffles and had a fever of 103. She was dehydrated too. So they gave her two meds and fluids but being a Warrior Princess she had all her weapons out and fought them tooth and nail. 8 lbs fo fighting fury ! But by evening she was doing great and wanted to play and wouldn’t let me get to sleep for an hour before bed. Now today wish me luck while I have to continue the meds. Will have to wrap her like a burrito to try to give her the meds. She’s not been sick in six years since her operation to remove a broken gangrene leg. She did this somehow as a kitten in a feral colony. Took her years to accept me but now I’m her Mom and she’s my little tuxedo vixen who rules with three mighty paws. I seem to be her willing servant. Have a good day, Brenda. Love watching your creativity when you get in these whirls of creativity.

    1. Aw, I hope all goes well. People like you are who I admire most. Never had to give Ivy medication. I can’t imagine that. She is big and heavy and strong.

  13. Hi Brenda – I love your new BoHo look!! Absolutely beautiful and I love seeing your sweet fur babies!!

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