1. Hi Brenda. I hope you and your daughters are feeling ok today. As for myself, the day after my 2nd shot was pretty miserable. I had a sore arm both times, but I think it was worse after the 2nd shot. In addition, I also had extreme fatigue, chills and a fever, but the following day, I felt back to normal. I suppose any reaction, no matter how uncomfortable, is better than getting covid. At least it only lasts about a day for most people. I was told Tylenol, not Ibuprofen, and also not to scratch it, if it was itchy. Instead use a cold compress. The house you are featuring today is pretty, but I tend to lean towards lighter colors. But I can still appreciate the beauty of some bold color choices. The important thing is to do what makes you happy. I loved the picture you posted yesterday of Charlie. His tongue all curly was too cute! And Ivy is such a beautiful cat! Some of my favorite posts are of her silly antics. She’s a funny kitty!

  2. Even though I loved the all white house or apartment you showed a while ago I have to say I love this house, full of color and fun. Love the leopard elements but I don’t think I would be brave enough to have them in my house. I always go for muted colors but would really love to try some bold pieces.
    Walking from room to room in this house makes me feel happy but whether I could live with it for a long time I don’t know.

  3. Hi Brenda,
    WOW! Over the top for me. Too much leopard print for me. I do like the kitchen cabinets.
    Too each his or her own. Thanks for asking our opinion.

  4. Too chaotic for my old self… it hurts my eyes. I like color, but more of a coordinated style. Never been a fan of leopard spots in decor or clothing! The blue used on the cabinetry throughout the house is beautiful.

  5. I would retreat to the bedroom. Too much different random color for me. I like coordinated color. I couldn’t find a place to rest my eyes. I do like some animal prints in small doses. I guess I’m no longer adventurous in my old age. lol

    1. Oh, I agree with you wholeheartedly! My mind would go crazy with so many different patterns and color in one room. It was just jarring to my soul. The bedroom was much more to my style and comfort level.

  6. I agree with your comment about the leopard spots. I love this house. It’s contemporary without being trendy or cookie-cutter. And I want that green tufted couch!

  7. Leopard print furniture – nope. An accent pillow or throw in leopard print – yep.
    All blue kitchen – too dark. I think the space would look more balanced if the upper cabinets were white and the bottom cabinets were dark blue. It just looks too heavy all in navy blue. Love the shower – it’s gorgeous. Main bedroom looks lovely.

  8. Wow she loves bold and beautiful color. Not my style but I love all the things she has done. The kitchen is awesome with the dark blue cabinets. This is the perfect example of decor. Do not follow what is popular go with what you love and you will be so happy. Love that she did her own style. Hope you are doing well on your second day of your vaccine. I had a hard day yesterday with chills, fever and joint pain. Drank Gatorade without sugar and tylenol. Completely good today. Happy Friday.

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