1. I love this author but this book left me just a bit sad. She tells a good story and realistically explored the dichotomies in lives of modern couples. I’ve read all she has written and always anxiously await her next publication.

  2. I’ve always like Anna Quindlen’s books. I’ve got two more books to read, then I can look for this one at the library!

    I’m reading a book now that I bet you’d like, Brenda. It’s called The Secret, Book and Scone Society by Ellery Adams. It was published in 2017 by Kensington Publishing Corp. in New York, NY. Nora owns a bookstore in a small town in North Carolina called Miracle Springs, NC where she has recently moved to escape memories of something she doesn’t tell anyone. Many people come to Miracle Springs for the healing waters and Nora meets a man who is visiting but doesn’t say from where, only that he’s very sad and troubled about something he has done that wasn’t right. The next day he is run over by a train that goes through town and is killed. Some think it was suicide, but others think it was foul play and that he was pushed in front of the train. Nora is one of the latter. She and her friends set out to learn who killed this man. The four women who have been only acquaintances, each carrying the burden of a secret from her past, form the Secret, Book and Scone Society in order to solve the case. But they feel in order to work together they must become able to trust each other and to trust each other they must be open about their lives and feelings with each other. Gradually, their sleuthing coupled with their strengthening bonds with each other produces some surprising and dangerous evidence. I haven’t finished it yet so I don’t know the solution to the mystery, but I am thoroughly enjoying the suspense!

  3. I love reading your book reviews, and have started a list of those I want to check out at our library for summer reading. Thanks for sharing your reviews with us!

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