Book Review: Not That I Could Tell


Book Summary:

One evening a group of young mothers and their new single neighbor have a neighborhood get together. The mothers have baby monitors by their sides so they can hear their children from outdoors.

A few days later one of the mothers and her two young children are missing.

Kristin, a college administrator, was beloved by all. She showed no signs of anything being amiss, but was going through a divorce and her husband had moved out.

Each of them look back on that night for clues they might have missed involving Kristen. But she seemed happy and normal.

Did she leave on her own or was there a crime?

They come to the realization that everyone has secrets they don’t always share with their neighbors and friends.

About The Author:


Jessica Strawer is editor-at-large at Writer’s Digest.

She’s also the author of “Almost Missed You”. “Not That I Could Tell” is a Book Of The Month selection and Barnes & Noble New Fiction pick for March 2018.

Her third novel, tentatively titled “Forget You Know Me” will be published in 2019.


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