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Book Review: This Is Not How It Ends

Caroline and Philip meet on an airplane. She is not looking for a relationship. She’s a teacher and her students are her focus.

But beyond anything she would have expected, she and Philip form an instant connection and begin a relationship.

Before she knows it, they are settled into a home in the Florida Keys with plans to marry.

Philip’s business cause him to be away a lot. She thought she’d found a place of acceptance with his frequent absences.

But suddenly she finds herself wanting more. More time with Philip and maybe for them to have a child someday.

Then she meets Ben in a grocery store where his little boy goes into anaphylactic shock after eating something he’s allergic to.

Charlotte tries to calm a nerve-wracked Ben, but ends up being the one to inject the Epipen to save the boy’s life. He thanks her profusely and they say goodbye.

Then one day Philip tells her she’s going to get to meet one of his dearest friends. That friend turns out to be Ben from the grocery store. They don’t let on to Philip that they’ve met before.

Charlotte is first friends with Ben, but then after a time she finds herself attracted to him. She tries to ignore the pull of the beginnings of her desire for him.

With Philip absent from her life so often, she finds herself seeing more of Ben.

It’s actually at Philip’s urging. He feels guilty about all the time he spends away from Charlotte. He pushes them to form a friendship so she won’t be alone all the time when he’s gone.

Ben is a renowned chef. Philip asks him to teach Charlotte to cook and also provide her with meals while he’s away.

A hurricane passes through Islamorada. Charlotte finds herself weathering the hurricane at Ben’s house with him and his son because Philip is away.

I won’t tell you more than that and ruin the story for you.

“This Is Not How It Ends” is a story of heartbreak. It is about love and loss.

And especially about finding love in the most unexpected places.

My Thoughts About The Book:

I don’t typically care for love stories. But this one pulled me in and I truly enjoyed reading it.

Only one of the men in Charlotte’s life will be her light in the storm in the wake of hardship and sadness. It’s a good plot and ends dramatically.

This is an wonderful book, both the story and the realistic characters.

I would suggest reading “This Is Not How It Ends” if you enjoy love stories.

About The Author:

Rochelle B. Weinstein is a bestselling author. She is a former entertainment industry executive.

Rochelle splits her time between South Florida and the mountains of North Carolina.

When she isn’t writing, Rochelle can be found on Miami’s NBC 6 sharing book recommendations. She also teaches workshops at Nova Southeastern University.

Rochelle enjoys hiking, reading, and finding the world’s best nachos.

She is currently working on her eighth novel.

You can visit her at

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Girl A

She thought she had escaped her past. But there are some things you can’t outrun.

Lex Gracie grew up in a house of horrors.

The place card name “A” was given to Lex, who escaped from her abusive family home as a teenager. She and her siblings had lived in squalor, with a father who’d grown increasingly psychotic regarding his religious views.

Her mother simply had babies, one right after the other. Because that seemed to be what Father wanted.

There came a time when he wouldn’t allow the children to attend school. And things went downhill from there.

They were chained in dirty rooms and basically starved, while Father ate quite well.

Then Lex escaped one day and ran in front of the first car she saw driving toward her. She had the despairing look of someone who has been betrayed by the very people who should have loved and cared for her.

Lex became known as Girl A, the eldest sister who freed her older brother and four younger siblings.

The children were all adopted to different couples. Lex ended up living with an older family.

She had a good life and people who loved her. Lex received therapy to deal with her past. She became an attorney.

Her father never made it out of their House of Horrors that he himself created. But her mother was put in prison for allowing her husband’s treatment of their children.

Then years later Lex receives notice that her mother has died in prison. She left Lex and her siblings the family home. It is a place Lex had hoped never to see again.

Now she will have to locate the siblings. She wonders who they have become. If their memories differ from hers.

My Thoughts:

I read this book in a couple of days. It is one of those books that you don’t think you can bear to read. Yet you can’t not read it.

To think of someone willfully starving and chaining his children due to whatever demonic cult-like beliefs he held is reprehensible and horrifying.

I wonder what it was like to write this book that is so troubling.

About The Author:

Abigail Dean

Abigail Dean was born in Manchester, and grew up in the Peak District. She graduated from Cambridge with a Double First in English.

Formerly a Waterstones bookseller, she spent five years as a lawyer in London. Abigail took summer 2018 off to work on her debut novel, Girl A, ahead of her thirtieth birthday.

Abigail can be found on Instagram and Twitter at @abigailsdean. Feel free to get in touch. She is always happy to talk about writing and books.

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Abigail Dean’s next book is “Day One.” Here’s what I found out about it.

Stonesmere will never be the same again…

In a quiet lakeside town in the North of England, an anonymous gunman enters a school. Hours later, Marty’s mother Ava is dead, her arms outstretched to protect the children she taught.

As the town strives to regain its sense of community in the wake of tragedy, cracks emerge, and with them, conspiracies. Who is the shadowy figure chasing Marty as she grapples with her grief?

And what of the group of people who insist the shooting never happened?

Together with her childhood friend Leo, Marty must piece together the mystery of that fateful day – and face up to the truth about the part she played.

Day One is a tender, heartbreaking novel about community, tragedy, and the lasting power of love from the bestselling author of Girl A.