If you turn on your TV these days you probably see men that are being called out for assaulting women.

There are probably some of you reading these words who know firsthand what it feels like to be assaulted. And so this probably feels long overdue. 

Well, for you and all the women like you, it is long overdue. 

How many times have we found ourselves in situations where things kind of got out of control? 

And we were so ashamed we kept it to ourselves.

How many times have we been told that boys will be boys?

And so we let sleeping dogs lie. 

How many of us felt like we’d done something wrong? That maybe we’d led them on?

So we got what was coming to us, right?

How many times have we asked ourselves if maybe we deserved it?

Or told ourselves…

“It’s just something boys do.” 

More and more women are stepping out of the shadows and saying “me too” and “no more.”  

As women, when we say no, we mean no. It is not okay to touch us without our permission.

I have added a video from a post I wrote about a year ago. I think it is quite apropos in these times we now find ourselves living in. 

Turn up your sound and click here to view it.

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  1. I am a #metoo woman from graduate school that was harassed by a professor. When they investigated they asked all of my other professors and fellow students, "what did she wear? How did she act? Finally the school concluded that there was a "cultural misunderstanding on my part." He was from Germany, and although I had been traveling to Europe since I was 16, and my brother lived there for 6 years, apparently I I too stupid to understand his cultural stories. I won't go into it here, too many bad memories.

    In any case, I am happy that all of these men are falling like dominos, I would love to know in what situation it is ok to walk around naked in front of your co-worker? Or to come out in your dressing gown with nothing underneath!

    Thanks for calling attention to this. We as women have to speak up because if we don't no one will.

  2. I am so glad that these cases of sexual abuse against women as well as children are coming to light. I'm glad that the women who have been taken advantage of are daring to speak out and tell the truth about their abuse. Men should not get away with this behavior as they have for years and years and centuries. I hope that our culture keeps encouraging the stories of sexual abuse to be told and that women come to believe that it is not their fault or that they in some way caused it to happen. I hope that the stories just keep being told and told and told. And I hope that the perpetrators are held responsible, but also given some help to understand their own behavior because in a way they are victims, too. Victims of the prevailing sentiments of our culture that men can do anything they want with women without consent and walk away without penalty or guilt.

  3. I am a #metoo woman from many years ago….I still do not trust the police…I hate defense attorneys…but you move on and try to live your life as normal as possible….not too many people in my world know about my situation. I did talk to my sons because I wanted them to understand women cannot and should not be treated this way. I so pray and hope that because of all the discussion going on that things will change for the better.

  4. I heard on NPR yesterday a journalist that was asking Australian men why they called out to women on the street when they were walking by… or touching their behinds. (not the word they used)
    every one of the men thought they were COMPLIMENTING the women by doing that! amazing! the journalist explained that it is NOT a compliment.
    it will change. and finally it will get better. it has to. and hopefully it will even change the countries' way of seeing women where there is more at stake than comments. like acid being thrown in faces…

    the video is powerful. but one thing… the girl walking down the hall tugging at a skirt that to me… she should never have been allowed to wear to school.
    or really anywhere. just barely covering her bottom. why? I suppose you could just forget the skirt and wear your swim suit. I know it's the principle here.
    but just sayin'.

  5. So very true, Brenda. I am glad women are feeling brave enough to come forward. I hope there will be an end to it somewhere. The sad thing is that there are men that work for women that also suffer 'assault' of a kind and I wonder if some of them will also step forward. It is a lesser problem but still one that exists. xo Diana

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