I’ve been in the mood for bright colored linens in the bedroom lately. When I walk toward my bedroom there is that spark of color that brightens my day.

And this week I’ve been in that particular mood.

A veritable jumble of colors with jewel-toned pillows and velvety softness just beckon you to lie down there.

I’m still sleeping in my summer linens. Which means I have a soft dark green blanket type bedspread with the lighter green sherpa blanket on top.

I like to sleep in between these two because it feels like you’ve fallen into a puffy soft cloud. Or been embraced in the softest of hugs.

Thank goodness the central air conditioning is working. Still keeping my fingers crossed, but I’m hoping/assuming that it’s fixed. For now at least.

I just walked outside with Charlie and it’s cooler out there.

Some of you wonder why I stay here. Well, there is the fact that no one lives below, above me, or across from from me. The apartments on my row are the only ones here that don’t have someone living across from them.

That’s a real bonus to me. Plus I have that wonderful patio for both Charlie and me to enjoy.

And also important is that this side of our four-plex has our own parking lot. I never have to drive around looking for a spot like the other residents who live outside this separate parking lot. Four women live on my side. One to an apartment.

Of course there’s the next door neighbor with her grown grandson currently living with her, so that makes two cars for them.

The other day I was in the office and an elderly man shuffled in with his walker and told the manager that people who aren’t handicapped keep parking in the designated handicapped spaces and he has nowhere to park his car.

So parking is a real problem here. If everyone had one car, it would be different. But many have two because two adults live there.

My little space in front of my apartment is there for me when I come home and I’m ever so grateful for that.

I know that the current owner hasn’t spent any more than he’s absolutely had to since I’ve lived here. I’m hoping the new owners will be different even if (and I know it will) rent goes up. Depends on how much it goes up.

If it deters some of the bad ilk that currently live here, I’ll be willing to pay more. If there are finally improvements to this old complex, I’ll be willing to pay more. Because there’s not much else out there that will fit my needs.

As far as I know there are two 55+ complexes in all of Tulsa that don’t cost over $2000 a month to live there. Both have carpet on the floors, and I hate carpet having both asthma and pets.

I am spoiled by my patio. I love to grow things. Gardening is just in my blood.

So I’m staying put for now, keeping my eyes open, and hoping for the best. I have created a nice home here for me and the pets, regardless of what goes on outside in the rest of the complex. I’m fairly insulated from that by this separate parking lot and living on the end next to the alley.

Well, Charlie and I need to get going to land therapy.

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  1. I really LOVE what you’ve done with the bedroom decor. It is bright, cheery and comfy. I hope you won’t have to move and that everything works out with the various repairs needed in your place.

  2. Beautiful colors in your bedroom. Love your pillows. So happy for you that your air conditioning has been fixed.
    It seems that there is always something to be fixed.
    There are 2 apartment complexes where I live and there is 2 to 3 year waiting list.
    I own my own mobile home, but the space rent can be raised every year. Plus repairs are constant and that comes out of my pocket.

    Hugs to Charlie and Ms. Ivy.


  4. Brenda, your bedroom looks terrific. I love it! May I ask how you hung the quilts? I may remember you mentioning it in a past entry, but I’m not sure.
    Your apartment looks so homey.
    Diana in illinois

  5. My apartment is for ages 62 and over. They are currently switching to wood laminate floors, although it will probably be years before they do mine because they just installed new carpet when I moved in. I love it, but do miss having a patio. I guess there are always compromises. xo Laura

  6. I hear you, Brenda. I know all the things you mention are super-important to you and I do understand your reluctance to give them up. I hope that the new management is different and improves the things that need fixing in the complex. Your list of plusses certainly are reasons to not want to move, especially that beautiful patio and the privacy that comes with your apartment’s location. I think you have the right attitude for now–expect and hope for the needed improvements from the new management.

    It’s too bad there are so few choices for older folks in your area.

    Hope you and the fur babies have a “cool” weekend!

  7. Indeed you are quite the decorator, Brenda…nice idea about color!! Nice way to put cheer into the home. I hope you will find just the right place to move to, when it becomes the right time. In spite of all the negatives, you do have some on your little side of the apts!! Hang in there!!

  8. I too am hoping the new owners make changes for the better and the cost isn’t over the top. Your apt is just lovely. You make it shine. I know I’ve looked at apts in our town and there just aren’t any like yours with that great patio. They either build up with small balconies or no patios. I will keep my fingers crossed for you and Charlie.

  9. I love all the colors you use in your cozy home, Brenda! I also love the way you incorporated Charlies’ doggy steps in so they don’t stick out like a sore thumb! Looks like our first frost is coming tomorrow night….gardening season is coming to an end around here. Eight more weddings to get through in the next 3 weeks and then I can breathe! Hope all is well with you!

  10. So glad the positive outweighs the negatives of relocation and that you feel comfy in your cozy little house. The bedroon colors are really nice and I love the green velvet pillow. I am always fond of velvets as they are so comfortable in all Seasons. Sure hope that a/c cooling holds out rest of this hot season and perhaps next season the new owners may have an upgrade plan. Have a calm day, as sure you are still regrouping from the repair men in your home.

  11. Hi Brenda,
    I hope the new owners of your building complex will fix things up for all of you. Moving is not easy believe me and I know how much you love your place so lets hope things improve. I love your bedroom and that quilt on your bed is gorgeous. Happy Thursday.

  12. It is so hard to even contemplate a move. When we moved to northeast Florida from Atlanta 6 years ago, I thought to myself that it would sure take a lot of negative issues to make me ever move again. And as your furry crew ages, it is so hard to inflict any additional stress on them. I lost my friend Charlie (a terrier mix) two years ago. He was 15 years old and his health deteriorated quickly in his last few years of life. He would’ve been very stressed if we had moved again after moving here — he had become diabetic, blind, and deaf. Familiarity with the placement of furniture and this house allowed him to “feel” his way around this house and our other animals watched out for him. So I think your little Charlie might be a bit stressed if you were to move.

    AND, your home has so many wonderful benefits — I do not think I have ever seen an apartment with quite the patio that you enjoy. Plus all the wonderful creative touches you have added do indeed make it a very cozy little house. Love the bedroom colors!

    We will keep our fingers crossed that new management makes necessary improvements and does not adjust the rent too much. We have grown quite content with your home although we would visit you via this blog wherever you might land.

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