If you love growing herbs as much as I do, then you might consider bringing sprigs of them inside and enjoy.

This morning I went out early and snipped five small bouquets of herbs.

I like to stand and wash dishes and stare out at my patio garden. But when the sun is bearing down on the window, I keep the curtains closed.

And that’s when I like to go outside to the patio and snip some herbs to bring inside.

(I have a dishwasher I’ve never used, much preferring the old-fashioned task of washing dishes by hand. I use my dishwasher for storage.)

What you see above is licorice. I started buying licorice last year.

The licorice plant is grown specifically for its foliage and scent. The scent isn’t very strong. However I like the delicately textured leaves.

Snip some sprigs of herbs to put in bottles on your window sill to enjoy.

Herbs On My Windowsill:

From left to right, there is pineapple sage, which has a delectable scent.  Then there is eucalyptus, licorice, mint and lemon balm.

I meant to snip a few sprigs of lemon verbena, which has a very strong and luscious scent, but I decided to stop at five small bottles of herbs.

I can no longer gather flower bouquets and set them on the table. Ivy would have herself a rip-roaring time taking the flowers apart in short order.

But I can still enjoy my herbs up on the kitchen window sill. Because she has yet to get up on the kitchen counter, mischievous though she is.

This hanging galvanized container is wonderful for keeping certain utensils close at hand in the kitchen. It has scissors, spatulas, a can opener and a variety of other things I often need.

I hung it just to the left of the window above the sink.

Small Space Living Tip:

You don’t have to have utensils on your counter top. If you don’t have much room in your kitchen, consider hanging them in a container on the wall.

Herbs have been a big part of my life for over 30 years. I belonged to an herb society way back when and learned a lot about them. That’s when I began to buy books about herbs as well.

Symbolism Of Herbs:

There is much symbolism when it comes to herbs. For instance dill is considered powerful against evil.

Mint is symbolic of virtue. Lavender stands for devotion. Lemon balm represents sympathy.

Herbs were very important during the Victorian era.

Queen Victoria ruled England from 1837 to 1901, and for gardeners on both sides of the Atlantic, her reign stands as one of the most fascinating periods in our history. Never before had so much technology and manpower been dedicated to horticulture.

People in the middle and upper classes in both England and America had become infatuated with the natural world and with horticulture and botany in particular. Source: Mother Earth Living

In my patio garden I also have rosemary and chives, and I’m sure there are other herbs I’m forgetting. Oh, and cinnamon basil came up in the cement crack. I potted a few and gave the rest to Nathan. He loves herbs too.

So far I’ve managed not to kill the rosemary. I have it in its own pot, for I have a tendency to over water.

And the other night I snipped chives to add to a bowl of potato soup. There’s just nothing like eating fresh pungent chives.

So next time you go out in your garden to gather a bouquet, consider your herbs.

You can enjoy the scent as you work in the kitchen and wash your dishes, pondering life.


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  1. I wrote down the names of all the herbs you listed, Brenda, so I can little by little start growing them. I do have chives already and had for years. You’re right, there is nothing like the taste of fresh chives. I love them in scrambled eggs.

    Your bottles of herb cuttings look so pretty on your window sill in front of your red and white striped curtain. It is so pleasant to look out a kitchen window at flowers while doing dishes, isn’t it? I’ve always said that any house or apartment I ever might move to would absolutely have to have a window over the kitchen sink. I couldn’t stand to look at a wall while doing dishes!

    We do have to adjust our habits for those we live with, don’t we? LIke you not putting vases of flowers on the table because of Ivy’s habits and I don’t display many of the things I would like to in my living and dining rooms because I have two active 8-yr.-old boys living with me. Sometimes it bugs me but mostly I just remember how short a time they will be rambunctious little boys. Then I’ll be able to display all I want but I will miss those little boys and their doings. In the same way, Ivy will probably become somewhat less mischievous as she gets older.

    Well, I must get to bed. Enjoyed the post about herbs.

  2. Hello Brenda, thank you for the wonderful information and history behind the herbs and the Queen of England. I too love the fragrance of herbs and just today bought a nice variety at Lowes. My Mom gave me a money gift and wanted me to select the herbs as a living gift…a reminder of her love. I have Rosemary growing in a pot but now I am exited to have additional herbs and I will enjoy learning more about their care! I am retired now for five years and will enjoy this new hobby. Thank you for your lovely and friendly blog my friend and I look forward to sitting down and reading what “is up” in your world for the day! I am thrilled things are going well for you and some of your financial concerns have been resolved. Happy gardening. Hope Charlie Ross and Ivy Lou are having a great day too! Sylvia

  3. Brenda,I love those herbs…they look so pretty and I bet the are adding such lovely fragrance to your home! Interesting information about the different herbs…I will have to remember that! Love and hugs!

  4. Your Kitchen window sill is a “Happy Place”. That’s how I see it,l anyway. I wash dishes by hand, the old fashion way too. Always have, and never have minded doing dishes,In fact moving several different times, into new homes, I made a point of NOT having a dishwasher, but opted for cabinet space instead. Your curtains and those antique bottles of herbs, makes it fun!!!!

  5. I love this idea and I love herbs as much as you do !!! I have several growing in pots, but my favorites are my pineapple sage and lemon verbena. The lemon verbena is in a pot on my front porch and whenever I go in or out, I have to rub the leaves and sniff. Heavenly.

  6. I am growing herbs this year, simply because you introduced them to me. I have lemon balm, rosemary, basil and something called cat mint, although I am not sure it is an herb. Do your herbs come back each year, Brenda?

  7. I’ve been thinking about planting herbs and this post has given me the push I needed. Maybe I’ll start with just one (I’m not good with plants) and take it from there. And I do love your curtains — adorable!

  8. Thanks for the reminder about the herb bouquets. I believe I will go snip a few bouquets while lunch is warming. And when I visit the nursery, I will be adding a few more herbs to my garden — I do not like the taste of licorice but enjoy the scent and I keep forgetting to pick up a container of lemon balm or lemon verbena.

    Love those kitchen curtains and the galvanized container is so nice.

    Happy Wednesday!

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