British TV Shows:

Someone commented that they’d recently signed up for BritBox. And wanted recommendations for what shows to watch.

The Street:

Right now I’m watching “The Street.”

Every episode deals with a different family. But you’ll see neighbors from previous shows in some of the others.

Each episode deals with a problem someone who lives on this street is having.

The Victim:

I told you the other day how much I enjoyed “The Victim.”

The show follows Anna Dean, who believes her nine year-old son was murdered by Craig Meyers, a 13-year-old boy.

It was 15 years ago, but since the boy who killed her son was so young, she can’t find out who he is. And she still wants justice.


Don’t forget “Vera.” It’s a bit confusing because you may see some of the Vera episodes on BritBox and then others on Acorn TV and no telling where else.

I still haven’t found all the episodes, but I keep getting distracted by other shows to watch.

Right now I’m subscribed to BritBox and Acorn TV.

Another thing you’ll notice is that you might watch one show and then see actors from that show in another one. This is quite common I’ve found.

The Fall:

I also liked “The Fall” with Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan. Remember she was in the X-Files.

This crime drama follows Stella Gibson, a detective investigating a series of murders involving young business women, and a seemingly loving father who she believes killed them.

A Confession:

Last week I watched “A Confession” which was based on a true story and is a new show.

It’s about a detective trying to put away a man who killed various women. His inability to turn his back on this case ultimately ends his career.

Line Of Duty:

Another favorite of mine was “Line Of Duty.” This crime thriller is about the investigations of AC-12, a controversial police anti-corruption unit.

Scott & Bailey:

I really enjoyed the seasons of Scott & Bailey as well. It’s about two very different female detectives who are teamed up together. And much of it is about their lives away from their job.

For you fans of British TV, what are some of your favorites on BritBox and/or Acorn TV? The reader who just signed up for BritBox would like your recommendations.

I tend to watch crime shows, but I’m sure many of you choose to watch other types of shows.


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  1. At our house, just about all we watch is on BBC. My favorites are: Vera, Line of Duty, Shetland, Waking the Dead, Luther, Silent Witness, Mallorca, Unforgotten, Grantchester, Sherlock and, my new favorite, Grace.

  2. Hi Brenda… I was the one asking about BritBox. Thanks so much for starting this post, I did get sort of side tracked as we’ve had a bit of a moment here. My husband was potentially exposed to Covid 19 so we’ve been quarantining. They consider it a 5th layer exposure so it’s unlikely he got enough (if any) of the virus to cause issues. Out of caution we are waiting it out safely. The VERY last thing either of us wants to do is potentially spread it to anyone else. Thank goodness we can get most anything delivered right to our door.
    So, thank you and your readers for starting and adding to the shows that everyone recommends. I can’t wait to try them out. We did watch Scott & Bailey as I believe it was offered on “regular” Amazon programming and we loved it! Super excited to give some others a go especially since we’re not going any where any time soon.

  3. We’re watching Hidden on Acorn right now and are loving it! It’s set in Wales and sometimes some are talking Welch so their are sub titles which somehow does not detract from the drama! It’s also fun to see how some of the names are spelled but then pronounced. Recommend,

  4. Shetland on BritBox is one of my favorite shows. Excellent acting along with the location make it engrossing, sometimes distressing, but always worthwhile.

  5. Shetland, Vera, QI, Bailey & Scott, The Fall, Jonthan Creek, A Vonfession, Line of Duty, Frankie , Blue Murder, Waking The Dead, Midsommer Murders. Rosemary & Thyme, Broken, Prime Suspect, Silent Witness. Just for a start.

  6. Check out Prime Suspect starring the wonderful Helen Mirren. This is an old series from the 90’s but the stories are gripping.

  7. “Shetland” is very good.
    Also “Hinterland” (kinda dark, but good)
    – “Brokenwood” (New Zealand)
    “The Coroner” (French)
    “Silk” (lawyers…okay, barristers!😄)

  8. We enjoyed watching 21 seasons of Midsomer Murders, and now we’re watching Inspector Morse.

    1. Endeavour is also great. Sometimes I like it better than Morse. and we hear we are getting Vera season 10 on PBS sometime soon!

  9. For the last year, we have subscribed to BritBox too but have only begun to watch all the shows we want. Be alerted, you may want to turn on your caption option due to the varied British accents. BritBox has many Dickens, Shakespeare and Austen classic films and series. In addition, I’ve enjoyed the Hetty Wainthrop(gentle) and Rosemary and Thyme (they garden) mysteries, All Creatures Great and Small series based on veterinarian, James Herriot’s books. Brenda, we thought The Street and The Victim were terrific too.

  10. British TV is pretty much all I watch. Great scenery, plots and acting. You can’t go wrong with the classic Agatha Cristie like ‘Perot’ and ‘Miss Marble.’ ‘Midsommer Murders’ is over 20 years old, with many new episodes. For fun, gardening and farm shows. My all-time fav “Last of the Summer Wine” which is just plain funny and poignant at the same time.

  11. I don’t watch as much Brit Box as I should. Throne with Gillian Anderson was terrific. And I couldn’t get enough of Shetland. The scenery was amazing.

  12. I pretty much don’t watch dramas or fictional series the past several years. I generally watch do-it-yourself shows and videos on Sling TV, Hulu and Youtube. An occasional streaming movie. I like “reality” shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef, occasionally watch cooking competition shows like “America’s Worst Cooks,” things like that. Real life is drama enough these days, goodness knows, don’t need to watch streaming series with more of the same. I couldn’t help but notice the front facades of those row houses from “The Street.” The street is too narrow for tree-planting – but not a single flower box on ANY of those facades. Not one. Not a flower pot anywhere, or a welcome mat – do people even live in those units? The windows look dirty or even painted over from the inside – but perhaps that’s just an optical illusion due to reflections of identical structures across the street! Good grief. Not an address plaque in sight, either. Not a single thing to identify any of those units as actually inhabited by living, breathing and feeling human beings. I find it utterly sad and depressing.

    1. Yes, Jan, we live in them. People bring up families in them, as they have for over 100 years. Terraced houses are cheap to buy, cheap to run and warm. They are surprisingly comfortable. They still form the vast majority of our housing stock in Britain, where space, any space, is phenomenally costly. Any window box or hanging basket would be vandalised in minutes.

      1. One reason I like British TV is that I rarely see the McMansions of America. People in Britain live more within their means it seems.

      2. Jan, we lived in Philadelphia for six fun years…in an old row house similar to those pictured and in a neighborhood where families lived for generations. The streets did have a few trees planted and some homes had large plant pots in front. It was a close, respectful neighborhood.

      3. Good for you! Her post is very judgmental. If you look at the house photo you can see it is slightly pixelated so the reflections in the windows are skewed.. And so what if in fact the windows are dirty. That isn’t hurting anyone.

  13. This Spring, when our regular Network TV shows finished, we subscribed to both BritBox and Acorn. We’ve only scratched the surfaces of both Roku Apps. We loved Line of Duty. I hope more episodes will be produced.
    We also enjoyed Shetland on BritBox and I was sad when we finished it. I wanted more!
    We have been watching Vera – we started on Acorn, then had to move to BritBox, and will move back to Acorn to finish. (I think that’s the correct progression) Every now and then we squeeze in an episode of Ms. Marple. We have also been watching The Sandbaggers on BritBox. We see places we visited and walked in 2017 and have fond memories of our trip to London. For laughs we watched all episodes of Keeping Up With Appearances – it was so much fun! Give it a go if you need to laugh. Now we are watching Are You Being Served. It is a hoot, too, but not as much fun as KUWA.

  14. I’m currently hooked on “The Chateau Diaries” on You Tube…
    Several posts every week! Try one.. once you know everyone you’ll love it too! Gorgeous chateau.. great people!

    1. That’s with the paid YouTube service, right? I looked into that but don’t want to pay $64 when I probably will only watch one station.

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