This Brooklyn Lawyer’s apartment is small but comfy. She yearned to customize her own place, so she purchased one so she could do just that.

An attorney who loves interior design:

Bev is an attorney, but has always loved interior design and photography. When it came time to search for an apartment to purchase, she knew that she wanted a space she could design and customize.

Bev found this 975 square foot apartment, knowing it needed a lot of work.

She calls her style modern minimalism meets traditional. And her biggest indulgence was vintage rugs.

So she purchased her own apartment/condo:

“When I bought my place, it had been used as a rental for over ten years and was not in good shape,” Bev shares.

“It was a condo with no charm or details and in need of some upgrades. There were stains on the walls and ceiling, the floors were badly damaged, the wood veneer was peeling off the kitchen cabinets, and the bulky AC units were the focal point of each room.”

She used wood to cover those air conditioners, and now they blend in instead of distract.

Using house plants to decorate her home:

My commentary: I love that she used house plants to decorate her home. Also, sometimes I like seeing wood, as in her dining table off to the side of her living space. Personally, I think too many times wood is painted over instead of left in its original condition.

She is also a blogger. Her blog is Room Sauce.

To me a dwelling is just not a home without a pet.

She used vertical storage for her cookware.

Her kitchen a long and narrow galley style, as is the case with many apartments.

Her headboard is comprised of old barn shutters from a thrift store that were repainted and hung on the wall behind her bed.

Overall, this home is chic and uncluttered. A city dweller, she used house plants to bring a touch of nature inside.

You can read more about this home here.

I hope you enjoyed this small space tour.


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  1. Happy Birthday to you dear Brenda! I hope 2018 is a great year for you and the pups – Chinese Year of the Dog! It will be Spring soon and you can play in the dirt. Take care

  2. Very nice! I like her placements of the pieces of wall art that she has hung. And, of course, the rug!

    Nice post, Brenda.

  3. I thoroughly enjoy your small spaces tours! It’s fascinating how creative people can be with less square footage to make their home in. I love what this woman has done with her small kitchen. Clever storage idea. As always, love seeing their pets. Such a pretty kitty…

  4. I love her kitchen. She used wonderful techniques for utilizing and organizing every inch of space: to the ceiling height cabinets; peg board to hang utensils, pots, pans, etc. that she uses frequently; and that run of narrow drawers in a wood finish with the black and white top – fabulous. Tons of storage provided!

  5. Very chic. I have noticed those minimalists don’t have family photos displayed. I wonder if this is a trend? Seems many people are just keeping photos on their phones.

  6. What a pretty home and I especially like the kitchen. She makes good use of her walls with shelving/vertical storage. The cat sure looks comfy.

  7. What a sweet, sweet space. She makes living small look easy, doesn’t she? I love the use of houseplants, too, and that her kitty is in some of the pictures.
    Have a great week, Brenda. xo Diana

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