I spent much of yesterday trying to figure out the best senior shoes to buy. Shoes that would address ailments affected by shoewear.

There’s of course my problematic ankle. Now there’s also my left knee from leaning on that leg too much to protect my right ankle. There are the back issues I’ve had since my twenties. Then there’s the right hip that’s had trouble the last few years.

A pair of sneakers in buying senior women's shoes

I Googled:

  • Best senior shoes for women with bad ankles 2021
  • Best shoes for senior women with arthritis 2021
  • Best shoes for ankle support for seniors 2021
  • Best senior women’s walking shoes 2021

And a variety of other combinations.

I did the same thing when ordering a vacuum:

  • Best rated vacuums for seniors 2021
  • Best reviews for lightweight vacuum cleaners for seniors 2021
  • Best simple vacuum cleaners for seniors 2021
  • Best lightweight vacuum cleaners for seniors 2021

Suddenly You’ve Aged:

I’ve been busy doing all this research for both the vacuum cleaner and shoes that would support my ankle. And this thought occurred to me: When did I identify as a senior first and foremost?

It creeps up on you. One day you’re moving right along doing things and being active. And suddenly you have a whole host of problems that affect the working of your body.

You grow old.

So I’ve ordered a vacuum cleaner that I’m quite pleased with. And that wouldn’t have happened had I not researched it for weeks on end.

Now I need shoes to support my feet (ankle and back) while packing and moving. I moved here nearly 8 years ago. And I wore a cam boot the whole time. It protected my right ankle but just about did my left leg in.

I don’t know if it was anything to do with the moving, but in a matter of months, I had to have a second ankle surgery. And I don’t want a repeat.

The surgeon told me a few years ago that if my ankle gets too bad again, he’ll go in and clean things out. Whatever that means. And I’m just not ready for that.

So here I sit looking for shoes for the second day. Wearing a compression sleeve on my right ankle and a brace on my left knee. Who knew becoming a senior would be so daunting?

High top sneakers

I’ve looked at dozens of sites with “experts” pointing me toward the best shoes for seniors. I have noticed that the shoes they mention never seem to have five stars. Usually 4 or 3 and a half. Is someone paying them to get their shoe links mentioned or am I being a bit paranoid?

There’s a shoe store close to me. It’s called Flemings. I normally order shoes online. But I think I need a bit more knowledge about shoes.

Info From Their Website:

Fleming’s Comfort Footwear was started in Tulsa in April 1985 as a full-service shoe store specializing in men’s and women’s comfort footwear. We put great emphasis on providing widths and sizes and focus on providing one-on-one service to every customer who comes in. Our staff is also well trained to fit all types of feet and foot challenges. 

I’m sure they’re expensive, but that may be my next move. Looking at their shoes and talking to their staff.

Do you have suggestions for senior women’s comfortable and supportive shoes? (Like sneakers, etc.)

Gracie on the couch

Gracie Pulls The TV Down:

I had to stop in the middle of writing this because I heard something going on with Gracie. When I looked over the screen of this laptop I saw that she’d jumped up to the throw quilt I had thrown over the TV last night

I don’t have a dryer, so I layer big items I wash around the apartment to dry. (Oh, it will be so nice to have a dryer again!)

Gracie had jumped up to check the throw quilt out, as obviously it was out of place. She got her front claws stuck in the fabric.

I pushed the electric mechanism that lowers the recliner. You can’t rush that along.

I thought I could maybe get there before the obvious was about to happen.

Before I could get up and do anything Gracie had pulled the quilt, right along with the TV, to the floor. She ran out of the room like the devil was chasing her.

I put the TV back in place and got the remote to see if it still worked. Amazingly it did. So I guess nothing was broken.

The incident is forgotten. Now Gracie is into something else.

Life with a kitten is never boring.


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  1. I’m an RN and worked for a podiatrist for 13 years and my dad was a podiatrist. You might try Best shoes recommended for senior women by podiatrist? For me, you’ve got to have a good fit. IMHO, that can only be done in person. Do you have a Good Feet Store near you?

  2. Oh, that Gracie! She is something else! At least it didn’t seem to spook her. As for shoes, my podiatrist recommends New Balance – not just for seniors, but for everyone.

  3. I have been wearing the Brooks Addiction Walker for YEARS. They aren’t cheap, but they’re extremely comfortable and can fit my orthotics (not custom). If you order from Zappos, it’s free shipping both ways. You can order several pair in different sizes/colors and what you don’t want, you can drop off at a UPS store to have sent back free.

  4. I had plantar fasciitis when teaching and also tendonitis in my ankle. My ortho suggested Brooks athletic shoes and they saved my life. Great support. I also had orthodics made and wear them in my Brooke’s shoes. They really make a difference. I wear Vionic sandals in the summer. Their Amber style is my favorite. I have them in both colors they offer. Lots of support and they correct pronation (ankle turning in). Go and get fitted at a specialty foot store for problem feet and buy what feels good. After that, you can shop online for the best price. That’s what I did with both my Brooks shoes and my Vionic ones. Good luck in your search.

  5. I have low arches. Some Sas shoes have wide toe boot. areas. I wear those shoes. Used them when I was nursing also. Comfortable. Saddles, tie up, slip ins and dressy styles too. I need the wider toe boot though with enclosed styles.
    Found at my orthopedic shoe store. I never buy hard leather any more.
    My 74 year old feet demand comfort!
    Congratulations on new apartment. It looks amazing

  6. Your Gracie reminds me of my Kitty Kitty. She is my inside girl. Then I have five more outside. A mama cat showed up at our door in July. We started feeding her and she showed up a couple of weeks later with four kittens. They are all living outside in the garage. It has been so much fun watching them. I love the silver shoes in the first picture. I am not sure how comfy they are but they look pretty comfortable. I have discovered, after many years, that my feet must be comfortable!!!!!!

  7. I’ve heard good things about The Good Feet Store from several friends (have not checked them out myself but really need to). Although they specialize in custom made inserts rather than shoes maybe it would be worth your while to see if they could offer you suggestions as to which brands to try?

  8. Over the years I have learned that for me to even be able to walk Vionic is the best brand. I can’t even make my feet go forward in other brands. Clark’s are horrible for me but I do have a couple of pairs of Sketchers that are somewhat ok.

    Vionic has sandals that are so comfortable you forget you are wearing them. They also have the most comfortable slippers I have ever owned. Their walking/athletic shoes are pretty great too. I also have several pairs of their orthotics that I can put in other shoes but I tend not to use them because you really need to go up a size to accomodate them and that requires more shoes.

    Vionic has a great video on how they work to align your body online so if you aren’t familiar with them you can check it out. It is very helpful. I’ve been wearing them for about 8 yrs and don’t know what I would do without them.

    They are $$$ but you can buy them on QVC and HSN when they are on special to save money. Both shopping sites will exchange for a different size at no charge and they can be returned for a refund within 30 days. I buy most of mine there. Also on Ebay for styles that have been discontinued. I have one style of sandle that I really, really like and I can only get them on Ebay so I have them in my favorites search.

    Being able to walk is so important and it is so expensive to try shoes you don’t know for sure will work! So Vionic is my favorite, favorite, favorite!

  9. Speaking of becoming “old”, I didn’t start having various “aging” ailments ’til after I turned 70. Then it’s been one thing after another until I was virtually bed-ridden for much of 2020 and am just now beginning to get a little energy back and feel somewhat “normal”. I am just now recovering from eye surgery but have joint problems and neuropathy in my feet, etc., etc. but am determined to keep moving and hopefully getting stronger. I am now 77 and hoping for things to level off for the next ten years or so! But, you’re right, it does certainly creep up on you. And I know how important it is to keep active, but that’s difficult when aches and pains and creaky joints slow you down. My philosophy is just to do the most and best you can each day and not get down on yourself for not being able to do more. We just want to enjoy life with whatever time we have left, right? And comfortable shoes are definitely a requirement for doing that. I hope you can find some that work for you. I have been wearing a brand called Rockport for a semi-dress or everyday shoe for the last few years. They come in various widths–I need a Narrow–and are a bit like a loafer, but with really good arch support and cushioning. And they don’t look like “old lady shoes”! I have not found a walking shoe that works for me; I need to keep looking. Meanwhile I wear a pair of my daughter’s cast-offs! I’ll be interested to learn what you come up with in that category.

    Brenda, have a peaceful and Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. I will be interested in what you find, Brenda…I am not so bad as you, but I need substantial supportive shoes for sure. I am wearing some Skechers now…that need replaced. My advice however, having only a couple pairs of shoes in my life that REALLY fit well…once you find a pair that is perfect…get extra pairs!! Unfortunately, shoe styles do change and fairly often. As to that cat…mercy me! I would find a way to screw down the TV so she could not move it…some way. She might remain curious and very active for a long time yet.

  11. I don’t have trouble buying shoes, and can always get my size on line, and they will fit. Thankful for that. I did see above, Dianne suggested New Balance. I have a “regular” pair, just running shoes, and they are the most comfortable walking/running tennis shoe I own, if that is any help to you, for finding something, just a thought. Good Luck. But, I would certainly shop at Flemings first, before going anyplace else. If they are more expensive, it will be worth it in the long run, you deserve the comfort, and they may probably last longer.

  12. I wear Vionic active sneakers. They are wonderful. Go to their website. Lots of choices, but they are pricey. I have back problems and they help me, so it’s worth the money.

  13. There’s reason that saying: “getting old ain’t for sissies!” rings so true! I’m just a few years behind you and I sure don’t feel like I’m in my 20’sanymore. A very lightweight hiking boot, that goes up past your ankles, might be a consideration to give you extra ankle support.

    1. I’m torn on whether to try something that goes up above my ankles. Usually that hurts. But it could also give support. However if it hurts I know I won’t wear it.

  14. Your TV may have been “saved” by being protected by the quilt. Gracie may stay away from the TV for awhile but with cats, you never know! I would try visiting stores that specialize in orthopedic shoes in your area. I did a quick search on Google under “orthopedic shoe stores in Tulsa” and up these and more popped. Some in Tulsa: “Foot Solutions Tulsa” 6130 East 71st Street Suite 17; “Fleming’s Comfort Footwear, Inc.” 5914 South Lewis Ave.; “Ideal Feet of Tulsa” 5089 East 51st Street; “The Good Feet Store” 6837 South Memorial Drive Suite H.

    1. I have two bad knees and neuropathy in both feet. I now wear Skeechers Go Walk slip on sneakers because they are very comfortable, have sturdy, non skid bottoms that feel secure on any surface, and are supportive. I have noticed many seniors wear some version of Sketchers. I plan to get a pair of their boots for the winter. Good luck to you as you move.

  15. In Canada we have a store called The Running Room. They are trained to watch how you walk, where you put pressure on your shoes etc. They have shoes for walking, jogging, etc. Maybe you could check out a store like that.

    1. I think I’m going to check Flemings around the corner. I called my ankle surgeon’s office and they said I could go there and pick up a shoe referral.

      1. Brenda, that sounds like a great idea. I can’t order shoes on line except my walking shoes. Only because I’ve been fitted for the proper shoe. I was going to recommend visiting a podiatrist and get professional advice but it can be expensive and not always covered by health insurance. I purchased a pair of Taos sneakers several years ago and OMG they are wonderful….great arch support but pricey. Good luck!

    2. I have two bad knees and neuropathy in both feet. I now wear Skeechers Go Walk slip on sneakers because they are very comfortable, have sturdy, non skid bottoms that feel secure on any surface, and are supportive. I have noticed many seniors wear some version of Sketchers. I plan to get a pair of their boots for the winter. Good luck to you as you move.

  16. I but only Clark’s and they do well for me. I can’t stand having my feet laced into shoes so I buy the lowest slip in clogs available. Getting old is truly hard. I hate being dependent and having to ask and hire help. But that’s where I’m at and have to accept it and learn to be happy in my new circumstances. Excited for your new apartment.

  17. Getting old is no fun! I cannot order shoes online. I have a bunion on one foot and the other I had a bunionectomy years ago and now have a fallen front foot that is painful to walk on. Over the years I have had expensive orthotics made that doctors insisted on. They never helped
    and instead made the problems more painful. No wonder insurance usually doesn’t cover them.Sizes vary so much, even inthe same brand. I think the shoe store would be a good starting place.
    Whew! That was scary with Gracie and the TV. Just like a toddler. She will keep you on your toes, so yeah, you need good, sturdy shoes for when you need to move fast!

  18. My orthopedic surgeon suggested New Balance 990. If you have to have orthotics then they will fit into them. Both shoes and orthotics are expensive! Other shoes are SAS and Clark’s. Vionic is the brand for sandles. Good bye pretty shoes. My feet are narrow so finding shoes is difficult. I check the sales and buy them quickly if my size is available. Online I buy from Peltz and Shoebuy.com.

  19. My orthopedic surgeon suggested New Balance 990. If you have to have orthotics then they will fit into them. Both shoes and orthotics are expensive! Other shoes are SAS and Clark’s. Vionic is the brand for sandles. Good bye pretty shoes. My feet are narrow so finding shoes is difficult. I check the sales and buy them quickly if my size is available. Online I buy from Peltz and Shoebuy.com.

  20. Oh my gosh, that Gracie is a crazy girl! I laughed at the image of her running and hiding. She’s lucky she didn’t get hurt and lucky the tv didn’t break. As for shoes, you might ask your doctor for a recommendation. Maybe a good pair if orthopedic shoes would help you. I hope you will have help during your move. You don’t want to injure yourself more.

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