1. The first thing that popped into my head was Scleroderma. I’m not saying that is what it is but just a thought. I hope you find a solution. pam

  2. Aren’t animals funny! Our two cats are the same way. They know about what time we go to bed and what the ritual is and they’re not pleased if everything does not going according to (their) plan.

    I have a friend who just turned 90 and she’s been telling me for the last ten years that “growing old is not for sissies” and now I know she’s right. It seems like every week there is something new and usually unpleasant to deal with. Glad you’re getting your hands looked at so if there is a problem it can be addressed quickly before it gets worse.

  3. Sending you boat loads of love for your doctors appointment on Monday. I hope your PT is helping your back.

  4. Your pain and other symptoms might be due to nerve pain. Please mention this to your doctor. Also mention the drug, “Duloxetine” (generic); brand name, “Cymbalta”. For me, this drug is a life saver. I take 60mg in the morning and 30 mg at night I know you take “Gabapentin“, I do too. But the only thing that takes away the excruciating pain, the swelling on my ankles, hands, etc. is Duloxetin.

  5. I’m not surprised Charlie is a creature of habit because my Cooper is, too. He’s a little older so he’s very set in his way but then again so am I. LOL
    I hope the doctor can figure out exactly what’s happening with your. I’m sending healing thoughts and hugs!

  6. We have one dog that is a creature of habit. You don’t want to disrupt her routine or she will not cooperate at all ! I hope there is nothing seriously wrong with your hands ! I totally agree that the reason “old” people are grumpy is because they are hurting !

  7. What a lovely picture of Charlie, he is soooo cute.
    Hope everything goes well for you at your doctor visit.

  8. I’ve been having severe swelling in my feet and legs. So much so that I can’t wear my shoes. I’m taking a diuretic and it’s helping but not perfectly so. Getting old is for the birds. I now get why old people are often grumpy now that I’m old. Physically things just aren’t working like they used to and it’s frustrating and often painful. I hope your doctor finds a ready fix for your hands. As always your home looks lovely, truly a cozy little home. I love your red and white kitchen. It always makes me smile when it comes up in your photographs. Charlie is such a sweet boy. I know you’ll do anything to keep him happy and content. Stay well & be safe dear Brenda. So many of us love you and look forward to your posts daily.

    1. That was my thought. Now I know why old people always seemed so grumpy when I was young. They hurt!

  9. Let’s see what your doctor says on Monday about the tight skin on your hands. Aren’t we all creatures of habit! Since I do not drive when my doggies were still alive I used to walk them down to the vet (one each day for 3 days in a row), about half a mile away, and then we’d walk back home. I took the same way for years. One day walking back home, I decided to take a “short cut” but Dog #1 sat down and would not move. He knew that wasn’t the way we normally went and he refused to budge when I tried to get him to go down that block! I finally had to pick him up and carry him down that block and then he reluctantly came along. He perked back up as we got further down the road and he could see the house and recognized his surroundings. I didn’t take that shortcut again so I wouldn’t upset the dogs! Love the photo of Charlie, he is soooo cute with his little tongue just peeking out of the side of his mouth with his ears perked. Your Christmas tree is so pretty, I just love the close-up photos.

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