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  1. This is great advice. I really like your working tray. xoxo Su

  2. Are you still not using the cupboards? I only leave a few items on my counter tops. I don’t find it a problem keeping my cabinets or drawers neat. A place for everything and everything put back in its place. My husband also follows this, we share cooking and cleaning and gardening together.

    1. I’m using the cupboards to store stuff I’m not using. I don’t use any of the drawers. Afraid of mice again.

  3. I know at one time you opted not to take off the kitchen cabinet doors, but what if you took them off on the uppers and used them like open shelving? Putting enclosed canisters or whatever on the upper shelves? Either way, you have a good set-up! I had a small fridge once and would also have you opt against it. Frost and tall items are definitely a deterrent!

    1. I know. Just a thought late at night when I was tired. I’ve had the cabinet doors off, but then I have to store them.

      1. LOL because my guess is IF you wanted to do that, only you could come up with an awesome solution for a cabinet door wall decor! Or cabinet door shutters? Heehee.

  4. Hi Brenda! Very cute ways to give yourself a bit more room! Your kitchen looks great, and I love the red pillows you made. Have you tried your dining table the other direction (leaves still down)? If it looked OK that way, you’d have a place for your knees without having to put up a side. I have a drop-leaf dining table and I keep the drop-leaf to the front, but maybe that wouldn’t save you space. Have a great week!

    1. Yes, I’ve turned the table the other way. But my chairs are bigger than the opening for them.

  5. Lots of great ideas and inspiration, Brenda! I will have much less kitchen space and storage once we move and I am already looking for ways to maximize the smaller space. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    1. I’m looking forward to you two moving to your lake house so I can see how you decorate it!

  6. Small homes and rooms really are a challenge but they force us to think creatively! I agree about negative space on the walls. I was just upstairs having my guy hang somethings and changed my mind about a photo because I wanted the eye to have a place to rest! It’s a fine line between cozy and too much I think!

    1. It IS a fine line!

  7. Gayle Ann Berg says:

    I love the challenge of decluttering and downsizing, especially since I now have fewer closets and less storage space. I really enjoy posts such as this one. They get my creative thoughts flowing!

    1. Polly Johnston says:

      I enjoy many of the same things that you do—-such as TRADER Joes ginger snaps, red accents in your home,love of birds and nature , rearranging for the better, however I canthave too many plants—–CAT in the house . Keep up with your blog. Sorry about the typos am still learning. Cant find the apostrophe on the keyboard.

      1. No worries, Polly!

    2. When I get inspired, I hope it inspires others in smaller homes.

  8. Leslie aven says:

    YOU WOULD LOSE PRECIOUS FREEZER SPACE ( you mention you freeze things like taco soup) AND IT’S JUST A BAD IDEA FOR MANY REASONS.

    1. When I eat, I put the table leaf up for my legs to be comfortable. Wouldn’t work if it wasn’t a drop leaf table. I do this from time to time, and then I always end up putting the leaves back up!

  9. You still amaze me. Miss you.?

    1. Oh Walli! How I miss you guys!

  10. Great organizational ideas, and I need to do that with my kitchen. I like the idea of indoor/outdoor chairs as I need some for my kitchen, and the patio is directly off the kitchen table area.

    1. I bought these when living in Texas. I didn’t realize when I bought them how much I’d need them!

  11. I am going to be looking for ideas like these when we downsize and move this summer. I won’t be in quite that small of a space but still-any extra gained space is a bonus. Hope you have a great Sunday, Brenda. xo Diana

    1. Downsizing can be fun! It’s a challenge, and I love a challenge.

  12. Brenda,
    A word of advice,don’t replace your fridge with a small one.
    Mine is slightly bigger than an apartment or dorm size one,it’s got a separate freezer,but it’s still a PITA
    There’s very little room,especially for large water bottles etc,you have to bend down to get stuff and the mini freezers aren’t frost free, which sounds petty but when there’s frost there’s even less space….it was here when I moved in and there’s really no space for a larger one.
    Thumbs up on the indoor outdoor furniture, that’s what’s in my small space!
    Love the vintage box storage.

    1. I agree on the fridge. I had one of those tiny fridges for a while when I was single. I worked 16 hours a day and never cooked or even ate at home, so all I kept in it was Dijon mustard I had bought in Dijon and a bottle of champagne I had bought in Reims. But the biggest problem in my mind was the freezer–it didn’t have one–which made ice cream impossible. After a rough day at work, there is nothing like ice cream to soothe the soul.

    2. I won’t. It was just a silly thought.

  13. Love these ideas. I am definitely going to do the same, go around the house looking, really looking at each space to see if I can improve on it.
    My husband is sick (very bad reaction to a medication) and has lots of ‘stuff’ all over the kitchen counter. I didn’t want to say anything right now so I went and got a tray and put everything on it. It looks so much more tidy now.

    1. Whenever you use a tray to contain things, it always looks more tidy. Then you can just lift up the tray and move it when necessary.

  14. This is great. I love how you decorated the cabinet doors with your utensils and place mats. That is so genius and adorable.
    Happy Sunday,

    1. I really admire what you’re getting accomplished in your small space home, Kris!

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