Today I have for you a casual and neutral home tour. Sometimes casual and neutral is more soothing than bright and colorful. I love this home.

living room

This is a family that doesn’t want to sacrifice their sophisticated style in order to accommodate children. So they found a compromise.

French Colonial chairs and a beige couch and ottoman sets the neutral tone for this home. They prefer an eclectic mix of furniture and use accessories for a dose of color.

They chose off-white neutral walls and added patterned throw pillows and artwork. Their furnishings echo a traditional but somewhat eclectic style.

They have two living spaces, having converted a bedroom.


Straw floor pillows/cushions are a casual but portable seating solution. It also hides an imperfect fireplace.

When something is distracting and ugly and you can’t remove it, I say cover it up!

dining room

The small round table in the living room is flanked by two rattan chairs. A window seat provides extra seating.

This is a great way to style a small space. The window seat was a perfect way to add seating to the table without taking up more room.

Wood-toned furniture gleam in the light from the window.

A dark book shelf displays white pitchers for contrast and interest.


They also eschewed white kitchen cabinets for the original wood, and chose black for their counter tops.

A table has been brought in to use as an informal island for extra storage as well as a work surface space for preparing food.


This is the extra bedroom they’ve turned into a living space. This room was chosen because of its sunny exposure.

The pop of green perks up the small room, and is the soothing color of nature.

I hope you enjoyed this home tour.

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  1. I love neutrals and a nice mix in design as they have done. I have slowly been incorporating more neutral into our decor here. Those couches would be too light for the dogs in this house, but I do love them, they would be my first choice if not for the dogs. Alas, there will always be dogs, so I will never get those couches, lol.

  2. Such a pretty space. They really have some beautiful pieces of furniture. That buffet is gorgeous.
    Love the green and white combo in the sitting room.

  3. Seeing the kitchen made me realize I knew I should have gone with black countertops!! Hubs vetoed that idea but I love the look. I do like what I have though. Beautiful home!

  4. What a beautiful space! I went the same route, with neutral furnishings that I can add pops of color to when the mood strikes. It’s great to be able to get a whole new look to the room with just the exchange of a few accessories!

    1. Debbie, I’ve always loved your idea of having pillow covers for each season, holiday. I need to do that one of these days.

  5. I could see myself living in this lovely home. But, I would need to add a little color to the rooms. Just to liven things up a bit…

  6. I love this home. It looks so comfortable and welcoming. I have always wanted a window seat.
    I did have one many many years ago in England before emigrating to Canada. It was used a lot by the cat we had then! I have always wanted a white kitchen but can’t see me getting one unless I paint the cupboards.

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