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  1. Changing the car clock is a pain for me too. I take my phone out to the car with me and look up a YouTube video showing how to change it. Very frustrating.

  2. Whenever the nerves in my back pinch so badly I can’t walk or sleep I take a muscle relaxer. The longer you let the pain go on the longer it will take for it to get better because all the muscles will have sympathy for one another and seize up too. When I overdo which I do more often than I’d like I take a muscle relaxer, a Tylenol and lay down with heat. Usually I can ward off a more prolonged attack and still get things done. I’ve had one script for muscle relaxers for the past year and still have some so it isn’t like I take them often….just enough to ease the stress on my back.

    I have a little 5 lb 14 yo Yorkie too. She is also on diauretics as well. Mia doesn’t like those blue pads either but one day I realized that she would go on a little bath mat that I had put by the door for my shoes. So now I keep the bath mat there for her by the bed and she uses it all night. She can get down off the bed by herself but needs me to pick her up but she chirps for me to pick her back up. I do but I barely notice it so it doesn’t wake me up. Maybe that would work for Charlie.

    1. I keep muscle relaxers (Flexeril generic) on hand. So I’m taking those too.

  3. We are not able to vote in person in Oregon. We used to be able to. I don’t know why or when that changed. I delivered my ballet to the ballet box and just hope no one sets in fire before my vote can be counted.
    I also am not able to change my car clock but my GS can do it. I just have to remember to ask him when I see him.

  4. I hate the time change! I don’t sleep well and I feel “drugged” during the day. It takes about a week for my body to acclimate. I also hate that it now gets dark at 4:30. So depressing.

    I’m sorry that you’re still having a lot of pain. Yes, there will always be others who are going through worse than what you are, but it’s OK to acknowledge that what you’re going through hurts (physically or emotionally).

    Blessings to you…

  5. Barbara Dobson says:

    I voted the other day. I had to wait two and a half hours. SC did not really want to accommodate early voters. They only had one machine operating in my city to accommodate the handicapped which they wheeled to your car. Many people gave up and left. I knew they would not make it easy so I brought a bottle of water with me and a book & a snack. I was determined to wait “ them” out. I donated to Joe Biden’s campaign and someone actually came into my yard and stole my sign. The same thing happened when I had posted a Clinton sign. I need to move out of this state. The disdain for democracy is very real here. It’s their way or the highway. So y lucky pup to ver have done so much to help him. He’s a boy ands both you and Charlie are not doing well. Back pain has pretty much kept me incapacitated for a few years now. I hate it but have not found a solution yet for my own. My heart aches for Charlie. Such a lucky pup to be cared for by you. I admire you so much. Keep fighting the pain and take care of yourself and your fur babies.Hopefully your back will settle down soon. Praying for you.

  6. Hi Brenda,
    I changed my clocks but hate that we have to do this. It means it will be getting dark here around 4:30pm. Ugh! Just makes the winter days seem colder and longer. I voted through the mail. I did not want to wait in the long lines and be exposed to anyone. Hope you start to feel better.

  7. I love daylight savings and I did remember to change the clocks. Oddly enough today I am feeling very tired and as if I need a nap.

    As for charlie, why not get a belly band or some little diapers, that way you do not have to have a race to get him to the door?

    Make sure to relax as much as you can, I know you are doing the best you can for yourself, keep it up!

    Have a great day.

  8. Our older dog also has congestive heart failure, and has to take diuretics. We found that he’ll use a piddle pad when there’s no alternative, so we keep one by the door for those occasions we don’t read his signals quickly enough. Amazon carries them.

    1. Unfortunately Charlie won’t use them.

  9. Brenda have you thought about getting a doggie sling to help with lifting Charley? They are designed to slip under the dog’s tummy with purse like handles for lifting the dog up from the ground. An acquaintance of mine who is a life long Dachshund owner has no back issues herself but uses one to lift her elderly overweight fur baby. Maybe this would work for you and Charley?

  10. Regarding your back: Have you tried using Epsom Salts? You can soak in a tub with it or put some in water and soak a cloth then apply the cloth to your back. My acupuncturist says that it draws the inflammation out of the area. You can do the cloth technique several times a day. Another option: this costs more money is to get an at home TENS machine. They have them on Amazon at various price points. It uses batteries for power. You have pads that you place on your body that allows the muscle to be stimulated. I have one area in my middle back that even the chiropractor has trouble adjusting. This works really well for that. Wish you luck. You also can get over the counter muscle relaxants. Those help as well.

  11. Pat Gaudreau says:

    Sometimes the change of seasons feels like it brings on the aches and pains too…”The Golden Years” what a misnomer:)
    I’m raising my hand as one of the group that can’t get my car clock change either, I also had a VCR that blinked 12:00 for many years,LOL
    HI to Ivy and Charlie from Bella and Buddy in NY.

  12. Teri Randle says:

    Brenda, have you ever tried using those medicated pain patches? I had a fall a few years back and could barely move for several days but those patches really did seem to help. You can pick them up almost anywhere and I’m sure order them online. They feel nice and warm and I actually stay on very well. Just a thought, since you seem to have tried everything else. So hope you’re better soon!

  13. I went around the house changing every clock on Sunday morning. Later I got into the car and remembered, Oh darn, that clock needs to be changed too. When I got home I went in the house without changing it, of course, because I had forgotten about it. It always takes weeks before I get the car clock changed over. I hope your back gets better soon. It sounds like you are doing a lot to help it along, so it sounds like time is has to do its part.

    1. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to change my car clock. So it stays in spring mode year round!

      1. I think so our makers must work hard to figure out how to confuse us with our car clocks. Mine is very simple. From the on dash panel you to set up, then clock, then DST off. My Ford pickup is 9 years old and it’s still a total mystery every time I have to do it but I figure it out somehow.

        1. My car’s clock is a mystery to me too and like you, I somehow figure it out!

      2. I’ve done that.

  14. Darlene & Cooper says:

    Thankfully we don’t have to change our clocks here in Arizona. I don’t think my old body could handle it. Ugh!
    On occasion I have a pity party about the way I’m having to live my life and then I gently dust myself off and remind myself that I should be counting my blessings instead i.e. a roof over my head, food in the pantry, the unconditional love from my family, my furbaby Cooper, etc.

    I wish you a better and pain free day, Brenda. Do whatever you need to fill your day with joy!

  15. I hope you can get some relief from your pain soon. When you are in pain and can’t get sleep your whole being cannot function properly! I complain every time we have to change the clocks! I voted in person and everyone followed the COVID guidelines!

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