This post is about Charlie and home hunting.

Charlie had to have a bunch of teeth pulled because the vet said they had to go. Aside from taking care of Charlie, I’ve been house hunting.

First, I want everyone to know that Charlie is doing really well. He gets to eat a bit of his prescription dry food, but can’t seem to figure out how to eat it yet. 

Charlie’s teeth:

He had nine teeth removed in front and one on each side in the back. He’s my little trooper. I thank you all for your concern.

With that many teeth gone, I was concerned that he couldn’t eat. But the vet said not to worry. They always figure out how to eat.

I’ve been searching for someplace to move to for over a year now.

I’m at the point now where I want to move before I have to pay for the upkeep on the yard (mowing, trimming of trees, etc.) that I can’t handle myself, because that is an added expense I have to absorb every summer. 

I’ve looked online for lots of places out of town, but I’m afraid with my ankle it would be hard for me to move away from here.

What I need to have:

What it has boiled down to is this: I have to have a small yard for the dogs with some sort of a fence.

Aside from that, I’d like a washer/dryer connection, non-carpeted floors, and obviously something I can afford. 

It seems I just can’t have all that, so I will have to give up something that I want in some department.

I’ve been anxious about all this for weeks, actually months, now. I go to bed thinking about it and I wake up thinking about it. 

I scour Craig’s List every morning and make calls about potential places to move.

I’m really tired of moving.

Oh, to have a home I never had to leave. To have one that was mine and I could do what I wanted with it. Doubt that is ever going to happen. Such is life.

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  1. Rhoda of Southern Hospitality blog got a deal in Atlanta area that was a foreclosure. She got out of a bad situation with an untrustworthy ex husband and had to leave her gorgeous home and start over. I think the price was $70,000. Her elderly father has helped her fix it up and she has had materials donated from businesses she plugs on her blog. Have you looked at any condos–some you can even rent instead of buy and they have nice little patios your pups would enjoy and you could have lots of pots for your beloved flowers. There are some condos here in our city that are surprisingly affordable.

  2. Try NEWSPAPERS for a PROOFREADING JOB; read and mark printers' proofs. You can do it from home on your computer and can therefore do it for newspapers far away from your home and state. Not everyone can do it but of course you could, with your knowledge of good English. Contact every paper you can find on Google. Don't give up! Keep contacting them! My niece moved to Texas from Missouri and kept her job as proofreader of outgoing materials at a large company and then found two additional jobs here at a newspaper in our town and another newspaper in a town nearby.

  3. Glad Charlie is doing well!

    I suppose you've looked at townhouses or apartments with a courtyard? Maybe the town right outside of where you live now. Still close to Judy but a different town might have more affordable housing?

    I know how you feel, you just want to be settled and know you don't have to uproot yourself again. Moving is stressful but at least it's something that's not prolonged.

    Can you sell some stuff on Craigslist/garage sale/ebay local for pu only to make some extra $?

  4. I sympathize with you house hunting dilemma. I live in an area where the cost of living is rising rapidly
    due to an average of 110 people moving here per day. Rent is not affordable for me on Social Security.
    One of my neighbors recently moved to a small town outside of Knoxville, Tenn. In a very similar
    community for 55+ her rent will be almost half. I don't want to move there but it gives me hope that there really are reasonable places to live. Good luck.

  5. Goodness, Charlie is a little trooper. Glad he is doing okay. You know that I understand your house hunting dilemma, I also look every day, but housing is just so high. In the meantime I just work on ways to increase my income. The perfect place will appear. xo Laura

  6. Hi, Brenda. I'm glad to hear Charlie Ross is doing okay. I didn't know he had so many teeth to be pulled. Milo has the four lower front teeth to come out. That he is due for his shots is forcing me to make the decision soon.

    I read the comments regarding your moving dilemma. I hope you got some ideas from one or more of them. I know how hard you have been searching, as well as soul searching, so I leave it at this. Try to stay positive. We are all supporting you in so many ways. And remember I am always here to talk.


  7. Hi Brenda, thanks for the update on Charlie. So glad he is doing well. I am so sorry that you are in such a bind with your rental. The landlord sounds like so many I have heard about. It's a shame. Please don't give up on your house hunt. There's a place out there that is perfect for you & the pups. It will be found at the right time. Sometimes we just have to hang on and wait, but I hope your wait will not last much longer. Sending you a big hug.

  8. I have no advise about the home situation but I do for Charlie. Add some warm water or warm broth to his dry food amd let it soften for about 5 minutes. it will make it easier for him to eat while his mouth is healing.

  9. Brenda: In the state of Michigan, landlords are regulated and must make sure that the property is safe and in repair. If the tree limbs that you mentioned are another house or even the one you live in are dangerous to you or to the house (electrical system in your case), then the landlord needs to repair this. If not, the tenant can file a formal complaint against the landlord. I would check into your state's regulations on the tenant/landlord issues. If you have had to pay out money in the past due to the landlord not having something fixed (such as cutting out that tree limb on any of his properties), then they may make him repay you for that as well.

  10. There are so many fabulous suggestions here Brenda. Let's eat this elephant one bite at a time. For starters, decide your must haves. You've already decided your pupsters are staying with you (of course they are!!). Now, what next? Is it a must to stay near Judy? Knowing what a fabulous friend she is, I would have to say yes, but of course that's a very personal decision that only you can decide. Next, figure out what you can afford and what kind of home you want.

    Get an idea of what you will need for a deposit, and ask yourself if you have that money available. If not, consider setting up an on line donation web site. Maybe that idea doesn't sit right with you, but you have a LOT of readers that love you and truly want to help in any way they can so don't let pride stand in your way. You have helped so many people, now it's our turn to give back.

    Once you know what you want and/or need, let your readers know and we can use social media to help. We can post on twitter, FB, whatever.

    Figure out a way to increase your income. You are super talented and you can put your talents to use helping others. Someone suggested working with quilt shops, nurserys, etc. and that was a great suggestion. The Internet has created many opportunities so get out there and cash in.

    Hugs to our little trooper Charlie!

  11. Glad that Charlie Ross is doing okay. Poor guy. You could give him some canned pumpkin for some extra nutrition for awhile. Mine love it and it's good for them.
    I am sure that you have searched just about everything looking for a home. I am with you about the yard cleanup and the repairs. You need a landlord that will do that themselves. Maybe posting this will help find you something. I wish I knew someone where you live. I am glad that you will stay near Judy. A move to someplace totally new would be too hard on you……it would be for me as well. Of course those puppies have to go with you. Something has to come up for you. (((((HUGS))))

  12. I have moved 28 times and am in the process of 29. I kind of like moving, but I can see it getting old for me soon. I hope you have some luck in your search. A once in a lifetime friend is an awesome thing and so are good dogs. I hope you get to keep them wherever you end up!

  13. Hi Brenda, Is there a United Way, a housing authority, a neighborhood medical clinic, or advocate groups for seniors or the handicapped in your area that may potentially point you toward little known resources? I know would never part with my dog, either. Have faith that all will work out as it should. J.

  14. Hey, this is an idea for a topic to post about — house hunting stories. Everyone has some sort of story on the horrors of house hunting. My pet peeve his how landlords or real estate agents publish photos that conveniently don't show how horrible a place really is. They'll crop the photo to make it look like the house is in a lovely setting, and when you get there, you find out the house is right next to something awful, like a junk yard.

  15. Hi there. Have you looked into property management companies in your town? They don't always put their listings on craigslist. You can do a search for such companies online for your town, and see what comes up. My daughter once found a nice but inexpensive apartment this way. It isn't always a solution — when we moved last fall, all the listings with property management companies here had a no pets rule. After a long search, we found a place on craigslist when we got up super early on a Sunday morning and apparently were the first people to see the ad and call about it. Home hunting is such hard work. I hope you find something this weekend!

  16. Brenda, perhaps your focus might be in the wrong place. While blogging is one form of income, you could add to your income by doing blogging for companies, maybe local, that need help. Maybe an independent nursery, a quilt store, whatever. Also, sign yourself up on freelance to get writing jobs. You could easily learn social media, and many companies pay $500 a month for you to post to Facebook and Twitter for them. Rather than making your world smaller, find a way to feel attractive to those things that will enhance your world. They will find you when you allow it.

  17. Oh my sweet Brenda…. I know this is weighing on you so heavily!!! To everyone out there who is reading all these comments…. if you are a landlord, or you know someone who has a good rental for Brenda please have them contact her!!! We can all attest that she would be a very good renter! Her house is immaculate! They MUST be willing to accept the pupsters, but again, hundreds of people will assure them Brenda would never allow her dogs to destroy a home! Somehow …. somewhere there is a landlord that has the perfect place for Brenda! Lets all do what we can and help our dear friend find a new home for her and the pupsters!!!

  18. Brenda – there are some 55 and older communities in FL that are not $1000 month…. That way you would not have to deal with winters either. Typically – they include all maintenance and landscaping too. (just thought of that ) Central and north FL are best areas for calm and tranquil living 🙂

  19. So glad Charlie is doing well !! We'll be praying for you and the house issues. Just tell Judy to build you a guest house at her house so yall can look out for one another !! LOL Seriously though…. my something come up soon that is perfect for you and the pups! oxox

  20. I'm so sorry for your dilemma. I wish I had an answer. Of course you have to keep your dogs with you – no question there. I will pray something comes up for you. Oh – you mentioned Charlie eating dry food. Your dogs don't eat any canned/wet food?

  21. Brenda, my opinion is with your ankle a tiny house is to small. What if a time comes you need to use a wheel chair for a while. Got to be able to get through doors. You have great ideas coming in the comments. I want to move too. I am still in disbelief that moving will not happen for me for two to three years. To many things in my way to move just yet. I have stopped fixing things unless an absolute like leak on roof etc. I keep praying and I know as we do answers will come. Churches can have help. Check with some ministers and see what they say.

  22. Hi Brenda! I'm glad little Charlie is okay and hope he has a quick recovery. You've been in my prayers to find the right place for you. I would for you to have one of those little tiny houses and there have been some good suggestions here and we're praying for you!
    Oh, I like your new blog dress too.
    Be a seetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  23. Brenda, So happy to hear Charlie is home and doing so well. It is so hard to be without our dog for even one day! I'm sorry to hear your having such stress over this move, but you seem to know you would not be happy without Judy or the pupsters. I'll pray for guidance and peace of mind.

  24. Have you thought about a mobile home? Gee I wish someone would read this blog and help you out. Good advice about a Church. We have a Society in our church that helps people in all situations….money, clothing, etc. That would be the first place I would try. Try all the Churches….if they knew your situation, and be sure to mention your ankle, maybe they would help…even if you aren't a member. They all have bulletin boards…use those.
    I can imagine how you worry about this….sleep doesn't come easy for a busy mind.
    Take care,
    You are in my prayers…..Balisha


  25. I'm glad Charlie came through the surgery ok and is back home with you now…I will be praying for you to find that perfect home your heart deseires so much..ask God for help and he will lead you to it..I just know he will!!! Carol

  26. Brenda,

    Glad that Charlie is doing much better. Like you, I have been playing around with the idea of moving…countries, that is! It's complicated, and thus, I, too, go back and forth, several times a day, in between meals and after chores, but mostly, before I go to bed and the minute I wake up in the morning. I've come to the conclusion that the answer is out there, and my path to its place is plotted by fate. Be patient, your new home exists, and its doors will open to let you in, when the time is right.


  27. I agree with JKaye.. thats a genius idea~!!! do contact all the tiny home places and I bet one or more of them would love to have you and the pups living in one… wow, wouldnt that be a miracle…. I believe in them.

  28. Hello Brenda,
    I Live in the UK,but wish I could health has dive bombed in my mid 50's,but I thank God for the National health service,warts and all.I bought my little house 14years ago,when I felt invincible.I can feel your yearning and pray it will work out.I have beloved pets,son,t lose heart!
    Very best wishes,
    Ann Marie

  29. Can he have the dry food moistened with water ?

    Maybe there's another solution though how you'd find it I am not sure…free classifieds ? It would be great if you could just barter the lawn mowing. I know it sounds dumb but ideally there'd be a nice strong teenager, girl or boy, living right around you that would do lawn mowing for some sort of writing or tutoring or tech help or research paper help / that is not saying that it would not be nice to move if you want to, but if you can't find what you like by spring and grass growing time, it is a thought. Maybe a young mom would mow grass and trim bushes for 2 hours of babysitting that she was desperate for to get off by herself….Thinking about it if there was a church close by, I'd run the 'need' or 'idea' by them and not risk a bunch of nuts in a classified ad but just brainstorming here and yet I hope that you can find a nice little place that suits you if you want to move.

  30. So glad to hear Charlie Ross is doing well. Hopefully he will be eating soon and back to his old self. Sounds like you've been searching high and low for a new place. With spring coming upon us, hopefully one will open up for you. ♥

  31. Glad to hear your pup is recovering. Wouldn't it be great if you could use your blog as some leverage in finding a new place to live? If you could show someone your blog, like one of those tiny house companies, and demonstrate how you'll be able to provide a lot of publicity for them by writing about your experiences living in one of their cute little houses!?! With all you do to promote cozy, creative living, surely there has got to be a creative way to locate a new home for you and your pets.

  32. I am glad to hear Charlie is doing good. I have a Min-pin that needs that done and I'm dreading it. I don't think I need to tell you what a special friend Judy is and I am glad to hear you are staying near her. She's a treasure!

  33. Thanks for the good news about Charlie! Poor baby, he sure went through an ordeal. I'm so happy that things are back to normal for your little family.

    I feel certain that you will find the right home for you and your pupsters. And you will someday soon have that permanent place you long for. Dreams do come true! Thinking of you…

  34. Oh man…I will have to pray for you! I know how hard finding a place can be. Have you tried looking for a rental through a realtor??? Good luck!!!! Hug those pups!!!!

  35. I am glad to hear Charlie is doing well. It is hard on us when our fur babies are not 100%. Looking for a new residence is really hard. I hope someone wises up and rents you a wonderful place. I shall cross my fingers for you.

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