Charlie Goes To The Groomer

I’ve been racing around all morning. I took Charlie to the groomer, and he coughed much of the way. I should have warmed the car up first, so my nerves were stretched taut with guilt about not having warmed up the car.

When I got there, I told Kim if he had any problems, to take him across the street to my vet’s office. Oh, how you worry about your babies. They can’t talk to you!

Then I went to get groceries and pick up prescriptions.

my living room

Concerning My Nerve Pain:

It’s hard to function anymore without a brace on at least my right hand. I wear it at night as well.

The other day I talked to the nurse to get a referral to see a doctor about my hands. The nurse told me that the doctor yelled at her because she wants me to get my neck taken care of first.

Well, that means either of two things: cortisone shots in my neck or some sort of surgery. My neck is already partially fused, so what would they do for severe stenosis?

I think the surgeries I had on my thumb and wrists 20 years ago are simply wearing out. Much of this may be from my neck, but I think at least some of it is not. I could be wrong.

I told the nurse if she wanted someone to yell at, to tell her to simply call me and yell at me. The nurse is just the messenger and shouldn’t draw the ire of the doctor.

Christmas on my kitchen shelves

I’m so tired of having to see doctors. I haven’t seen a dentist in several years. I don’t have dental insurance for one thing.

And the last two times I saw the dentist I inexplicably got shingles in my mouth within 48 hours. So I am not anxious to go. Who wants to spend a lot of money to then get shingles?

I don’t know for sure that I’d get it again. But twice in a row kind of set a precedent in my mind.

When I Thought 30 Was Old:

When I had lunch with my daughter last Friday she was telling me about her husband’s ear problem. She just turned 40 and he’s about to turn 40.

I said: “Hell getting old, isn’t it?”

However 40 now sounds pretty young to me. Funny how that works, huh?

When I was younger, I recall turning 30 and being a bit depressed. Oh my, how silly was that? I laugh about it now.

coffee station

As I’ve gotten older (I will be 62 in February), the years passing haven’t really troubled me. I mean, getting old is better than the alternative, isn’t it?

Plus, I think you come to terms with and gain wisdom of the years passing. Birthdays don’t bother me. I know I’m way past the halfway point in my life. But this is an immutable fact. There is no changing it. So why fight it?

Why Fight What Is Natural?

We age. Our body and our mind ages. Why fight nature?

I accept who I am, how I am, and that’s good enough for me.

Most of the time when I see women with makeup on, what I see is a woman with makeup on. I can tell she has makeup on. To me that kind of refutes the whole point.

I like the natural look. I admit I’m never going to look for a date or to get into a relationship again, so it’s not like trying to get male attention.

And I guess I get a little satisfaction from getting my head shaved. My ex used to say women find a man to marry them and then get their hair cut short.

I looked at him and I said: “Well, your hair is short.”

How sexist.

Ivy on the floor

Loving What’s Simple:

I like feeling the air on my scalp. I like reaching up and only being able to hold a tiny bit of hair between my fingers. Yeah, I’m kind of weird. But it feels “clean” to me.

This does not mean I don’t care how I look. I do.

Right in the middle of writing this the groomer called me to tell me Charlie was ready. Of course I don’t want him to have to be away from me any longer than necessary, so I immediately headed that way.

I know this post is late for me. So I hope you didn’t think something terrible had happened.

Charlie After His Grooming Visit:

Charlie with his hair cut

My boy is a handsome little fellow, even without a tooth in his head.

Oh and look at the photos I got of these two pals. This was taken yesterday afternoon.

Ivy and Charlie

Ivy and Charlie


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  1. Your babies look so sweet together.

    I started using a mobile groomer for my Gizzy girl.
    The groomers was sold. Every time I took her there with the new groomers she would cough and make hacking sounds. I think they were pulling her lead while she was on the table. It took her weeks to recover.

    The new groomer pulls up in her mini bus. She does everything in it. There is a tub to wash the dogs. FAST AND EASY! Gizzy has had no problems since.

  2. Love the pictures of Charlie & Ivy Lou. Pets are such a joy & pretty good entertainment too ! I love your decorating ideas for small spaces. Keeping
    things simple does not mean your space can’t be warm, comfortable, attractive & inviting. When it comes to personal care & grooming, I like
    to keep it simple as well but I personally am not a fan of super short buzz
    cuts on women. I like short hair but want it to still look feminine. Also a little makeup makes me feel good. Just like a plain no frills colorless
    apartment would make me feel down I feel the same way about personal appearance. Since I invest time & effort into my decorating, I feel like I can
    spend 5 or 10 minutes on my personal appearance. Everyone is different however & it would be boring if we were all the same

  3. Brenda ,I forgot to tell you Walmart has a TENS unit made by ICY HOT it runs on batteries and you attach it to your pain area and turn it on this has helped me so much ,it has pads that come with it in the box ,and the batteries I get at Dollar Tree stores .It will run you about 45.00 to 50.00 it is well worth it .You can go online and find it probably at Amazon too and Walgreen and CVS stores .The spinal stenosis can cause paralysis if not treated My primary care Dr. Wants me to have surgery and I scheduled it for September this year but had to postpone it due to hubby having a mini stroke .I still plan on having it later .You can look up on computer about spinal stenosis .But it is treatable and the neurosurgeon will be able to advise you .I feel for you !Sorry you are having such pain ,mine is better but I am on prednisone and get the injections also and take nsaids like Ibuprofen which causes stomach ulcers so have to watch that .Thinking of you !Hope you feel better soon get the TNS unit that will help .
    Hugs to you and your babies !

  4. Charlie is so cute, hair cut or no hair cut. He seems like a very sweet little fur baby. Love the pictures of Charlie and Ivy Lou together. Glad to see they are becoming good friends.
    I hope the doctor can help with your neck problem. I had a friend who had to have the shots and they did help for about 6 months. She had many other problems and past about a year ago.
    I do not wear makeup and wear my hair short. I have always worn my hair short as it is very fine and looks terrible when I let it grow.
    Have a wonderful day.

  5. Charlie looks perfectly adorable! I do hope you feel better soon and that the doctor can get some treatment worked out for you! Love and hugs!

  6. Brenda as I get closer and closer to 70 I really just want to be clean and neat. Pretty is no longer in the mix. I don’t mind the age at all but the physical decline is hard I must admit. Charlie and Ivy are so cute and i look forward to your stories about them every day. Hugs!

  7. No need to feel guilty Brenda the Doctor yelled at the Nurse. It was not your fault at all. And we are use to Doctors yelling at us Nurses.

  8. Handsome Charlie! And I’m sure glad to hear that Ivy and Charlie are bonding.

    I know what you mean about aging – I’m of two minds about it. I know it’s a natural process, but I’m still missing my younger body (if that makes any sense). So, I’m still trying to get to a peaceful place on that one. It helps to be around women who are also at peace with aging, instead of complaining about their figure, hair, etc. And I certainly want to stay away from those that complain of other’s looks! So, I appreciate your positive thoughts on this topic.

    I hope you feel better – I too understand about chronic pain. In my 30’s I had a neck injury and the pain down my arms was terrible! And lasted about a year! Those were tough days, but in addition to going to a doctor and a PT, I did other pain management activities like yoga, walking, sleeping, eating (yes indeed).

    But I will say this about the dentist: keep hunting for a good one and GO! Dental health is another thing that does not get better with avoiding it.

  9. I color my long hair too and just put it in a bun or ponytail when I’m baking, cooking or when it’s hot in the summer. I wear a light foundation and some blush when I go somewhere. I also wear some perfume and try not to forget my earrings. It throws my whole day off!? I wear whatever I feel like wearing that day, but no shorts in the winter for me. Brrrrr!

    I’m so glad that Charlie and Ivy are becoming friends! I hope you can feel alot better soon too Brenda! ?

  10. I color my hair. My gray color is icky and I don’t like it – it clashes with my skin tone, too. The color also gives my hair some texture, which helps with fine and thinning hair. I use a brush on mineral make-up. Light as a feather, a little goes a long way. It never shines, it doesn’t gather into wrinkles and crinkles and it doesn’t change color over the day. It covers my rosacea. I use a lip-toned lipstick or cherry-flavored Chapstick which adds a slight pinkish tint to my otherwise rather whitish looking lips. I wear mascara on upper eyelashes, and that’s it. I don’t make up every day, only when I’m going somewhere other than the supermarket or the pharmacy. Charlie probably gets anxious when he goes to the vet or to the groomer and because of his age and heart condition, I assume he gets anxious more easily and will readily exhibit the symptoms. Other than keeping him home, I don’t think there is anything you can do to ease his anxiety other than have somebody else drive you and you sit in the back seat with him on your lap and your arms wrapped around him and talking soothingly to him the entire time you’re in the car. That’s just not possible. My dogs were the same way, no matter how many years they went through the same routine. It’s probably the same as me going into the dentist 2x a year for teeth cleaning and a check-up. I HATE IT! I know my blood pressure probably rises beyond reasonable levels, even with my meds. Ach! Charlie – I feel for you bud!

  11. Charlie definitely looks ever so dapper! Handsome, indeed. Ivy is just as cute as she can be. We do love our fur babies.

    I’m glad you’ve decided to have the necessary injection(s). You must take care of yourself.

  12. oh dearest bean. those furry babies of yours can get more adorable.
    I think Charlie realizes how cute he looks! and they are gradually going to be a great comfort to each other and that is going to comfort YOU!
    I’m 73 as of this past summer. and I see a difference even in this last year.
    heart issues that make me feel 100! but still… as long as I wake up I feel lucky.
    I have always cut my own hair. and I wore it short for eons. I even thought each summer about getting a buzz cut! it’s amazing how many Hollywood types have done it… and liked it! it’s fun to check them out.
    then it became to hard to see what I was doing in the back so I just let it grow.
    now it’s long enough to put into a low pony tail like the preppies wear.
    as long as it’s easy I don’t care. but I know what you mean when you say it’s so “easy!” and CLEAN! it really does make you feel airy. like a little child.
    probably I’ll cut it in the summer again. I hope your pain will be gone. bless you bean! xo

  13. Charlie looks pretty spiffy with his new groom. The photo of him by himself is a wonderful portrait of him. And it seems like a truce has taken place between he and Miss Ivy. That’s good. Hope they continue to get along better than they were for a little while.

    Speaking of short haircuts, I was bald as I went through chemotherapy for breast cancer and I didn’t like it one bit! My head was always cold. I had to sleep in a hat! And the wig I got was so scratchy I ended up just wearing pretty scarves. And I was always nervous that my wig or scarves would come off in public. I guess my vanity shows when I say how much I hated being bald. It’s more acceptable for men to be bald and I know there are many women who get radically shorn like you do and even though I like my hair pretty short, I like my hair! We all have our preferences, don’t we?

    I can sympathize with having painful hands as I have osteoarthritis in my hands and feet. They are pretty comfortable right now, but that can change–for what reason I don’t know. Then it’s hard to use them for much of anything. I have recently been seeing a rheumatologist and learned that I have an autoimmune disorder that fits none of the categories of immune system disorders, like lupus or chronic fatigue but cold be a cause of my joint problems The rheumatologist wants me to take a steroid medication but I haven’t decided to do that yet. I’m skeptical of the possible side effects. We’ll see. I hope you can get some type of treatment for your hands that will give you some relief. Maybe you should see a neurologist. And tell your doctor you’re sorry she was having a bad day!

    1. I just rescheduled an appt with neurosurgeon, and called to say I want the injections. Getting desperate. I run hot. I don’t think my head has ever felt cold that I recall. I have very thick hair.

  14. Charlie looks very handsome. Hope you can get your neck and right wrist/arm done maybe at the same time. It is hell to grow old sometimes but I look at being 60 this year as just a number. Some days I feel 100 with my knee issue and other days I feel like I am 30 again. I agree with age comes wisdom and acceptance. Have a good Wednesday.

  15. Charlie is indeed a handsome little guy. I love the photo of he and Ivy together, so sweet!

    Sorry to hear about your hands, perhaps another doctor could offer a second opinion. Mom mother gets the shots in her neck and knee.

    Getting old is a challenge that is for sure. Yesterday my 92 year old mother in law fell down the basement stairs, which frankly I am afraid of, thankfully she is just bruised and not dead or broken. Tomorrow we are saying goodbye to my 86 year old Godfather and Uncle who passed from brain cancer. He lived a good life as they say but it is still hard.

    Have a great day Brenda, thank you for sharing your sweet fur kids, they always make me smile.

  16. I was wondering if something had happened with one of the pets when your post didn’t appear earlier. Glad to hear that wasn’t the case. Over the years, I would try to be interested when talking to my mom on the phone and she’d rattle off the latest trips to the doctor for her, my uncles, my grandmother (who reached 102 before passing away) and her various friends and neighbors. It seemed like going to the doctor was their hobby! Now that my husband and I are in our 60s, I’m beginning to understand! Things do start wearing out. I’m glad women can do what they want regarding hair and makeup. There have been two or three times in my adulthood when I’ve quit wearing makeup and fixing my hair nicely and so on, and then I realize it’s because I’m feeling insecure and I want to disappear and have no one notice me. I have never worn much makeup, but when I put on a touch, I know that I am doing it for me, because when I look in the mirror and see a touch of mascara and lipstick I don’t feel so much like an invisible person. I didn’t color my hair for quite awhile, but this year I started spraying some Summer Blonde on it and it has brightened it up and that’s all it’s taken to make it look better. Whoops, I have to get our new little cat to the vet! Bye!

    1. I know. I was worried that you guys would be worried. Just couldn’t help the way things went to today. I knew you’d think Charlie was sick or something. I just don’t like the feel of anything on my skin. Especially my face.

  17. I am a Registered Nurse and Doctors are always yelling at us. Especially if I had to call them at 3 am when I worked the grave yard shift.

  18. Charlie is just so handsome and those two pictures of he and Ivy are just adorable. I do believe they have become friends. I’m with you: shorter hair, nominal makeup, it just makes life easy. I remember the issues with you getting shingles from the dentist and I don’t blame you one bit for not going back. I do hope you can get your hand and neck looked at in the new year and that nothing gets any worse for you my friend.

    Carol and Molly

    1. I just made an appt. with the neurosurgeon. Earliest appt. is February. Hopefully I can get an injection soon. I’m about to jump off a cliff. (Well not really. Who would take care of my precious pets?)

  19. Oh my, nice grooming; Charlie looks adorable! Pictures of Ivy (she’s beautiful) & brother are amazing. ❤ Sweetheart pals!! I have serious hand pain also Brenda. RA has taken over my body. Only help is Motrin all day. Sometimes Aspercreme helps w hands. Takes the edge off for awhile. Feels nice not to have pain for awhile. Maybe a few hours. Well, “they” say ,,,,, “old age is not for sissies.” Hope you find some relief for the pain.

    1. Today at the store I bought Aspercreme for the first time. It helped a little bit. I think I’ve waited too long to have things done. It’s been about a year. Suddenly it’s become much more painful.

  20. Hi Brenda I agree that the doctor should not have yelled at the nurse. I am a nurse myself and I know how that goes. However, if what you have is serve hi Brenda I agree that the doctor should not have yelled at the nurse. I am a nurse myself and I know how that goes. However, if what you have is cervical Stenosis, that can be very serious and dangerous. That is probably why the doctor yelled at the nurse. The doctor is probably feeling that while your hands are painful and bothersome, your neck could be potentially much more serious.

    1. Oh my gosh my phone does such weird things I’m so sorry about the way that comment appeared

      1. If you look up at one of the prior comments I made, I have called the office and told them I want the injections. I am miserable. It is getting worse by the day. I give up. I’m in more pain than fear.

        1. Oh, and I just called that nurse and told her to tell my doctor that I’m following the advice. I want the injections. No need to yell at anyone now. What is dangerous?

        2. Oh good I’m glad you are seeking treatment for it. I know I would not want injections either. But the pain is only going to get worse so I am glad you are taking charge. Good luck! Love all the stories and pictures of your cuties

          1. If the narrowing gets too great, it can actually cause paralysis. I don’t know your specific case so I don’t like to be making too much comment about that,. But just know that it can be dangerous and that is probably why the doctor was upset.

  21. I love the pixs of the fur babies they are bonding .I love it.
    Charlie looks so cute with his new hair cut .
    I really believe that the shots will help your neck they did mine .I would not be able to function without them .
    I have spinal stenosis and as you know it is very painful .
    I barely feel it when my Ortho guy gives me the shots and they sometimes last up to 6 months .
    I have lost much vanity as I age I use to would not go out without makeup now I do not care .I am 70 and lucky to be here many of my friends are dead or in worse shape than me .I am thankful to be as good as I am .
    I try to stay positive and keep on keeping on !
    Hope you and the babies enjoy the rest of your day !
    I love your posts thank you for sharing your life with us !

    1. All right, you convinced me. I’m absolutely miserable with pain. No way to get away from it, even in the night. I’ve just called the office and told them I want to get the injections. I don’t feel I have much more to lose. Not much quality of life when you’re in this much pain.

      1. Good for you, Brenda! I had a cortisone injection for my wrist/tendon pain and I’m much more comfortable now. I really didn’t feel a thing. They used ultrasound to guide them to just the right spot. The cortisone has been long lasting for me. Fingers crossed you find the same. It’s a gift.

  22. Charlie sure is a handsome boy!! Getting older is not easy that’s for sure – things hurt that never used to, weight creeps up, wrinkles, vision problems….ugghhh. And then I got allergies at around 40+ which are getting worse every year.

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