Charlie Is Doing Better & My Pepper Plant

First up, Charlie’s progress. He’s walking better and he’s able to go up the doggy steps. Plus he isn’t coughing nearly as much. So I will continue with the acupuncture treatments for now.

I will also be asking the vet about CBD oil for Charlie.

I tried the CBD pills for my neck and instead of helping it made the pain worse. Just not sure it works on nerve pain. Lit me up like a Christmas tree.

But it sure does my heart good to see my Charlie boy run on the patio and bark at the squirrels!

Isn’t he handsome with his haircut?

He is sleeping longer at a time and isn’t as restless with the Trazadone. He still wakes up 2-3 times at night. But if he didn’t, I would. He isn’t urinating inside so I guess that rules out his kidneys, as someone mentioned.

He also seems to be a bit more affectionate with Ivy. He is tolerating her more. She can touch him or put her paws around his neck and he doesn’t freak out.

All this means less stress for me. And I’m very thankful for that.

This morning I noticed that a cucumber had fallen on the vine behind the pot. So I might get one cucumber out of the plant this summer. It doesn’t seem to be producing more blooms.

And there are more peppers on my sweet pepper plant. I already picked one.

I finished Bloodline on Netflix. I’m fairly certain I missed some of the episodes. Not quite sure how that happened. But suddenly Kevin had his son and I didn’t see an episode where the baby was born.

I completely missed Meg leaving home and what ended up happening at Eric’s trial. Plus suddenly Roy was gone and I saw nothing build up to that.

Then I tried to go back in the episodes but I haven’t quite figured that out yet.

But I still have Ozark and there are more shows I’m looking forward to watching. I just wish I’d tried Netflix before now.

It beats cable TV by a long shot in my opinion.

And the network TV shows the past few years have had nothing that appealed to me.

After I took Charlie to the groomer yesterday, I came home and quickly cleaned everything. Even the ceiling fans and some vents. Also changed the bedding.

I wanted to get the disruption of dust out of the way before he came home. Poor Ivy was sneezing though.

When I dropped him off, I had a load of instructions for the groomer, Kim, who I’ve been taking him to the whole time I’ve lived in Tulsa.

If he has any trouble, his vet is right across the street (which I know she already knew.) The less fragrance in his shampoo the better. I’d appreciate it if he could be groomed early so he can come home and have his diuretic and other heart meds earlier.

I’m sure I sounded like a nervous new mom or something!

One of the basil plants that came up from nowhere

I think once you’re a mom you never really stop being “momish.” It sometimes just gets transferred to pets or people.

And if you’re a mom of an adult child, maybe you have had trouble knowing when to let them do their own thing without your input.

They’re always still your child, grown or not. And sometimes it’s difficult to keep your opinion or your advice to yourself. I’ve tried very hard to stop myself from doing that. Heavens, my youngest daughter is 40 years old!

I’m having lunch with her today. We’re meeting at our favorite Mexican restaurant again.

Last week they went to Seattle to visit friends and Andrew had his first plane ride.



  1. Charlie is so adorable, you just want to hug him. So sweet that Ivy is kind of looking after him. It sounds like she wants to “mother” him.
    Hope your weather has cooled down some, we have had some warm days and cool nights.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Nice hearing you have found something to help Charlie feel better. He looks great, and glad he is liking his sibling better or more tolerant, thereof.. lol .. I, too, love Mexican cuisine..glad you and your daughter celebrate each other and life, often..nice.. Have a blessed weekend.

  3. I”m very happy hearing that Charlie is doing better. He is very handsome with his new haircut. I bet he’s cooler and more com_ortable, too.

    Yes, once a mom always a mom–_or better or worse! It’s hard to let go o_ shepherding (sp.?) them along their way and trying to protect them _rom danger and hurt just because they have grown to be adults. It’s an especially sticky situation when you live together with one o_ them. I have learned to hold my tongue much o_ the time. In my case, depending on the subject at hand, my opinion is not appreciated nor appropriate I’ve realized. Took a while _or me to get that. And sometimes I slip up still.

    Wow, Nathan and his boys had a close call with that tree limb. So glad that it was only the plants that were damaged. Hope_ully there aren’t any more “loose limbs” on that tree.

    Well, I’m up later than I should be so I’ll sign out and wish you three a happy tomorrow.

  4. awww…. Charlie. you are one great little dude there! King of the Patio! LOL.
    i’m so glad the holistic treatments are working for him! acupuncture is so much easier on his stomach too. I’m glad you and he are BOTH feeling better!
    and I never tire of pictures of them. EVER!
    my heart goes out to Nathan. he’s a good man. he works hard and is a good dad.
    hope some of his garden is salvageable. have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Charlie looks so handsome with his new haircut. My Bella is 18 yrs old. (she is Papillion and Pekingese mixed ) and has arthritis very bad. The Vet put her on a dog version of Glucosamine Chondroitin and it has worked wonders for her! She is spry,active and loves to go for walks now. It cost about .80 a day ( which is expensive for me) but is well worth it to see her running around and feeling so much better.

  6. Charlie looks so good after his haircut, but really… even his face, he looks healthy! And that’s because you are the best Mom in all the world, for your pets. You can see and feel the Love that the three of you have for one another, across miles. I so enjoy all of your photos. Thanks..Bonnie in Wi

  7. I’m so happy that the Accupuncture seems to be working. Fantastic news. He is one handsome guy. I think sometimes it takes longer for dogs and cats to bond. At least I see that in my household.

    I’m glad you mentioned Ozark. I loved the first series and didn’t know there was a second til the other night. My word this one is getting good.

  8. My son is 47 and my daughter will be 40 this month. Once you are a mom you are always a mom no matter what age your children are.

  9. Brenda,

    Charlie looks great and I’m so glad he is doing better. I can’t you how often I think of Charlie! So glad you are able to take a breath and relax. Enjoy your day.

  10. Aww I’m so glad Charlie is feeling better! My old girl Lily isn’t doing too well these days. She can hardly get out of her bed some days, her legs are so bad. Then she can stand but can’t seem to get moving. She’s having more and more accidents in her bed, I have to wash it sometimes every day…good thing I have spares! One day I had to do three loads of laundry, three separate beds she wet…..I thought that was the end, that it was time…..but today she was up and tapping around like a youngster, so who knows….maybe she was just sore for a few days. My poor girl, she’ll be 17 in September, and I know her time with me is short. But I can’t watch her suffer like that either….it’s a hard call to make and I’m not ready to make it.

  11. So happy to hear that Charlie is doing better.
    You may like the Netflix show “Dead to Me”. It is ten 1/2 hour episodes. After the first episode I thought it would be depressing, but I continued watching. By the end of the second episode I was hooked. LOTS of twists and turns.
    Have a good weekend.

  12. Hello. Charlie does look good. I’m so glad he is doing better. That is a great photo of Ivy. One of the best photos of any cat I’ve ever seen, actually. It’s taken from a unique angle, so that you see things that usually aren’t the focus, such as the bottom of her paws and inside of her ears. But the best part is the look on her face, which seems to be relaxed alertness. You can tell she is taking it easy but could spring up in a split second if necessary to go investigate whatever has caught her eye! You and she make a great photographer/subject pair.

      1. She sure could strike a pose! I’m glad Ivy is a good subject for you as well. I think she and Abi passed each other somewhere along the way, and Abi told Ivy to ham in up in front of the camera. And also to be good to Charlie.

    1. So happy that Charlie doing better, and he sure is handsome.You have up lied my day, Have a gate weekend.

  13. Thanks for your update on using the CBD oil! As an “allergy person” I can tell you, we can be allergic to simply anything at all!! Good grief, I am allergic to lettuce of all things…that is almost like being allergic to rice (and some of my kin are allergic to rice too!!) Hope your reaction quickly leaves you. Sometimes taking extra vit C, lots of water, and for me, eating cabbage in one way or another, helps me get rid of whatever allergens are bothering me. Glad other things are doing well for you, like Charlie’s health!! Sure glad Nathan and his boys escaped the falling tree!!

  14. So glad that Charlie is feeling better. He looks so handsome with his new hair cut. Happy too that he likes Ivy a little more.
    When Simon and I talk to our cat Dexter about ourselves we refer to each other as your Mum and your Dad! Why not, we are the only people he has.
    I am sure you are feeling much happier now that Charlie has perked up and that you are getting more sleep.

  15. So happy that Charlie is feeling better. He is a darling boy, he does look very handsome after his hair cut!
    We have 1 cat (Dexter) and when we talk to him we refer to ourselves as your Mum or your Dad!

  16. Charlie is indeed one handsome guy; he looks so alert with his ears all perked up! So glad that he is feeling chipper! And it is encouraging to know that the acupuncture is helping him.

    Andrew will be excited to tell you all about his first plane trip when you see him next. Hope you and your daughter have a lovely lunch. And yes, it is difficult not to offer advice to my 48 year old daughter; I think we moms just want them to benefit from the corrections (and avoid the heartache) we have made to our own lives.

    Take care and hope you have a wonderful Friday.

  17. Good for Charlie and how sweet that Ivy is affectionate with him. Glad things are settling down a bit for you.

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