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  1. A recommendation for Netflix, if you like historical films/shows. The series “The Tudors”, about the reign of Henry the VIII, if you haven’t seen it. I watched it a few years ago, and, again just recently after I was stuck at home after surgery with a catheter. The scenery & costumes are amazing. It’s pretty gritty, graphic & bloody at times, but I found it mesmerizing.

  2. Sending Love and Healing Energy to Charlie and you and Ivy, too. Altho’ Ivy doesn’t seem to have any health issues she can still use the energy of Love–which you give her plenty of, I know. I’m so sorry Charlie is having so much trouble with his legs. Poor little guy. Maybe you will have to get a small infant carrier and carry him around the house. I wonder if he would be comfortable in something like that. Just a tho’t.

    We continue to have very dry weather here but much cooler this week. Very Fall-like. I wish we would have a good soaking rain overnight. I really want to pull weeds but I don’t want to water them in order to be able to pull them out! Seems counter-intuitive, doesn’t it?

    Speaking of movies, Netflix, etc. Did you know that they have made a movie of Downton Abbey? It’s supposed to come out Sept 1st, I think. I don’t know if you were a fan of the PBS Series or not.

    Again, I am up too late. Til tomorrow.

  3. Ok..I know where….Hobby Lobby…lol…sorry I caught up on reading your blog…I love how you decorate…

  4. Hoping little Charlie boy doesn’t have any more falls – I know how vigilant you are with him. And that Ivy! She is so pretty, Brenda, and so entertaining! That watch will probably show up one of these days.
    I love your meditative area and can see how it would be a pleasure to gaze upon. It’s lovely.
    The Fall sounds good – I went over to Google to look into it. Always really liked Gillian Anderson.
    Have a restful, peaceful week-end with you dear furry babies,

  5. Sounds like you need to keep your watch and other valuables in drawers with that cat!! She is the most active one I have heard of…seems most of them lie around and sleep most of the time!!

  6. I’ve seen “boho embroidery hoops”….. probably some on Pinterest. They are really pretty and think they use alot of long pieces of fabric that you tear or cut, for the long streamers that hang down. I can’t remember now what is put inside the hoop. Now I”m curious and may go look! I do remember them being so pretty, and I think you don’t have to use a small needle or anything. Maybe things are attached with a hot glue gun, which makes it easy to work on. Our “rescue” kitties are now 3 and 4 and still get into mischief alot and play play play… thankfully, they can go outdoors too so they stay outside most of the day playing in the grass and bushes, and finding mice in our garage! I watched The Fall and loved it and wish it would have had more episodes. Take care… Marilyn

  7. Glad you are finding indoor things to do with the humidity, rain and heat. Glad Ivy has been such a great kitty for you.
    Hope Charlie was ok after falling. Poor guy.
    Have a good weekend.

    1. I am so excited you have been in communication with your older daughter. That is just wonderful and I do hope she will join you next time. I know you miss her kids. I love your meditative spot. I too have the elephants hanging and across the way I have a string of hearts. Enjoy your wknd. It’s my 73rd BD today. I can’t believe it.

  8. I enjoyed seeing your elephants on the shelf yesterday. My older brother was in the Navy back in the 50s, and he was stationed on a ship taking a trip around the world. He sent me something from every stop, I remember perfume from France, a Kimono from Japan, a cameo bracelet and necklace from Italy, and the one thing I still have today, 65 years later, is a beautiful 3″ wooden elephant from Morocco. Now I have a small collection that I keep on an open shelf all together. Something about elephants, they just make me smile.
    I was looking through my pinterest boards yesterday, sometimes I just delete things of no interest to me anymore, and on my Kitchen board, I have a picture of your kitchen open cup-board, and the fridge with the word “ICE” on the freezer door. Forgot I had it, and still love that picture, just wanted you to know, I saved that one for sure…Love all the pictures you take of Ivy and Charlie, and your “Cozy” home.
    Have a nice weekend. Hugs from WI, 67 degrees today, Fall is in the air.

  9. My rescue kitten is the same, curious and getting into everything! She has been with me now 9 months. She is the energizer bunny that jumps, but gives so much love back. It is dark and rainy in Miami, as we have a storm near the coast, but I am home, happy as can be with my two kitties!
    Have a nice weekend too.

  10. I love your meditative space Brenda. Love all the things you have there and that beautiful lamp that makes a pattern on your wall adds to the joy of looking at it.
    So glad to hear that your other daughter will probably meet up with you soon.
    Love seeing pics of Charlie and Ivy. They both look great,

  11. Hi Brenda.
    Love Netflix…
    Have you watched the sinner as yet…..
    A must watch….
    Have a great day…

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