Charlie is on his bed at the other end of the couch. When I’m sitting, he’s either there, on the other side of me, or sprawled across the couch and ottoman, feet stretched out behind him.

It’s Friday. How is it Friday again already?

I finished “The Good Liar.” Good book. I will be reviewing it soon. I’d like to read more books by Catherine McKenzie.

Don’t you just love finding new-to-you authors? Opens up a whole new world of possibility for good reading.


A close up of a gardenia after the rain. The white petals look and feel like velvet. So feminine and lovely.

passion vine flower

A passion vine flower I photographed earlier this morning. These flowers remind me of a space ship or something.

The flowers have an unusual but very delicate beauty. I always enjoy gazing at passion vine flowers. Their intricate petals fascinate me.

Nature is the most talented artist that ever was, don’t you think?

garden art

I’ve had this garden sculpture since before I moved back to Oklahoma. I ordered it from right here in Tulsa from Garden Deva.

This particular sculpture reminds me of a woman who’s had about all she’s going to take. And she won’t take any more, with her hands thrown up for emphasis.

Now she’s about to be hidden by lemon balm. I will keep it cut back from her face.

sweet potato vine

Both the chartreuse and purple sweet potato vines are growing like nobody’s business. The leaves get bigger and bigger by the day. Soon they will be the size of my hands.

I do love the contrast of this shade of green in my garden. It highlights the deeper and darker shades of green leaves.

Purple flowers and green leaves are always so beautiful together. When you look at these colors in the garden, it is relaxing somehow. Peaceful.

It is probably my favorite color combo to pair together. The two colors together lend a certain sense of mystery to the garden.

my garden

Charlie and I have no weekend plans. Just staying in out of the heat. Keeping the patio garden watered.

Read books and maybe watch a few silly Lifetime movies. Or maybe not watch silly Lifetime movies. Depends on my mood.

Eat fresh cucumbers from my garden.

Enjoy being together, Charlie and me.

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    1. Though I want a kitty to snuggle, since my Charlie is not a snuggler, I keep telling myself that. I’ve thought through the litter box part. There are ones that only have a hole at the top. Charlie is not very agile. But I also know that he is loving his new status and I can’t take that away from him. Abi always kind of ran things and he followed. Now it’s his turn.

  2. Your photography of the plants is just gorgeous. And Charlie has the cutest little face ever!
    I think spending a quiet and peaceful weekend with your pup and flowers in your sweet surroundings sounds very relaxing indeed! Enjoy.

    1. My favorite days are days when I don’t have to go out anywhere. I’m lucky to have so many of those.

  3. Brenda,

    Your flowers are looking lovely as always. Iā€™m so glad you and Charlie have each other. My little Chihuahua was diagnosed this week with kidney disease. She is to me what Abi was to you and Iā€™m struggling. I believe it is early stage as she has no symptoms. Wishing you a wonderful relaxing weekend with Charlie.

    1. I’m so sorry. I’m here if you want to email me. I don’t know how long Abi had it, because everything seemed to come on so suddenly. The vet said it could have been an infection that progressed. I’ll never know.


    1. Actually I don’t. I don’t know what makes things grow so well out there. If they start to look bad, guess I will start feeding them though. I probably need to feed my rose so it will start blooming again.

  5. I have a lot of herbs that I use in my day to day cooking but I have never planted or used lemon balm. I rubbed the leaves at the garden center and they smelled wonderful, but how would I or how do you use that herb?

  6. Charlie looks so bright and alert in that picture! He is an adorable boy. I love fresh cucumber on salads and lately I have been making cucumber sandwiches with cheese. I really enjoy the fresh taste and crunch of cucumbers. I hope you and Charlie have a wonderful weekend Brenda!

  7. Charlie always makes me smile, he is so sweet. I hope that you have a relaxing and cool weekend. IT is hot here and we are getting storms.

    Do you have a library card? I recently heard that you can stream thousands of movies from Kanopy with just a library card and its free. I have not tried it yet so I have no experience.

    I love your garden, the flowers and the art. That woman is fabulous!

    Have a wonderful weekend you two!

  8. I think you got the odor of the vets office on you and that is what Charlie does not like. He probably smelled it all over Abi when she was back and forth for treatment, and also the doctor who came to administer to Abi. I don’t think it is the kittens. Dogs have such a great sense of smell.

    All Charlie knows is that Abi smelled like that and now she is gone, and it frightens him.

    Maybe you could order Charlie’s vet needs on line?

  9. Charlie has the sweetest little face. I can imagine that he is enjoying have your full attention. Your patio is so lovely. You certainly have not only a green thumb, but a great eye for design.

  10. I’ve been retired since 2005. and still the weekends feel ‘special.”
    wishing you continued joy in all the little things. like your wonderful patio garden.
    thank goodness for our sense of the little things. because they keep the bigger things bearable. xo to you and Charlie.

  11. Great picture of Charlie! The photos of your garden are lovely; you have a talent for great perspectives. I thought the gardenia looked like a mound of whipped cream… I have never had a lavender plant before this year. It’s growing in a pot and starting to bloom. Do you have one? I am not sure if I should plant it in the ground eventually, I picked up a large clay pot from the curb the other day, a leftover from a neighbor’s yard sale. It has a crack but I don’t care; it gave
    me an excuse to get more flowers for the porch! You and Charlie have a great weekend.

    1. I’ve never seemed to have the knack for keeping lavender alive. I love that plant and wish I could. I’ve always planted it in containers, but it piddles out after a few months.

      1. Also wanted to tell you that you could take the cracked pot, dig the cracked side down into the ground, and plant something sideways. Sedum would be an easy filler. I’ve done that with pots that were broken on one side.

        1. oooo good idea.I think the pot will hold thru summer but will end up broken, and I have another broken pot in my shed. I could group them together. Thanks!

  12. I sure wish I had your green thumb. I love plants and flowers but seem to always kill them.
    Maybe one day I’ll get it.. haha But after 55 years I don’t think so. šŸ™‚ I’m glad you get to do what you want with your time and have no one to answer too. I’m glad you got out. Just wanted to tell you that I admire you! Thanks for keeping it real on here! Blessing to you!

    1. Oh, you’re so sweet! Yes, I’m lucky to be able to make money from home and live a quiet peaceful life. I’ll always keep it real.

  13. A peace full and relaxing weekend. Sounds perfect Brenda…Oh and the fresh cucumbers from the garden sounds pretty good also..Suppose to have showers here, but hoping for a little time on the patio sometime over the weekend..Have a GREAT one..Love and Hugs, Bonnie

    1. It takes me about a week to fully use a cucumber that I slice over salad. And it stays fresh in a baggy and tastes wonderful.

  14. Your plans for the weekend sound delightful. I love it when there are no set plans. “No where to go and no where to be” …….. part of the lyrics from a Kenny Chesney song and I love that sort of schedule. Fresh cucumbers from the garden — what a wonderful taste! Your patio looks beautiful and peaceful and so well kept.

    Charlie looks so alert in the photo; he is so darned handsome! Love that little tongue.
    I know that you and Charlie will have a pleasant weekend doing just whatever you want — enjoy!

    1. We kind of have our routine down. He likes me to brush him at night when we’re in bed. He likes not having to fight another dog to get to food. I am petting him tons and giving him lots of love and telling him how much I love him.

  15. I think Charlie is really enjoying being the “fur baby” of the house; no competition for attention from you; he’s got you all to himself and I think he is in heaven! I do love your patio and those sweet potato vines are gorgeous. I’m with you for the weekend; other than running some errands tomorrow, Molly and I will be staying indoors where its cooler. I hope there’s a good movie(s) on Lifetime for you. Have a great weekend Brenda and Charlie!

    Carol and Molly

    1. Charlie is truly enjoying being the only fur baby. A few weeks ago I went to the vet’s office to get heartworm meds for him. They had a few kittens in a cage. So I got down on the floor and looked at them. When I came home he started acting weird again. Had to change my clothes.

      1. Don’t do it unless Charlie has had a past relationship with a cat. If memory serves, he’s a senior, isn’t he? I would just be so concerned on bringing another “fur baby” home as that could really upset him and I don’t want anything to happen to the little guy, for both your sakes. I truly believe he is enjoying being “top fur baby” in the house and having you all to himself! Carol and Molly

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