Charlie & The Last Of My Veggie Containers

Charlie has just scooted backward into his tight little space (he likes tight little spaces) on the left side of me next to the couch. I have just finished my iced coffee and am doing a bit of laundry this morning.

My eye seems to be doing well. I only took Tylenol one time and that was the day of surgery.

What is driving me kind of bonkers is that I can see well out of the right eye that had the cataract surgery. But of course the left side is still very near-sighted.

So put those two eyes together and you feel a bit drunk. What you see is skewed because the two eyes have such different levels of sight. So I’ll be glad to get the left eye done.

My Yorkie Charlie Ross

Isn’t my Charlie boy handsome after his grooming appointment last Tuesday?

In this photo his tongue isn’t even sticking out of the side of his mouth. Which is rare. Tongue hanging or not, I still think he’s mighty cute.

He kind of looks like the pup I got nearly 12 years ago. To me he will always be my baby.

Peppers growing on my patio

These peppers are the only veggies still producing on the patio. And I can’t eat them. They cause acid reflux. Wouldn’t you know it? They’re producing like crazy and I can’t eat them.

The tomatoes and cucumbers have all but petered out. I don’t even have chives right now due to the heat.

I am enjoying this new laptop. It is very light-weight. Whereas the other one was much heavier. I also like the light touch it takes for the keyboard. Maybe it won’t aggravate my shoulder as much.

I really want to get out in my patio garden and dead head flowers and such, but I know once I get started I’ll forget myself and end up doing more when I get distracted.

I know I’ve got to watch what I do right now. I’ll be glad when both eyes are done and healed so I can start painting the kitchen table and little pantry the blue shade of the hutch where my white dishes are displayed.


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  1. Charlie does not look 12; no gray around his little face and yes, he is adorable! I’m glad the laptop is working for you and was that a picture of banana peppers? Please don’t do too much and by the way, are you getting the left eye done before the Labor Day holiday? Have an easy going Monday Brenda and Charlie boy!

    Carol and Molly

  2. Oh Charlie, I think you know you are a handsome boy and you certainly don’t look your age! Its all that loving care your Mom gives you.

  3. I remember the frustration of having different vision in each eye after my cataract surgery. And I remember it being highly annoying! I still think a pirate eyepatch would be helpful! Wish I’d had one!

    Charlie does look dapper with his new haircut. Give him pats and a kiss on the head from me.

    Too bad about the peppers. I wouldn’t care to eat them either. I’m not supposed to eat anything from the nightshade family–peppers, potatoes, eggplant and tomatoes. I do cheat with tomatoes when they are ripened on the vine in the summer, though. In fact I did today when I made myself a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. Yum. I’ll have to be good now for a while. There are some green tomatoes on my two plants but they won’t be ripe for a while, so I won’t be tempted.

    I found time to do some weeding today. I was going to dig out all the plants in a small semi-circle behind the basketball post and grass it over. But as I was working on it I kind of changed my mind. My daughter keeps encouraging me to cut down on the number of flower beds and plants I have in my yard, but I don’t really want to. So, we’ll see.

    Glad to hear your eye is feeling okay. You’ll be so glad when the other one is done and you can see normally. Then on to those projects, right? I’ll be interested to see what you do.

  4. So glad you are doing so well on many levels…..,,even with the new computer. Good news.
    Charlie looks wonderful.

  5. Little Charlie looks so handsome with his new haircut. Glad to hear your eye is doing so much better and you are not having anymore pain. Hopefully once you get the second eye done that will help your brain to balance out your sight and you will have perfect vision.
    Happy Weekend.

  6. You sound so happy this morning except of course not being able to garden. Just sit inside and get used to the new computer. I have an older HO desktop and I’m so used to desktops I don’t know if I would be happy w a laptop full time. Can’t wait to hear more about yours. Charlie is just the cutest. Love his colors.

  7. I didn’t want to say anything to worry you before your surgery, but my cataract surgery did not go so well. My eyesight in that eye is 20/60 (on a good day). I refused to let them do the other eye so that is 20/600–legally blind. My brain over time has adapted so that I’m not dizzy and it recognizes that each eye is for a different purpose; one eye for driving, one eye for close work. And, after the cataract surgery everything now has a purple hue. Would be interested to hear if I am the only one it didn’t work out for? I’m so happy yours has turned out well.
    And….handsome boy, Charlie.

  8. I remember how crazy it drove me until I had the other eye done too. I waited one month between so it’s good that you’re doing the 2nd one sooner. It is a marvelous surgery! I did have to go back after about 3 years with one eye’s vision seeming cloudy. He said that often happens and they used laser treatment and cleared it right up, no pain or anything. I’m so glad you like your new computer. I get nervous every time I think about mine going bad. I’ve had it for 6 years, my son thinks I’ll probably get another year or two out of it. Hope he’s right!

  9. Glad to hear your eye surgery went well and you’re doing great now. Sounds like you got a nice computer and hoping it works for a very very long time. 🙂

  10. See, they say that there’s always a reason for something. Even though your computer was expensive, it doesn’t hurt your shoulders now. Also, you don’t have that stress knowing it was going to clunk out soon. Charlie boy is cute and he seems to be letting you take his pictures too. Have a great day!

  11. So glad your eye is healing so well. Charlie looks so handsome. What a dapper looking little gentleman he is !
    I know it’s hard to be patient when you want to garden and paint. Maybe now is a good time to write and to watch a movie or cook up some soup with fresh veggies from a farm stand. This autumn it would be a welcoming gift from the harvest to warm you and please you too. Eating healthy when you’re alone is a challenge. Hope you can have your next eye surgery soon to balance out your vision. Great that we have doctors who can do this for us… it’s like lifting a gauzy curtain and finding light ! Wasn’t it wonderful news this week that NYU is eliminating tuition for doctors. That’s a $55,000 saving each year. Of course, the students still have to pay room and board at around $29,000 a year but that seems fair that they pay this. NYC is expensive but NYU is a great school. Saving $55,000 a year for four years is a significant chunk of money. Hope your weekend goes well and you rest and get ready for your surgery.


  13. Wonderful positive vibes in this morning’s post — better eyesight with no pain, new lightweight laptop that might actually help with your shoulder, a very handsome pupster with gorgeous and totally expressive big brown eyes wedged in tightly next to his mom, and even better eyesight on the horizon for you once the second surgery is completed. You have me smiling this morning as I do my laundry and work through my TO DO list.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Hey Brenda
    Glad your eye is healing! Your puppy dog does look like a puppy! He looks great!
    Just a thought….could you pop off the lense you don’t need now in your eye glasses to see better? Maybe it would get you through until you have surgery in the other eye? Ok don’t know if it work….?

  15. Brenda, you can take your prescription glasses and remove the right lens. Then you’ll be able to see better and feel less off balance. I know its very strange to deal with that situation. If I remember correctly, you should not be bending over much at all until you’re fully healed. Once you remove that lens in your glasses you no longer need, you’ll be able to read and the flowers can wait a bit longer.

  16. Charlie is a real cutie pie. It is probably best you stay inside more until your eye is healed a bit more. You don’t want an insect to fly in it for instance, or get a bit of dust in it.

  17. Your Charlie is a cutie! I love his haircut. I hope that you rest, relax and enjoy your day. Don’t overdue it and let yourself heal. I am sure you will feel much better when the other eye is finished.

    Have a fabulous day you two!

  18. Glad you are doing well Brenda. It is hard to imagine the difference in eyesight between the two but sounds frustrating!
    Charlie looks handsome and sweet! I have been meaning to ask if he is doing better with riding in the car.

  19. I’m happy to hear your eye is doing so well! And of course, Charlie is a handsome devil! Happy computing! 🙂

  20. I’m so glad to hear you are doing well. Maybe soon you will be able to see equally better with both eyes.
    I know how much fun it is to paint and freshen up around the house. I have just finished painting my living room and dining room. If that wasn’t enough I painted the sitting room also! Whew, I think that should do it for awhile. Have a great day!

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