The other night about 3 a.m. I let Charlie out and he wouldn’t come back in. So I went outside and saw him in a stand-off with a big hissing possum.

They were wedged behind big pots against the fence.

Shasta Daisies forming blooms

If I hadn’t had both hands there is no way I could have leaned over the pots onto the fence for balance with one hand. And managed to scoop Charlie up and away from the possum with the other.

I thought: Now what if I’d had the finger surgeries (which was scheduled for tomorrow) and only had one hand to deal with this dilemma? The possum and Charlie were about 18 inches apart and the possum was hissing at us both.

Constantly Honking Car Horn:

This past holiday weekend was no fun at all. I love staying home. But not when a car in this complex has it’s car horn go off and on for days on end. And no one does a thing about it.

And I hated to get out and drive somewhere because of the PGA Tournament right around the corner.

Of course I called management, which is a pretty much worthless endeavor. She said she “talked” to the woman last week after I first called. But the woman said she wouldn’t be able to take the car in until after the weekend.

So the manager (an anti-vaxxer who refused to wear a mask during COVID-19 though I asked her to wear it when I was in there) went off on her holiday weekend knowing we’d be stuck with that damn horn going on and off.

All You Can Do With Slum Lords Is Move Away:

I was livid when I talked to the manager again yesterday. Later in the day I called her again. And she said “Oh, I just haven’t been able to reach her.”

Well of course not. She’s not going to answer your calls when she doesn’t want to do anything about her car.

How about towing it? How about thinking of all the other residents trapped inside with that car horn blaring off and on constantly?

The maintenance man said he told the woman with the car to disable the battery, but she refused to do it.

So I told the manager the next time it went off I was calling the police. I’d lodge a complaint that management refused to do anything.

And I told her I hoped they gave her some sort of ticket for letting us having to endure it without responding to calls for 4 days. She hung up.

Medrol Pack For Arthritis:

I began a Medrol pack yesterday and it has really helped my arthritis. After just 4 pills I could tell quite a difference. For the first time in months my fingers weren’t throbbing in pain 24/7.

I hate to take steroids. But you have to have your hands and fingers to do things. Especially if you live alone and have pets that need you as Charlie needs me.

You do what you have to do.

Younger daughter Kasi has had to be on Medrol Dosepaks on and off for a year due to inflammation building in her body.

So as I was feeling better I thought I’d write a post to let you know how things are going around here. And of course show photos of the pet babies.

Ivy & The Toilet Paper:

In Ivy news, I had just put a new toilet paper roll on and left to take Charlie to his acupuncture appointment. I wasn’t gone more than probably 5 minutes

When I got back Ivy had managed to unroll the entire new toilet paper roll in layers across the bathroom floor.

I found her in a kitchen chair looking so innocent. That girl is super sneaky.

New Arthritis Gloves:

In other news, I ordered arthritis gloves and they feel so good when I put them on.

They were delivered yesterday. I have small hands, so I ordered the small size and my hands feel very protected inside these gloves.

And I also ordered cream for arthritis and neuropathy as well as a manual acupressure pen I have no idea how to use. So I’ll take it to physical therapy with me today and see if they know.

The neuropathy cream won’t get here until Friday. I’m trying everything I can find that might help. How I’d move anywhere in this shape I don’t know. But getting out of this dreadful place and into a small house sounds heavenly.

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  1. My cat loves the toilet rolls as well. I’ve found that having the tissue coming off the back side ( wall side) of the roll instead of the front side helps a lot. It still happens occasionally , cats being cats.

  2. My friend was a baker which she had to give up due to arthritis in her hands and fingers and she swears by those gloves!

  3. Dear Brenda,
    as a proud relative of law enforcement; befriend your local law enforcement! If you called them and explained the situation, they would have come to assess the problem. Personally, I would’ve called the local press to come out to do a story on bad neighbors; showing the callous indifference this was causing torture to animals and people and go to the neighbors door!
    Finally, I would have the car towed.
    I bet the next time this happens the car will be firebombed…

  4. FYI – Just yesterday, I somehow became aware of a product called DMSO. I checked smile.Amazon to see what kind of rating it had, and saw that it carried a 73% 5-star approval. Here’s what the net says about this product:
    “DMSO is used topically to decrease pain and speed the healing of wounds, burns, and muscle and skeletal injuries. DMSO is also used topically to treat painful conditions such as headache, inflammation, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and severe facial pain called tic douloureux.”

  5. I can’t imagine having to live where there is so little concern for the rent paying residences. The other issue is if the complex manager gets upset with you for complaining it might make getting repairs done even more difficult. Many people have no respect for others or their safety. Be careful. (This should not have to be. I have figured out I can’t run as quickly as I could when younger!)

  6. How miserable with the car horn going off constantly. Sounds like you really need to find another home. You know what you are looking for and with your daughters help hoping you will find a place to call home. Wishing you good hunting ! Thank you for telling us about the gloves for arthritis. I really appreciate your product reviews. Thank you !

  7. So glad you were able to get Charlie away from the possum. I would’ve been freaked out and trying not to scream.

    What are you going to do when the Medrol wears off and you have pain again? I know meds can sometimes be a god-send, but it’s best to find the root cause of inflammation instead of just treating the symptoms. Look up Dr Mark Hyman. He has a website and he’s on social media. He writes and talks a lot about inflammation in the body.

    That horn going off and on all weekend would’ve driven me nuts. I can’t even stand when someone’s car alarm goes off for a few minutes! If management would’ve do anything, I would’ve called the police. I hope you indeed do so if it happens again.

  8. We have a neighbor who used to have a car there all of the time that the alarm would go off for such a long time each time, then stop for a little while and then go again. I noticed all of the neighbors around looking out their windows and front doors just like we were. There must have been a bunch of us who called the police and the police came out and lifted the hood and made it stop. The owner never answered the door.
    From then on the police were called and the police spoke with the alarming neighbors and at some point they got rid of the alarming car.

  9. I am so glad you found things to relieve the pain in your fingers! You warned management that you were going to call the police, so the next time just call the police and let them deal with the situation!

  10. It is so good to hear you have found several items for your Hands/Fingers, that actually are working for you. YEA!!!
    The honking horn should be reported to the police, if the maintenance does nothing about it! Good Grief, I would go nuts if the honking lasted more than 5 minutes. How some people, can be so uncaring, rude, and stupid, is a mystery to me.
    I had to smile when I heard about Ivy and the toilet paper. Cleatus only did that one time, pretty late in life, not a young cat, so I was surprised, All I could do was laugh at her, because as you said about Ivy, she looked Soooooo innocent. I sure did love that cat, and miss her every day, so I really enjoy hearing all about Ivy and her antics.
    We have seen several fixer up homes in our newspaper, that sell for $70,000, in our area, and Maybe in your city, something like that will pop up for you. I wish you Good Luck in your search, I believe this is suppose to happen for you!
    Hugs to you, Ivy, and Charlie! Hang in there, Brenda…

  11. You have my sympathy for the horn issue. I can’t wait to leave the complex where I live. Tenants repeatedly do things that are clear lease violations, yet “management” does nothing. They are less managers than they are leasing agents. I hope your arthritis remedies give you some relief.

  12. Oh Brenda!
    I hope you can get out of that place as soon as you can!!! I hope you can find a house. I know you will feel like you are in heaven if this all comes together. Hopefully sooner rather than later!!! Wishing you PEACE!!!

  13. I am sorry that your neighbor is so inconsiderate, I cannot even image a horn going off all day for 4 days! That is ridiculous.
    As for the possum, thankfully you were able to get Charlie away from him. And that your hands are feeling better with the steroids.
    I hope that you find a new place to move with less stress and I think if you do that your grandchildren and daughters would help you more.

    Take care of yourself and your cute babies!

  14. That tenant is very rude to put others in her path through that. Some people are so into themselves that no wonder they are miserable to live with others, are complainers and don’t care about anyone. I am glad you are pursuing a place of your own as your daughters are going to guide you in the right direction. How did Kasi begin to feel with the inflammation happening? She seems so young to deal with it. I ask because I am having more and more trouble walking that I never experienced before so I wonder if my knees and ankles have inflammation. Course I am 70 and realize I can’t do what I use to outside anymore either!!! Ha!!

  15. You can’t move all by yourself or even pack all by yourself with ailing hands, and shouldn’t try, you could injure yourself and at the least end up in a great deal more pain. I know it can be costly, but if you are short on help to wrap up your things and pack them carefully, you can hire companies that will do it for you and you can be there supervising and telling them how to label the boxes. Just having the heavy furniture is a major undertaking. I have hired local movers in the past and it’s such a relief not having to worry about lugging furniture and all the boxes (once they’re packed). To me, it’s worth the cost because I can’t do it myself, and if a friend or relative breaks something, well, I can’t ask for reimbursement from them, but from an insured moving company I can. I am actually surprised that nobody in your complex called the Police to report that horn – it’s a public nuisance and is definitely worth a ticket when the owner of the vehicle deliberately refuses to remedy the situation. Unhook the battery – I would never have thought of that but I know nothing about cars. I’ve seen it done, though, and it didn’t look difficult to do! Smoke would be coming out of my ears after an hour, let alone 4 days. Occasionally one of those car “alarms” will go off around here and they are SO irritating! Can’t stand it after a few minutes. Thank goodness the people who live in this area are the kind who will run outside at 4 in the morning and turn the alarm off.

  16. Wow how rude of that resident to not do something about her car alarm going off. You can disable the car alarm very easy and you do not have to disconnect the battery. She would just have to google her car type and how to dismantle the car alarm. The police would probably help her do that. How annoying. Glad the Medrol Dose Pack is working to help your hands. Have a good rest of the week. xoxo

  17. WOW, you are far more patient than I would be…I would have definitely called the police with that constant car honking. We have one that does it off and on here too…but usually after an hour or so, it either shuts off or someone does it. I hate dealing with management…they are usually not worth much. The power went off here yesterday and after it came back on, now the A/C doesn’t work. ARGH!! So today we will have them in here I suppose. Your situation could well drive you to move elsewhere, understandably!!

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