Yesterday at Charlie’s acupuncture appointment, the vet did a thorough examination and told me that now his left leg is affected. He’s having trouble walking with both back legs now.

I’m hoping they can help him. I can lift him up and down on furniture, but I can’t walk for him. My poor Charlie.

They said they’d maybe try land therapy next week if his cough is controlled. With his heart condition he is not a candidate for water therapy.

If you’re wondering where the wooden box is that I had on the sideboard, it is back in the bedroom. I needed some height on the vintage cart to put a couple of plants where Ivy can’t get to them.

However there are plants that are not toxic to cats and dogs. I only have a couple that are toxic, and those are the ones that are up high. Think I’ll stick to the non-toxic ones from now on.

It is dark outside. Thundering a bit. Evidently it rained last night. This kind of weather makes it harder for Charlie to breath. I love the rain, but I hate hearing him cough.

I have been reading a book called “The Boy In The Photo.” It is about a boy who went missing at age 6. His father kidnapped him from school. And 6 years later he appears at a police station, saying his father died in a house fire.

His mother, Megan, has waited for this day every day for 6 years. She ended up marrying the detective handling Daniel’s case, and they now have a baby daughter.

Megan doesn’t know what to think about the boy now in her home. She remembers him as sweet and loving, and this boy is sullen, angry and prone to temper tantrums. At times she is even afraid of him.

She knows that her controlling ex-husband told him lots of lies about her. He didn’t want the divorce and kidnapping their son was his way of punishing her. He told Daniel that she was sick of taking care of him and didn’t want him anymore.

Daniel feels abandoned by both his parents. He doesn’t know what or who to believe. If he believes what his mother is now telling him, that she desperately missed him and looked for him, he feels he is disrespecting his father’s memory.

It’s a good book. It came out at the end of June and it has great ratings.

I watched 2 more episodes of “Rectify” last night.

Daniel hasn’t been out of prison long, but it seems he is getting worse instead of better. He is not adjusting well to a life that is far different than the one he left 20 years ago.

Being locked up and always vigilant has left its mark on him. As an adult he has never loved a woman, or had a child, or even a job.

He tries to fit in, but he finds the world a confounding and confusing place. He doesn’t understand the social graces he would have learned by age 38 had his life been normal.

Instead in his head in many ways he is still the 18 year old boy who was snatched from his home and thrown into a cage for the next 20 years after being coerced into a confession for something he didn’t do.

That is a trauma from which I doubt anyone could truly heal.


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  1. My husband and I watched the whole series of Rectify! We really enjoyed it even though it was hard and sad at times. I just though it was a very interesting series and made me think about situations (coming out of solitary confinement) I’d never thought of before. I read your blog every day but rarely comment! Have a great day!

  2. Bless sweet Charlie Boy and you too for being such a caring mama. I laughed out loud reading Ivy Lou’s antics in the tub, scattering zinnia seeds! Oh what fun she had!

  3. Brenda I have to say you are a wonderful Mom for Charlie and Ivy. I know you are also to your daughter and grandson too. But many people are not nearly as caring as you are for your furry “ children”. Kudos to you for all your care for them. I know you inspire many of us to be just a bit more thoughtful of how we can help our blessed furry ones. I know Charlie’s aging is the real problem. Like all of us age takes a toll on our bodies and we wear out. Charlie has though the best caretaker in you and your love for him is seen daily by all of us. Your sweet boy is blessed to have you. Since I’ve been reading your blog I’ve always found his sweet spirit the dearest to read about. He just needs sheltering and understanding and this boy was so lucky to find all those things in you. Hope the rain lets up to help Charlie breathe easier. Isn’t it time for you to take off to your antique mall and take country photos along the way ? I always like those photos you take along the way. Happy weekend.

  4. I hope Charlie’s treatments help him. When you mentioned the rainy weather making it harder -or him to breathe I wondered whether a dehumidi-ier would help him as it would take the moisture out o- the air in the house. Just a tho’t. I know ours keeps our basement less humid. So hard to know what else to do -or that sweet doggie. I know you do everything you can to keep him com-ortable, though.

    The book sounds like a tense read. I know a woman whose grandson was stolen by her son-in-law and taken to Europe as a very young child. Her daughter never got him back. A sad, sad story and one based on disregard -or the damage it does to the child in order to get revenge toward the mother. Criminal, in my opinion.

    No rain yet here and the ground is really needing it. Hard to pull weeds it’s so dry. Hoping to have a day with a soaking rain soon.

    Happy weekend, Brenda.

  5. Poor little Charlie!! I hope they can help him!! That book sounds great, too bad my library doesn’t have it…it’s too new, of course. Our little moutain top library isn’t the biggest, you know!

  6. I hope Charlie’s acupuncture appts work for him! It’s so hard not knowing what else you can do, but you’re doing your best Brenda bc all his needs are met! He’s in my thoughts and prayers, that he walks better on his legs.
    Have a great day with Charlie and Ivy! ???

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