1. Brenda, I am SO happy to hear the good news about Charlie's eye. I have been worried. Your love and skilled nursing care brought him through. Hugs to you and the furkids.

  2. Wonderful news Brenda…I would have liked seeing his alien eye but I know Charlie doesn't like the camera unlike your little diva girl there…lol..Hugs Charlie!

  3. Oh yay! Poor little guy. My old girl, Roxanne has been going through some difficulties lately. Long story short, she's on her second week of antibiotics, steroids, and pain pills for a lesion on her brain. I think she'll be ok but she is 16 now so I'm trying to prepare myself for when her time comes.


  4. Oh, poor sweet little Charlie – so glad to hear you got good news from the eye specialist!!! It's so hard when we have something wrong with our furbabies – my old girl is getting older fast, and has all sorts of ailments now – it's so hard to see her struggle. xo

  5. Wow, that sounds like quite a procedure. I sure hope he is feeling better already. Our male cat is recovering well now from a surgery he had to have on his right front foot after getting into a fight with a feral cat. He was puny for awhile and it was so sad, knowing he wasn't feeling well. But he's back to some of his usual tricks. He's once again waking me up a few minutes before the alarm goes off by meowing for his breakfast, so I know he's feeling better. Hope Charlie is much better very soon.

  6. It's been an ordeal for you both, but there's light at the end of the tunnel. No pun intended. (not sure what you mean by 'eating months'?).

    1. I just now took that part out because I suppose it was vague. I meant it the cost of the procedure means I'll have to be very careful the rest of the month!

  7. Oh, so glad Charlie's eye will heal! We have all been worried about him, poor little guy. We do love our fur babies!

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