Charlie’s Morning Vet Visit

It’s been a long morning. I took Charlie in for the vet to check his heart after his being on medication for weeks. He said Charlie’s heart and lungs were much better. So he is to stay on his meds.

He also prescribed hydrocodone syrup for his collapsing trachea.

I brought Charlie home and fed them, then went to take the prescription to Walgreens.

They’re really cracking down on pain meds, I guess, which is a good thing. I had to show them my ID when I gave them the prescription and again when I paid.

This Mama is tired!

Charlie on the couch

The vet’s office gave me both dry and wet Hill’s kitten food to feed Ivy, to see if she likes it. They gave me two sample sizes of dry food and three cans of wet food. Ivy is always hungry.

Seems to me that the traffic, which I can only assume is holiday or Friday traffic or both, is already pretty bad. It isn’t even December yet! Traffic just makes me weary and grumpy.

I hate the stores this time of year. Bah-humbug! I’m just an old grumpy woman I suppose. I joke that I live on granny row, because all four apartments have a single woman over 60 living in them.

Ivy on cat tree


I brought Ivy’s cat tree to the living room and put it in a spot that I hope steadies it when she plays on it. Ivy is getting so big that the cat tree is getting knocked around. She is very energetic.

I look around and know I need to clean this apartment and mop the floors. I just don’t know if I have it in me today. Doubtful.

My hands are giving me lots of problems. I picked up yet another wrist brace while I was at Walgreens. I saw a thumb brace, but I doubt I could type with it.

This is sure getting old. It’s now eleven months that both hands have been painful.

Well, I just wanted to check in to let you know about Charlie’s appointment. See you tomorrow. Happy weekend.



  1. Hello, Brenda, I just read this post re: Charlie responding well to the meds and issues being improved! That is such positive and cheering news. The photo of him is so sweet and heartwarming. He is fortunate to have you in his life, loving and caring for him. Ivy’s very good for him, I think. She is growing up so fast and is a cute funny character. Thank you for all that you do: sharing your thoughts, days, ideas, opinions, book reviews, décor, DIY and gardening for everyone to reflect on and enjoy. Wishing you peace, love, joy, good health and prosperity during this season and always ,D. from Canada.

  2. Yea!!! So happy to hear that Charlie is on the mend, and I can’t believe how much Ivy seems to grow daily. As for being a grumpy old lady, well that’s what I am too, as I am older than you (79). I don’t care for crowds, hate the driving, even tho I am very very close to the stores, I just don’t like to go out. I tend to think that the cold has a lot to do with pain in your hands. In fact, pain in general..If I’m out for more than an hour in the cold, I get back pain, and even with gloves on, my fingers get achy. But still happy that I’m here to grumble, as I really don’t have any health issues, so I shouldn’t complain ..Hugs to you from chilly and white WI.

  3. Brenda for items for Ivy and Charlie you might want to check on Chewey. com. If you order over fifty dollars I think the shipping is free. It saves on the physical shopping and lugging as it is delivered to your door. I have been pleased with their customer service and it sure helps my back and arms now that I am approaching 70. Wasn’t sure if you had dealt with this web store before or not but thought I’d share with you to help save your strength for more important things like decorating or photography ?

  4. Brenda,
    At age 30 I received wonderful medical advice regarding the beginnings of arthritis in both of my hands. This Dr. said to stop using the dishwasher and wash my dishes by hand. For 40 years I’ve stuck my hands in a tub of hot water, washed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher to dry (lol). It’s worked fabulously and my hands have stayed in top-notch condition. The warm water and the active use of both my fingers and hands really was excellent advice for me! It hasn’t cost a penny, I’ve not been on medications, and I’ve been pretty faithful in following this advice. BTW, I do try to use the dishwasher once a month, just to keep all the seals and rubber parts in working condition. Remember, 3 x a day is better than letting them pile up so that you only do this once a day. It’s the exercise that’s as important as the warm water!
    I also don’t use gloves to do this as you’ll miss the benefits of the warm water…

  5. Brenda, have you ever tried Arnica Gel on your hands or wherever? I buy mine at the grocery store, and it is about $9 or $10.00. My husband and I both use it for various aches and pains…we are both in our mid-70’s. It is made from Arnica Montana (wolfbane). Interestingly enough, an 1881 Austin cookbook recommended it for bruising. Good luck!

  6. Glad to hear Charlie is doing better. Ivy is such a beautiful kitty. I hope she likes her new food. Hills is at least better quality than Purina, etc that’s out there.

    I have Carpal Tunnel in my right hand, as well as arthritis in my right thumb. I take certain supplements that are supposed to be good for both of those (bromelein, gingko biloba, b-complex) and sometimes wear a brace at night. So far, so good except when I’m typing way too much or using my phone too much, then my fingers go numb or my thumb hurts too bad. I saw in someone else’s comment on this post that they have special compression gloves for arthritis. Interesting! Didn’t know they made those. Will have to look into that.

    I noticed traffic here has been extra heavy already, too. And I went to Costco today and the place was insane. I’m glad I only go there once in awhile; not my favorite store to shop in as it is. I don’t know why, but they have the crabbiest and rudest customers in general in there. Even my husband commented on that today. Won’t have to go there again until Jan or Feb.

  7. So happy to hear Charlie is doing much better. He looks good, lolling tongue and all 🙂

    I live only 2 blocks off a main street that leads right down to a huge mall about a mile south, a huge Walmart with a grocery attached, and several strip malls featuring various stores including Bed, bath & Beyond, Barnes & Noble, Lane Bryant, Pier I, and many many national chain restaurants, plus the mall. This time of year on the weekends – forget about getting anywhere in a hurry! But I have gone to the mall on the bus during the week around 10:30 a.m. or so and its pleasantly not packed with shoppers and screaming children waiting for pictures with Santa, choo-choo train rides, and and the Food Court. I don’t go there much anymore. These days I order a lot of stuff online. For the first time, in fact, on Wednesday I ordered groceries from the local supermarket about 6 blocks away and had them delivered. I got free delivery since it was my first time, and it was FAST because I am so close. It was easier than I thought it would be. I was nervous about using it. But we got an ice storm here on Monday and the sidewalks were STILL icy icky on Wednesday, and I was just about out of everything! I needed food, but I didn’t want to risk what is now a longish walk on icy sidewalks. The delivery charge isn’t bad either, it’s based upon the total of what you order, about 5% I’d say. The service also charges a mandatory 5% tip for your shopper. Imagine my surprise when my doorbell rang a scant hour after I’d placed my order and there was a man standing there with plastic bags of groceries dangling from his hands, LOL! For some reason, I always associate shopping with a woman. That’s silly, because growing up, it was my Dad who did ALL of the shopping. Mom had learned how to drive later in life and she was never comfortable driving, so Dad did all the running around errands, including shuttling 6 kids to various events, LOL!

    I am wondering whether you will be able to do any Christmas decorations this year. With a juvenile and very curious Ivy, I imagine decorations would be risky!

  8. I wish everyone had a “country vet” option…mine is Bryan County Animal Hospital in Durant, Oklahoma. They highly recommended Purina Kitten Chow for a tiny 4 week old baby I found. Yeah, they sell Eukanuba, Hill’s Science Diet, others. It is good to have the high-priced ones available if you have a special needs animal.

    Many vets would not be so unselfish and forthcoming.

    That tiny kitten grew up just beautifully…on Purina Kitten Chow.

  9. Such good news regarding Charlie! And he looks so handsome. Hope the three of you have a great weekend in your beautiful cozy home.

  10. I had to drive home from Raleigh, NC airport to my home, 1 1/2 hours away and caught ALL the rush hour traffic, in the dark. I’m not used to all the people and cars in my quiet little corner of the world and couldn’t wait to get home.

    Although my issues are not great with my hands, they tend to get cold on the tops so I just ordered a pair of arthritic gloves. They provide just enough compression and I just received them. Very comforting and the fingers are cut off so I can type. I love them. As usual, your babies are adorable.

  11. I’m so glad to hear Charlie is better. My Yorkie was on the same medicine when she had the same thing. It’s embarrassing to get a prescription for your dog! I think they thought it was a trick!
    Ms Ivy is doing quite well! In another few weeks I will be welcoming a little black & white kitten into my house. I hope Priss will welcome her as well.

  12. I’ve put the tree in a corner. Reduces the directions it can tip. Also have put it next to other sturdy furniture, say a couch.

  13. Brenda, so glad that you had good news with Charlie! Ivy looks happy and content. My DH and I just got home from Walmart and the traffic is crazy. I don’t like the crowds or the noise. LOL
    I would like to thank you for “Lovely Reads” at the top of your blog. Only a couple of the older bloggers seem to do this anymore. Its neat to see the names and meet new bloggers. Thank you for the listing all the bloggers.

  14. I’m so glad Charlie’s vet visit went well and both Ivy and Charlie look very happy today. I’m with you on the traffic, but I’m still a member of the workforce so I just put on some good music on my drive and endure. What little Christmas shopping I’m doing is all online and I can’t tell you when I was in a shopping mall. They are too busy with too many people and I’m always afraid that one of those perfume people will spray me and that will wreck havoc with my allergies! Have a great Friday evening!

    Carol and Molly

  15. That is really good news for Charlie. It’s nice when the meds help. Maybe you can get a couple of bricks to put on the bottom of the cat tree to steady it some. She is just so full of energy. I find that I can do less things in one day then I use too. I need more rest for this old body. That makes me grumpy! Hugs!

  16. Hi Brenda ,,,,,
    Wonderful sweet Charlie news! Will he take it now without fussing? Very hard to do. I always had trouble giving our pets their meds. Bit of butter worked for awhile. Cream cheese also. Thankfully, no one is on any medication now. A relief. Your painful fingers are like mine. Hands also. X-rays taken (again) last month tells same story,,,,, arthritis. Motrin is all I take for all, daily arthriti

  17. So happy that Charlie has improved, such good news! I am so with you about Christmas on the roads and in the stores, I am always glad when it is all over.

    Ivy is such a beauty, she is so lucky to have a wonderful home where she is
    loved so very much and has a lovely companion in Charlie.

  18. Love reading about your fur babies! It sure doesn’t take long to get attached to them and we worry about them just like we did/do our children! I have a cat and 2 pupsters!

    I hear you about the traffic, this time of year, etc. For me… people are just so rude and in such a rush any more. Makes it hard to even want to go out.

  19. I am so happy for you that you received such good news about Charlie. You must feel very relieved! I can’t believe how much Ivy has grown. She is a very beautiful cat and she looks so content, how could she not! She picked the best home ever for herself. Like you have said, she is one smart girl! I find traffic to be exceptionaly bad on Fridays all of the time. A lot of businesses close early and people take off earllier to get a head start on the weekend. And don’t feel like you are an old, grumpy woman. I think we have been besieged with the holidays way earlier this year, maybe because Thanksgiving came earlier? It just seems like we are bombarded with buy, buy, buy, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Cyber Monday being extended to all week. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, but I just cannot get into the spirit this year. I think the holiday has completely lost it’s meaning. Have a wonderful weekend with your fur babies!

    1. I’m trying to get in the spirit too. But like you, I just can’t seem to get there. Still have plenty of time. We are overwhelmed with Christmas stuff in the stores all summer, so by the time December rolls around, I’m pretty sick of it all.

  20. such good news for little Charlie!
    the ends of my fingers hurt in the winter time. it’s very weird. not the joints.
    but the tips of the fingers. not sure why. but typing is irritating. I guess I’m chalking it up to just getting older. somebody should write a guide for us as to what to expect! or maybe they already have. I just haven’t wanted to read it!

    1. Tammy,
      Both of my thumbs get that way when I get really cold. Almost like a numbness, but not quite. Very irritating for sure!

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