I ordered Charlie grip socks from Amazon.com to see if they’d help him walk better on the vinyl floor. The package came in late yesterday.

I haven’t seen him walk enough in them today to know if they help or not.

I’m hoping the socks will help him grip the floor better so his legs don’t slide out from under him.

Charlie's New Grip Socks on him as he stands in front of the Christmas tree

Size & Type Of Grip Socks I Ordered:

I ordered these in size small: Pet Heroic Anti-Slip Knit Dog Socks & Cat Socks with Rubber Reinforcement, Anti-Slip Knit Dog Paw Protector & Cat Paw Protector for Indoor Wear, Suitable for Small & Medium & Large Dogs & Cats.

Charlie just got up to get a drink of water, so I grabbed my camera to get a pic of him with his new black and white socks on to show you.

They were $9.99 for two pairs of them. I ordered the black and white because I thought they’d look less dirty.

Acorn TV logo

Acorn TV:

I’ve also signed up for a free week of Acorn TV. I started watching “Line Of Duty” last night.

I’ve found that I tend to like British police procedural shows and mysteries better than their US counterpart. They just seem more realistic and down-to-earth to me.

There appear to be 4-5 seasons of “Line Of Duty.” I watched one episode and was immediately drawn into the storyline.

“Line of Duty” is the hit British crime thriller that follows the (fictional) police anti-corruption unit AC-12.

Line Of Duty promo photo

I think I may go out in a bit and get a haircut. I’ll have to wait until Charlie’s diuretic works its way through him.

Then I might stop at the grocery store that is practically right next door for a few things.

Handsome Little Charlie Boy:

My handsome little Charlie boy standing in front of the Christmas tree.

I wonder what he thinks of something covering his back feet?

I’ll let you know if it helps him walk better.

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  1. Brenda, check out “traction” products in pets at Amazon. I used stick on
    pads for my late, elderly, dog. The paint-on product got bad reviews.

  2. I also recommend Doc Martin and Vera. Both are very good shows. I also recommend BritBox. There is a good show on it called Shetland,

  3. Brenda, not sure about doggies, but I know with cats, as they get older (elderly?) they lose muscle in the hind parts, causing them problems with the back feet & legs being unstable. Also mineral deficiency in cats can cause it, especially with kidney disease.

  4. You know, my little Bichon had trouble with her feet sliding on my hardwood floors. The vet said since she quit walking outside, her pads became smooth, so would slide.

  5. Love his socks. He’s as cute as a button ! I wonder if he realizes how many adoring fans he has… such a handsome little man !

  6. I second A Place to call Home, also Jack Irish, Janet King, Good Karma Hospital, Loch Ness, Mystery Road, The Yorkshire Vet, A Stitch in Time

  7. My suggestion of Peaky Blinders’ was not published, though I meant well by it. I had also wished to suggest ‘Morse’, with the late John Thaw. Though quite old now, it was a brilliant series. More recently there was a series prequel to it, called ‘Endeavour’, about Inspector Morse’s early days in Oxford, as a detective. It too was excellent.
    You have probably already found ‘Vera’, the series featuring the fine actress, Brenda Blethyn, which is set in Northumbria, and is very unusual.
    I think the British acting style is possibly more naturalistic, though there are many, many American TV series that I absolutely love.

  8. I love Acorn TV and I also love Britbox. I usually switch them out so that I have one for a month and then the other one for the next month. They both have so many good show. I’m watching the newest seasons of Midsomer Murders and The Heart Guy on Acorn right now. Charlie looks so cute in his new socks. I hope they work out well for him. xo Laura

  9. My public library offers acorn TV free to patrons through rbdigital. You should check your public library esevices

  10. That’s a great idea . My sister in law who is a Vet it warms her heart to see people take such good care of her pets. She is a graduate of WVU and Purdue Vet school went to school for 8 long years. Been a Vet close to 40 years She is age 64 . I don’t see her retiring any time soon.

    1. I think I’d rather see a vet for myself than a person doctor. They seem kinder somehow. I always love people who love animals. I’m doing everything I can think of to help Charlie. Ivy’s been hunting his socks and dragging them off. I had to sit on them to get her to leave them alone.

  11. Hi Brenda,

    Looking at the picture of Charlie, it does look like his socks are probably too large for his little feet. My Bear is probably about 13 and a half pounds right now. His weight tends to drop with his health issues and then starts to climb back upwards when his health improves. His socks look like they are probably smaller than the ones you got Charlie. Sizing socks is difficult, just as it is for us. Although all my own socks are the same size according to the manufacturers, I’ve found some fit me perfectly and others were a waist of money because they don’t fit my feet at all. The socks for Charlie should fit quite snuggly, just as ours do so they don’t slide down on us, or our pets.

    I actually put all 4 socks on Bear at the same time because even his front legs sometimes slip out from under him when he tries to jump up the stairs. He used to be a speedy thing on the stairs but those days are long past so we try to cut out the chance of accidents on the stairs by carrying him up and down. However, the silly boy sometimes ‘forgets’ he is no longer Superman. Since, I live in Canada, we already have snow so I take his socks off when he hoes outside. Then I clean the snow off his feet, dry them off and put his socks back on. He wears Muttluks for his walks outside in the winter. He loves patrolling his neighborhood even though he is blind. He knows the routes and goes by smell occasionally walking into a post if we get distracted momentarily while he walks. After 9/11, the dog handlers searching the World Trade Center with their dogs, requested as many pairs of Muttluks the company could send to them. The name Muttluks is a play on the name ‘mukluks’ which are a traditional leather native boot worn in the Arctic regions. Bear’s Muttluks come in a plethora of sizes and were much harder to find just the right size. The thick leather lower portion keeps his feet safe from the snow, salt (ice salt is in large sharp pieces that gets lodged between the dog’s toes), and even sharp pieces of ice. Our late Airdale loved to play outdoors with us and would often get cuts on his pads from the ice or salt so we started using Muttluks for him. Bear’s feet are tiny in comparison to the ones his brother used to wear! ?

    I really do hope the socks will help Charlie. I know how I feel when I slip (mind you, I’m outside on the ice) and it is scary!

    1. Tomorrow Charlie goes to acupuncture. I’m going to take the socks and see if they think they’re sized right. Maybe I’ll check Petsmart. That way I could take him with me to try them on. Don’t know if they’d have any in the stores though.

      1. Great idea, Brenda! I know the pet stores up here in Canada always carry socks but I can’t speak to what would be available in your Tulsa pet shops. I’m like you since I worry about Bear all the time. We lost his much younger brother a year ago this past summer. I can’t bare to think about losing my little old pup.

  12. Now that you have acorn, you should watch Doc Martin. He has a form of autism, and I really think you’d like it. Be sure to start with season 1!’ There are lots of shows on acorn you’ll like, it’s full of murder and police dramas. And some have been on for years and years so you’ll have lots of episodes.

  13. OMG Line of Duty is soooo good! I’ve just finished season 3 and need to take a break. It is so intense that I think I’ll enjoy something lighter, either Heart Guy or Mount Pleasant (both on Acorn) before I proceed to season 4.

  14. I, too, prefer British detective/police series. It’s common for women to be the head of their division, the women come in all shapes and sizes and don’t look like they were popped out of a Hollywood-starlet mold, often the lead women are in their 40’s and up, and overall I find the stories more compelling and better written and not written/cast for “the male gaze”.

    I hope the booties help Charlie. Our dogs have furry feet and last weekend I had to trim the fur on the bottom of their feet because the fur had grown long enough between the pads that the fur was covering the pads, which would be okay if they were outside dogs….but they’re primarily inside and that overgrown fur makes walking on the non-carpeted areas of our flooring a tricky thing for the dogs. Now that the dogs are older (they’re 12) and they navigate our back steps more slowly and carefully, I’ve thought about getting them booties, especially for cold, wet days like we’re having today.

    1. It says you don’t. However after watching him for a bit, I think I need size Medium. These keep sliding down and don’t go over that bone that would hold them. He seems to be sliding worse, and I’m not sure if that’s the problem or not.

    2. Hairline looks like he has his Santa boots on. Such a handsome pup. Our Weimaraner wears his boots on our wood floors. We’ve found him spread eagle on the floor unable to right himself and we can’t have him injure himself, so on go the boots.
      We subscribe to Acorn TV and love it! They have a special upgrade from monthly to annual. Twelve months for the price of ten. Pretty good savings! All the programs are worth the price of the subscription. Mystery Road, Jack Taylor, A Place to Call Home…….
      I hope you and your fur babies have a peaceful and happy holiday season, Brenda. You are a joy to follow and what you share is very much appreciated.

        1. Boudreaux’s boots are actually elastic socks on the top with a rubberized/plastic boot over the toes. There is a strap that goes around the top and a piece of Velcro secures it snuggly. I ordered them at Amazon. Of course course, Boudreaux is much larger than your Charlie, but the suggested sizing seems to be an accurate guide.
          I do hope you enjoy Acorn TV. The shows are different from American TV and that is not all bad. The actors are very good at their craft and look much like everyday people rather than the overly made up Hollywood crowd.
          Another consideration we are looking at is Brit Box. Do you know anything about it? It has many of the PBS Masterpiece series and old English series.

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