While Charlie and I were at his acupuncture appointment yesterday, waiting to be taken to a room, we saw a dog graduating from rehab, graduation cap and all.

I felt a little sad. Of course I was pleased for the dog and his pet parent. But the thing is, I know Charlie will probably never graduate. His health problems are too complex and I will probably have to take him there weekly for the rest of his life. If I don’t he probably won’t be able to walk.

Also there was a dog who had had a disc in his back injured to the point he could not walk. But I watched him stepping over detours that they put in his path to get to a treat, and he wasn’t having any trouble at all. They said the dog was down about six weeks before they began treatment. Whatever they did is working.

Reason for joy for these dogs and their pet parent or parents, certainly.

So now I’m taking Charlie twice a week for land therapy and once per week for acupuncture. But what else can you do when your pet is receiving treatment that keeps the pain at bay?

They test him first thing and check what parts of him are tense with pain. They examine him thoroughly each time to see what is changed and what is the same. Then the doctor chooses his treatment for the day based on those results.

These are not just acupuncturists, such as I’ve gone to myself. They are two female doctors who have gone to veterinary school, then gone back to learn sports medicine and ways of dealing with pain.

I owe what peace of mind I can find these days to them.

This Complex:

Someone told me yesterday that the new owners are likely taking over at the end of next month.

You see they didn’t survey every apartment. Just select ones. And mine was one of them.

Evidently they bought five other properties in Tulsa. There was talk that they considered buying the Section 8 property across the street and then kicking everyone out.

That property needs a lot of help and will just be an eyesore for this property, as they are directly across from one another. The police are always having to go there. There are shootings and lots of drug dealing. But I think they backed out of buying that one.

I think this group of investors are out of Miami. I wish they’d turn this into a senior complex.

Boho Crafts:

I’m enjoying exploring boho-type crafts. Because it’s actually something I can do without arthritis in my hands being too much of a big problem. That’s if I stay with easy knots and don’t go at it too long at a time.

It’s good to have a hobby where I can create things again. I like to be creative.

Next time you see Charlie he will have a haircut. I am leaving now to take him to the groomer and will be picking him up around noon.

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  1. Glad you are doing crafty things all the time. It’s good for our brains and mood to do this. I try to live by the Serenity Prayer. The wisdom to know the difference. Have a great week with your babies. I have a cat I adore named Greensleeves. She loves to watch me cook.

  2. It’s great that someone will finally be fixing up the apartments where you live Brenda!! You can always remove the kitchen cabinet doors and store them, then you can have open shelving type storage. Put some temporary wallpaper in the back of the cabinets to make it pretty! I did that on a couple of my kitchen cabinets and love it!


  3. Hello Brenda. You can stick with the old saying, “Bloom where you are planted,” for awhile longer, until you see what really is going on with your apartment complex.

    About your Lovely Reads, you used to have a blog in the list that was a young woman who was French, she was a teacher, and she lived in a cottage perhaps in Brittany. I liked to look at it but don’t remember its name. Maybe it still is in your list and I’ve missed it. If not, do you remember the name of that blog? I liked it because her cottage wasn’t tremendously fancy and huge, and she did things slowly as she could afford them. She had some cats and had a sense of humor I appreciated. Thanks.

  4. I’m so glad the health services you’ve found for Charlie are available. Those vets sound like amazing people. Charlie May or not graduate but the point is that they are helping him. I’m trying to just live in the now and not to anticipate or worry too much. Right now is all we truly have. Love the purple pot.
    I agree with the other post about conjectures. It’s all talk until you hear the actual truth. Try not to worry . I know easier said than done but when I do I just try to calm my mind because I’m not in charge of everything. I watched the Democratic debates last night and was impressed with Elizabeth Warren.
    Hope you and the furry guys have a good day.

    1. I’m not worried. I hope they do fix it up, even if rent goes up. At least that means the riff-raff will probably have to move. If I can I’m staying put. I look forward to seeing what they plan to do because this place has been neglected for so long.

  5. Therapy works! I’m so happy for Charlie! I’ve lived in many places and there is almost nothing worse than living somewhere when the owner don’t take care of property. I sooo hope things continue to look up! Stay or move..whatever is BEST FOR YOU! <3


  6. I hope the new owner make the place better and not escalate too much or at all on the rent. How can they justify more when the scary stuff is going on across the street. I don’t blame you though..do whats best for you and stay..stay.. as long as you like. It looks like an adorable place you have there//especially with the private patio. I have several senior citizen doggies, and they are just like us..their bodies give out..Its so hard though. :0( ..Have a blessed weekend and thanks for sharing your beautiful crafts..

    1. It’s kind of that way all over Tulsa. Pockets of bad neighborhoods interspersed with good ones. You might go two blocks and be in a great neighborhood, then the next two blocks could be crime infested. That’s why I don’t go far, I don’t know which is what.

  7. So happy about Charlie’s treatments! He’s a strong boy and is so adorable! I do hope that the new owners are going to do some improvements and updating ~ without high increases. You have such a lovely space and the backyard area is rarely seen in apts today. Every complex in this area has gone up so much! Amazingly, there are so few of 55 and over. Do you mind telling me what the plant is in that gorgeous purple pot?

  8. Yayyy! GO CHARLIE ROSS! he’s got spunk that little one does. I had a friend who had a yorkie who lived to be 18! amazing. he only really became seriously ill in the last two years of his life. so Charlie may have secret longevity plans to surprise you! you are such a good mom to both Ivy and Charlie.
    they truly become our children. and your bo-ho ism just becomes more beautiful. love the purple pot!

  9. Well, good news! I just received today’s post! I guess the problem solved itself! I am so glad that the therapy is helping Charlie!

  10. For some reason, I have stopped receiving your daily posts. I realized it and have been going to your page and staying caught up. Yesterday, I signed up again for daily e mails, but did not receive this one today. Any ideas? I love you blog and don’t want to miss anything❤️

  11. That is such refreshing news regarding Charlie and his treatments. It is awful when our pets are not doing well. I hope all goes well with the new owners of the complex. Keep in mind that a lot of that talk is just conjecture. It is hard to say what will happen with your complex, but I hope it is mostly positive. Being creative is a good thing. It keeps our minds active. I really enjoy your blog.

  12. My son and DIL live in an over 55 apartment unit. They qualified because she is a few years older than him. He had to have some surgery on his foot recently. I told them they should consider getting on the list for the next available first floor unit. They are hesitant because as each unit is vacated , the old carpet is ripped out and updated to laminate, then the rent is raised. They would probably have to go back to having a 1 bed 1 bath instead of their current 2 bed 2 bath to be able to afford it. Plus moving costs since he hates to ask for help, even though we have family in the area that would be more than willing.
    I hope with the new updates at your complex, rents are not raised to the point that some tenants are forced to relocate.

    1. Nathan told me he would bet that in a year most of the residents will be gone. I’ll hold on as long as I can because I get to deduct some of my home and expenses like part of the utilities because I’m self-employed. So the more I pay, the more I deduct.

  13. Glad Charlie is getting relief from the therapy. It is good news they will be taking care of things with your apartment complex but will that raise your rent for them to do all that work? I hope not. Just sounds good that they are planning to fix things.
    Have a great Friday and weekend.

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