I had lunch with my daughter, the rain pouring in a deluge. Then I came home and signed up for the free 7 day trial of BritBox.

Last night after I had a veggie burger and then my shower I was like a kid at Christmas. I got to watch Vera, an old missed episode that I had not seen yet.

It was like meeting up with an old friend, watching Vera go about solving another crime.

Vera (Brenda Blethyn) I think either really aggravates you or totally grows on you. When I had to go a few days without watching one of the episodes I felt kind of lost.

Brokenwood is a good series, but certainly not as good as Vera in my opinion.

I got to see Joe at her side again and that was nice. Maybe now I’ll be able to figure out what happened that caused Joe to leave Vera’s side. And why Aiden came to take his place.

Charlie was sick the maybe hour and a half I was gone yesterday. I had tried giving him a bit of trazadone that morning, which is what Mary from Dr. Poteet’s office suggested.

Now they’re ordering a probiotic for him that hopefully will give balance to his tummy. Heavens Charlie sure has to take a lot of medication.

Poor thing was outside yesterday in the rain eating at the dead pineapple sage plant I have yet to cut down. He always chews at the leaves in the summer because it settles his tummy and is okay for him to ingest.

But to be so desperate as to stand in the rain gnawing at a dead herb plant made me feel sad.

Every spring when I buy plants I make sure to bring home one or two pots of pineapple sage just for Charlie.

He’s always had a difficult time with his stomach and is prone to pancreatitis, and I’ve watched like a hawk everything he eats pretty much since he was born.

Dr. Poteet called me last night and we discussed other options I could try. I had even given him Pepto Bismal. He told me to get Imodium instead.

I wish Charlie could tolerate that paste he gave him in a tube that has to be refrigerated. But it’s the one sure thing that seems to make him throw up. And Charlie has a lot of diarrhea but very seldom throws up.

So now here we sit, Charlie and I in the recliner, in front of the warm fireplace enjoying the sun shining through the window. It has been drab and dark for several days while it rained and I missed the rays of sunshine.

Yesterday I got my electric bill and it’s gone down about $12 or so dollars a month with the fireplace. I have it averaged over 12 months.

Ivy is digging around in her toy tub. I have already rescued three different swirly toys out from under furniture this morning.

I’ll probably stay in this weekend. Out of the cold and wind. My earache is much better but the wind aggravates it.

Charlie will be a happy camper for Mama to stay home with him. And Ivy will keep me busy retrieving her toys out from under furniture with my yardstick.

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  1. I hope Charlie feels better soon.I pay for Acorn TV and Britbox with my Amazon prime, makes it easier. I loved watching Vera so much I bought her entire dvd series on Amazon.

  2. As I was reading about Charlie standing in the rain to chew on the dead pineapple sage I was thinking you might be able to grow it inside for him like the other readers suggested. Have you ever tried that? I hope his tummy troubles settle down. Poor little guy.

    Isn’t your fireplace electric, Brenda? How would your electric bill go down then? What am I missing?

    Wet, rainy, snowy and windy here today. Had to get out for groceries anyway. Yuck! Then putting them away about pooped me out! I should have ordered them and had my daughter pick them up but I didn’t get around to it in time and was out of almost everything I eat. BTW, what kind of veggie burgers do you buy. I always think I will get some and then I can’t decide which ones to buy.

    Stay cozy the rest of the weekend, you three.

    1. So glad you got to watch Vera – love the show. Brokenwood Mysteries, Midsomer Murders, Agatha Raisin and Shetland are a few of my other favorites. I hope Charlie is feeling better soon.

  3. I do not recall you telling us how old Charlie is? The reason I am wondering why he has not been doing well, for sometime now, because he is not young anymore, and could be in pain, and is no longer comfortable. My dog was 17, (same age as my cat, Cleat,was), and we knew when Toby (fox terrier) fell and could not get up, he had suffered a stroke, and could not walk, it was time to say goodby. We did what we had to do, broke our hearts, but knew, life doesn’t last forever. And we all know our pets age is much older than our in years. With Cleatus too, I wanted so much to hang on, but I knew, she could not. I could have held on, maybe for several months, but for who?? me or for her? I loved those those two, more then any one in the world will ever know…but I also know, I said Goodby for them, not for me. They both live on in my heart, for as long as I live…. Brenda, as hard as it is, there is a time,to say goodby. I don’t want you to be angry because I say this, I just want you to know I am so sorry,about the choice you are going to have choose. (Real love never ends, it goes on forever)

  4. Thinking of you and Charlie. I really love the first photo to this post with the candle. So simple, yet lovely.

  5. Poor Charlie…some of us do not have an easy time of it with our bodies!!
    Glad you made it to lunch with your daughter!
    Glad your electric went down with using the fireplace…that is a great encouragement to me to get one!!

  6. As Cathy commented unthread, why don’t you try growing pineapple sage indoors year round for Charlie? I buy oat grass seeds from Amazon and have a pot or two of grass going for my cats all the time.

  7. So sorry to hear about Charlie Brenda. My cat Dexter is 17 yrs old and he was always desperate to get outside and chew on grass. A few weeks ago he had awful bouts of sickness and diarrhea about every two days, we took him to the vet and they did blood tests and said that he was low on B12 (who would think a meat eater would be) Anyway he now has a injection of B12 (which I give him) every two weeks. At first he also had prednisol for 5 weeks (a crème which we put in his ear) the dose was reduced gradually and he is now off it altogether. He has gained weight and seems to be very well. Just thought I would tell you this in case this might be Charlie’s problem.

    1. That’s what I was thinking too, because I’ve just discovered that live plants can be ordered online. Even from Walmart! Fun to browse through them on these dark, dreary days.

    2. “Can you grow sage inside? The answer is yes, growing sage indoors during winter months is possible. Proper care of potted sage herbs indoors provides ample leaves of this distinct herb to use fresh in holiday meals. Feb 23, 2016”
      https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/www.gardeningknowhow.com › edible › herbs › growing-sage-plant-in…
      “How cold hardy is pineapple sage? Although cold hardy to about 20 degrees, pineapple sage is worth planting each spring in areas where it fails to return for another season. Try growing pineapple sage in sandy or otherwise sharply drained soil, which may allow it to tolerate colder temperatures by going dormant and sprouting new growth in spring.”
      https://bonnieplants.com/bonnieplants.com › how-to-grow › growing-pineapple-sage
      “How do you overwinter pineapple sage?You can bring pineapple sage indoors in the fall to overwinter in a sunny window. It won’t tolerate a hard frost, so put it on your watch-list when overnight temps start to drop. To prep it for the move, cut it back by two-thirds. Don’t harvest leaves over the winter months, either.”
      http://theherbgardener.blogspot.com/theherbgardener.blogspot.com › 2010/06 › how-to-grow-pineapple-sage
      That’s what I found, however, even though indoors one of them says not to harvest leaves, I’m sure making the leaves available to Charlie would not do damage to the plant. I really like plants and gardening with them!!! 🙂 b

  8. I watched a Martin scorsese movie on Netflix last night, The Irishman. Jimmy Hoffa and the Union mob. I found it very interesting. I’m not sure how much is really true. I do know they have 2 favorite raunchy words they use quite often. Man’s inhumanity to man. I have been watching Prime Suspect on Prime with Helen Mirren. She is excellent.

  9. See British TV Place site for the article: Vera: Series 5 in Production Without David Leon.
    I googled the question: When and why did character Joe leave Vera?
    There were several hits for the answer.
    This was the first.
    Last year I read that the director of season one had BB running all over the place. Needless to say the next season had another director. Going back and rewatching the two seasons I could see the difference.
    It’s snowing in my part of Maryland. Burr.

  10. Hi on Saturday Brenda. Poor lil Charlie. You work so hard to keep him well and happy. Hope Charlie improves today. I’ve never seen Vera. There are so many episodes. Easy for me to enjoy British mysteries. Also I’ve always like Brenda Blethyn. The film Lies and Secrets (1996) is a favorite. She played the character Cynthia so well. Always wanted to see My Angel from 2011 possibly. Maybe one day it will be on cable. On camera, Brenda doesn’t look to be only 5 foot 2 ,,,, tiny! Even though weather is icky, have a nice weekend relaxing with your sweeties! I am doing the same. We have lots of snow ❄ ❄ ❄ in Chicago. Best to stay home.

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