Cheap decorating tricks are a good way to transform your home with little money.

You all know I’m a big proponent of using what you have. I also say it’s a good idea to live green when you can, and not take up a giant footprint on the earth.

I found these ideas on the Better Homes & Garden website, one of my favorite go-to places for budget-friendly decorating. As well as Apartment Therapy.

Wallpapering Bookshelves:

Bookcase with wallpaper on the back

If your bookshelf looks a bit dull, you might look to wallpaper for depth and interest.

Try wallpapering the backs of cabinets or shelves. This will utterly transform your space and give it a more personalized look.

Changing Up The Look Of Pillows:

Colorful couch throw pillows with vintage seed signage on one pillow

You can totally change the looks of throw pillows with a new pillow cover. I’ve bought them and I’ve sewed them.

A room takes on a whole new look when you change out pillow covers.

Corralling Clutter With Trays:

Red lamp with white shade on a shelf against a blue wall

Corral small things into a tray for an uncluttered look. It’s easier to find things this way. Plus you’re less likely to lose something like a remote.

The look is both elegant and tidy.

Cheap Wall Decor:

Colorful cottage style living room with couch and chair

You don’t need fancy art to bring your walls to life.

You could print out old family photos, cut them in a circle shape, and tape them to the center of plates for a unique look.

Storage Jar Tags:

Clear glass canisters for sugar and flower in your kitchen

If you have room, you might put your laundry detergent in clear vintage-style glass jars.

Add a pretty teacup or spoon inside to use for measuring.

Switching Shower Curtains:

Light green storage cupboard in bathroom

A way to make your bathroom take on new life is to get a new shower curtain. Or you could make one yourself.

This could be the start of a whole new look and bring new color possibilities into your small space bathroom.

There are all kinds of ways to “decorate on a dime.” The best way is to shop your house. Or get together with some neighbors and do a bit of trading.

Let you imagination be your only limit when deciding how to beautify your home.


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  1. Brenda, all great ideas and many I have used over the years as well. Another tip I use, having limited space for storage I made pillows and then covers out of inexpensive fabric, I can the slip a cover on the pillows to change the look for the season or holiday.

  2. I read your posts each day even though I don't always comment. You are constantly sharing neat tips, photos, and your cozy little house. I recently was able to "downsize" so I am trying to get into the mood to change things a bit. Still recouping from the move. LOL
    Connie, IN/FL

  3. So many wonderful ideas! I especially love the ones where painting is involved! When talking about my decorating passion I always say, "If it isn't moving, its going to get painted sooner or later!" (This scares my husband a bit!)

  4. Brenda,
    Great tips and I must say the lampshade tip really caught my eye-those 2 pink vintage lamps of mine, with the plain lampshades, are going to get a makeover soon!
    Thanks, hope all is well,

  5. I am all for saving money, and loved the ideas you presented. I am a painting fool and I think paint alone can make such a dramatic difference in a room.

  6. Ohhhh…. that kitchen – the very first photo. It reminds me of jadeite dishes, which I am so fond of. LOVE that color on those cabinets… Great roundup and inspiring tips! 🙂

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