Christmas Breakfast Ideas

Here are 7 Christmas breakfast ideas to plan for that morning.

No one wants to spend too much time in the kitchen fixing breakfast for their family on Christmas morning. They want to enjoy all the festivities!

Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches:

Natasha’s Kitchen has Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches to cook on Christmas morning.

Sausage, Vegetable & Egg Casserole

Fresh April Flours has an easy recipe for sausage, vegetable and egg casserole. The great thing is that you can put this together in advance and then cook it the next day.

Freezer Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches:

Damn Delicious will be baking Freezer Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches for a quick morning holiday meal.

Baked Denver Omelet:

My Food Story has a recipe for a Baked Denver Omelet breakfast. (I love omelets. I could eat them morning, noon or night!)

French Toast Casserole:

Freezer Meals 101 put together a French Toast Casserole you can make ahead so you’ll spend less time cooking.

Easy Overnight Breakfast Strata:

The Chunky Chef will be fixing an Easy Overnight Breakfast Strata for her crew.

Carlsbad Cravings has a breakfast recipe for that sweet tooth in your family. Overnight Cinnamon Eggnog Baked French Toast Casserole. (That was a mouthful!)

Cinnamon Eggnog Baked French Toast Casserole:

There are many ways to make Christmas morning special for your friends and family. For instance, wear Christmas pajamas. They could even get matching pajamas for everyone in the family!

You could plan a nice and easy breakfast to keep everyone happy until the noon meal. Perhaps make it ahead of time to save having to do it all that morning.

And you could serve hot chocolate to everyone as well. Maybe create a hot chocolate bar on a side table for everyone to add sprinkles or marshmallows.

Tradition is an important part of family holidays. Come up with one and see if the family agrees to it make it a date every year.

What traditions does your family enjoy on Christmas morning?



  1. Happy Day After Thanksgiving, Brenda
    these recipes are fabulous. I was showing my husband a few and he wants to make the Eggnog French Toast casserole.
    Thanks for the good suggestions.

  2. I’ve got a recipe around somewhere (probably in one of my cookbooks that have cobwebs on them) from one of my sisters-in-law for a breakfast casserole that is easy and delish! I made it for guests several times over the years. Now, I would probably just buy some Jimmy Dean frozen breakfast sandwiches of various kinds and pop them in the microwave, or if I was feeling generous I’d have a Grub Hub delivery of various breakfast sandwiches and hash browns from McDonalds.

  3. Every year, I have made a breakfast casserole for Christmas morning. I make it the day before, pop it in the fridge, and bake it Christmas morning. The egg, veggie and sausage casserole looks really good. A little different than what I usually make. I might have to change it up this year!

  4. I love the idea of the veggie egg casserole. I have printed off the recipe. I know I can make it vegan with vegetable and the JUST egg. It will be great to be able to freeze it and fetch it out on Christmas morning.
    Thks Brenda.

  5. Wonderful suggestions, Brenda… thanks ever so much!
    Adding them to my stash of recipes for prep-ahead breakfast/brunch.
    Stay safe, stay warm, stay positive!
    BTW… your blog is so delightful & informative, and I truly appreciate all you share with your readers. It’s refreshing and feels like a catch-up session with a cuppa and a good friend.

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