Christmas In The Bedroom & Sly Little Abi

Last week it got cold. So I moved my bed into the middle of the room away from the windows. And put the little white Christmas tree in front of my bedroom window.

Then I was faced with moving the quilt that was hanging on the wall over where the bed had been. 

I decided I didn’t want to do that. I rather liked it in that corner.

So I did this instead…

I simply added another quilt on the other side of the bed to balance things out! Can’t have too many quilts in my opinion. Besides, that’s an outside wall. Extra insulation!

Here’s my little white bedroom tree. Found at Big Lots. I decided to go with a bit of elegance with this one. I added more gold and the two gold reindeer alongside the tree.

I enjoy it so much at night. I’ve never had a white tree. But that was $20 well spent!
Now don’t forget our upcoming link party. It’s right around the corner!
We’re excited to see everyone’s finery. So don’t forget to link up and share your holiday decor with us!

Abi Update: Last night at bedtime I couldn’t find Abi. She’s usually not more than a foot or so from me. Charlie was on the bed. I looked around and found her in the doggy bed under a living room table. 

I thought: Well, she just wants to be quiet and left alone. I went back to bed for about two seconds. Jumped up, turned on the lamp, and came marching in here. That’s NOT like Abi.

I picked her up and stuffing fell to the floor. She’d been chewing her bandage and being very sly about it. I took her back to bed with me, got an Ace bandage I had and wrapped her leg up again. She had only exposed about 1/4 inch of the wound.

Needless to say, Abi had to sleep next to me and I was fully on alert. 

I brought the hated cone collar that next door neighbor Charlie went to Petsmart to get me and showed it to her. I held it up and told her it was going back around her neck if she kept it up.

She can get out of it, but she still hates the sight of it. Maybe I induced a little fear.

It’s hard for her to get comfy with that leg. So basically my head was up against her butt and leg all night so I could feel her movements. If I felt her jostle, I woke up. 

No more chewing last night. Phew!

Gonna be a long road, I fear. Till this wound heals and they can take the staples out. Or before Abi beats them to it. 

Friday I ordered my next door neighbor Charlie, who has been so helpful, an Edible Arrangement. So now I feel a little better about having had to bother him. He said it was huge and he was going to have to take it completely apart to refrigerate it. 

Maybe I should have looked at the sizes a bit more closely. But I’d never ordered one before. Oh well, he shouldn’t have to buy fruit for awhile!



  1. I love the cozy feel of your room Brenda and the quilts are just fantastic! Thank you for sharing your Holiday home in the 12 days of Christmas Blogger Tour Link Party!

  2. Brenda,
    I have SO been wanting to get over here and leave a comment about how fabulous your room looks. I love everything about it and I have always loved a white Christmas Tree!

  3. I really love your room! I wish I had the space to do something like that in mine. I have loved and lost three cats, so I am wishing Abi a swift and complete recovery.

  4. The bedroom looks great! I have never had a white tree, but I remember growing up and lots of people in my neighborhood had them. Ah, the 70's! Seems like Abi's going to keep you on your toes, that's for sure! πŸ˜‰

  5. Love those quilts and that white tree! ! Your bedroom looks so festive. I do not have the first piece of Christmas decoration in my bedroom. I need to do something about that! Poor little Abi, she just can't seem to stay away from trouble!

  6. Your room looks great like that. I like the bed between the two quilts. Poor Abi. I dread it if Bailey has to have surgery and most likely she will. She will wear the cone for sure if needed. She is usually a really good patient though.

  7. Your room looks great like that. I like the bed between the two quilts. Poor Abi. I dread it if Bailey has to have surgery and most likely she will. She will wear the cone for sure if needed. She is usually a really good patient though.

  8. Your white Christmas tree is so pretty and cozy in the bedroom. I like how you balanced your quilts on the wall. I know my dog was able to get out of his cone too. They just don't like them, but who can blame them?! Good thing that you're keeping her under your watchful eye.

  9. I just love the way your bedroom looks. Quilts on the walls are one of my favorite things. Your white tree is so cute — I am going to pop in Big Lots and see if I can find one, too.

  10. Hi Brenda. I love the colorfulness of your bedroom and you're right, one can never have too many quilts! Hope you have a great week!

  11. I really like your bedroom arrangement. Your tree, deer and other Christmas collections are beautiful.
    Abi is a little sneaky one, isn't she ! I hope her wound will heal quickly, with no infections. I think the Ace bandage is a great idea.
    We had a Lhasa Apso who was hit by a car. He had to have a pin put in his hip. It would have had to be taken out by the Vet and he would have had to have anesthesia for the procedure….Well, he was laying on my bed, one day, and next to him was the pin. He had licked the place where the pin was and it "popped" out through his skin. Thankfully, the wound had healed.
    Enjoy your Christmasy sanctuary ! It's lovely.

  12. Your bedroom looks so festive and pretty. I need to spend more effort on mine!

    Abi sounds lie she is doing a number on her wound. Try putting a little Neosporin on her incision before you wrap it up. She is definitely going to get infected like this. πŸ™

    Jane xx

  13. Your white tree is just perfect for your bedroom! And love your quilts too! Abi is a sly one. Out Mikey did such once. Finally the vet gave us a spray that was supposed to taste horrible…and Mikey apparently liked the taste because he licked at his bandage even more. Ha! These pups…they make us work for their love. Ha! The cone threat…I love it. How is charlie dealing with his sister getting so much attention? Sheila

  14. What a welcoming bedroom when you settle down for the night. The white tree and quilts are just adorable! That Abi is a stinker, she knew she had been bad! I'm just putting up a small tree now, we're not going all out this year, but it looks great!

  15. That does it! I want a white tree! be it small. Quilts make a room a cozy and warm room. Abi, the little stinker! One eye constantly on her. Our pups had the cone of shame on, but a few times it fell off. Those times were the most challenging. Keep cozy and snuggle with the pupsters Brenda, Kathleen in Az

  16. That little stinker, Abi, sounds like my LuLu. I love your bedroom! I wish you'd just come on over here and decorate mine!

    Grace & Peace

  17. Your bedroom looks nice and cozy. I love the quilts on the wall and your white Christmas tree. I bought a white lighted tree from Hobby Lobby last year and have it in my kitchen. I love it! Hope Abi's wound heals soon.

  18. Your bedroom is gorgeous!!! I love everything about it and your white tree is beautiful!! I collect bottle brush trees so my eyes were immediately drawn to your beautiful collection. Brenda, your apartment is a joyful, colorful home full of love and I love it!! I'm so glad Abi is doing a little better, little sassy pants!!

  19. Your bedroom and the Christmas tree is so lovely. You really did a fantastic job decorating. Abi is really a little cutie! I know it is so hard for them when they have a wound. My Cocoa suffered the same fate last summer, and it was a true difficulty making sure he did not eat through the bandages. He actually licked open his wound several times. Please be careful even after the staples are removed as they still can reopen the wound. Have a great week!

  20. That little sneaky pipsqueak!! Good think you figured out her plot before she did too much damage!! Your bedroom is gorgeous, Brenda – I can't believe how huge it is!!! No wonder you're so comfortable in that apartment – it's really lovely!!

  21. Your bedroom is beautiful. You are soooo right, never to many quilts hanging around. You have such a cozy, relaxing home. Seems like it just says "welcome"… Enjoy the Christmas season!

  22. I'm so glad Abi is doing OK! It's so hard to leave those bandages alone! Your room looks so pretty. I love all your quilts on the wall. I have a white bedroom tree and I love it! I have pink, silver and some Paris ornaments on it and at night it's so pretty in there! Sounds like you are doing well and those fruit bouquets are so good, what a nice gift for your neighbor!

  23. Love your cozy little home, Brenda. Nothing can give a spot the same effect that a quilt does. Mind if I copy your snowdrift illusion veiling?

  24. Oh that sneaky little thought she was hiding it from you Brenda…Thank goodness you know her enough to figure out she was up to something…Sounds like you spent the night sleeping with one eye opened..Your bedroom is so pretty..I wish my bedroom was that big…Your grouping of bottle brush trees is very nice..I am looking forward to Christmas Link Party to see how all of these nice ladies have decorated!

  25. Lovely room… inviting and festive. A wonderful place to sit tree side in the evening with a good book. What I like best about this room is that it is decorated from the heart not from a catalogue where you may not feel at home and everything seems like it is only there for looking at and not enjoying. Little abi and Charlie are adorable Happy holidays to you Lisa @ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  26. Brenda, your room looks gorgeous! Love the white tree. You have inspired me to pull out our decorations and get started. Be good little Abi. Blessings, Carolyn in Fl.

  27. I love the way you have your two quilts, and you're making me think about finding a small white tree for our bedroom for next year. I was laughing at the part where you had your head by Abi's butt and legs, but I know it wasn't funny to you when you need a good nights sleep. I'll be to your link party!

  28. Your bedroom looks perfect. Love the dual quilts. I also bought a white tree this year for the first time ever. Unfortunately it was too big so going to the Son's house. I feel you re Abi. I can't imagine keeping Buddy still. I'll keep my finger crossed for you and Abi.

  29. Your room looks so pretty, Brenda. I think your apartment complex should use your apartment as their model…and pay you. πŸ™‚

    Charlie and Abi might not like that though.

  30. Su habitacion me parece hermosa. Le sigo desde EspaΓ±a hace tiempo y es la primera vez que me atrevo a escribirle. Los edredones me parecen preciosos. Espero su perrito siga mejorando. Carmela

  31. Pretty bedroom! My children have always had a tiny Christmas tree in their bedrooms. I would let them decorate it themselves. Very cute, but believe or not, I've never thought to decorate my own bedroom. I won't do it this year, but I'll have to do it next year.

    I'm sure Abi is grabbing at her bandage because it's itching her. Bless her heart. Lord knows after my hysterectomy, I scratched and wanted to tear all the stitches and staples out. Ooo, wee, did it itch. Fortunately, no one threatened me with slapping a cone collar around my neck. However, I was threatened to have my hands tied behind my back.


  32. The quilts look nice on the wall. I bet it does help insulate against the cold. I might try that since my bed is against a cold wall too. Those pets do their best to out think us, and usually do! I've been through a lot of what you are going through now, and it's exhausting. Your little tree is pretty in your bedroom. I can't have one in my bedroom….too many kitties!

  33. The bitter apple stuff may work ~ worth a try. The one time I used it, I found out the silly dog LOVED it!!
    Kennel, kennel, kennel

  34. Oh I love your bedroom. And it was pretty before too. Nice idea about the quilts on outside walls. My cats allow me to sleep face to their butts when I slept on my left side. I just pull the sheets up for a little protection from the the swinging tail. Wishing a speedy recovery for Abi.

  35. I love the quilts, too. How do you hang them? It's a very good job.

    Has anyone suggested using bitter apple on Abi's bandage, to keep her from biting at it? It's a terrible tasting spray, but totally harmless. I used it on my poodle when she was licking a bump she had on her leg. I didn't want her to irritate it or open it up. Somehow I got some near my mouth and it is awful! Amazon has it, along with user reviews.

  36. Love your bedroom. Both quilts on the wall look awesome! I like your white tree too. I bought a white one for the first time last year (in Florida for the winter) and dress it in blues/greens and have enjoyed it very much. So different than what I have used in past Christmas. I wished you luck with ABI. I have a 15 and a 14 year old dogs and many health issues. Its very stressful trying to take care of their needs and know, in my case, they aren't going to get better. Give your pugs a hug for me today.
    Connie FL/IN

  37. Your bedroom is just beautiful! You're right, add more insulation to an outside wall. Abi is a determined little gal. She needs to mind her mommy so she can get back to running and playing.

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