Christmas In The Living Room & Abi Update

This is my Christmas decorating in my apartment living room. I’ll just let the photos tell the story.

Abi is doing fine. She has not tried to rip at her bandage. I imagine that might change when it starts healing and itching. But for now, we’re all calm and she’s doing great.



  1. Great job! You are always so creative! Glad to see that Abi is adjusting and giving you some rest as well.

    And is that a little RED feather tree in the window????? Where did you find it?

    1. I don't think it's a feather tree. Not sure. I think it's just a regular fake tree. I bought it in a Christmas store back when I lived in Texas.

  2. Love your decorations, especially your little Christmas tree, and of course your darling little Abi. Get better soon pup, for your Mom's sake! πŸ™‚

  3. I am so glad that your precious Abby is doing so well!
    Your holiday decor is so pretty and your home looks so cozy and warm.
    Merry Christmas, love Sue

  4. I am so glad that your precious Abby is doing so well!
    Your holiday decor is so pretty and your home looks so cozy and warm.
    Merry Christmas, love Sue

  5. Brenda you home looks so inviting. I adore your use of vibrant color, it lends itself so beautifully to your Christmas decor. Love your darling tree too. Glad to know your little furbaby is doing well.
    Wishing you a wonderful week!
    XO Barbara

  6. So glad to hear and see that Abi is doing better. Surgery is such a shock to anyone's system…. Hope she continues to heal and that the 'itching' won't bother her too much. Your place looks so Christmasy! Love it.

  7. Merry Christmas Brenda………..your festive creations say that "Brenda was here".. I recognize the picture of the Yorkie with the hat on.
    Everything you've done is so imaginative, sweet and Christmasy !
    I'm relieved for you that Abi is doing well……I think my kitties need a red bed like Abi's………if I can find one.
    I think I've done all I can fit in as far as Christmas goes here. Now on to shopping for a few gifts.
    Thinking of you !

  8. I love your pretty decor! Those red checked curtains are so festive! I love color and your cozy little house has all the colors I like. And little Abi…glad she is doing better, which makes her "mama" better. πŸ™‚ sheila

  9. I'm so glad Abi is doing better and settling in more comfortably. I've had all of y'all on my mind and in my prayers. Your home is so lovely and I love all the homey touches you've incorporated.
    I'd love to know if the galvanized tier tray and flat tray are available for purchase anywhere. Thanks so much.

  10. Everything looks so sweet Brenda..your tree looks nice in the bucket…I just saw one of the tall stretched out Santas at a thrift shop on Thursday but didn't buy it..love the ladder in the corner with vintage linens on it..I really should do that..I love old linens and have so many..Hugs for sweet Abi…glad to see her calm and resting in her bed…

  11. Your home looks warm and cozy filled with all that's near and dear to you, Brenda. It's not Christmas to me without lots of red, and you've go the look!

    I'm glad Abi's finally able to rest….and you too!

  12. well, I'm so glad Abi is doing better, and things are calming down. poor pups, they just don't understand it all. Your place looks so festive and merry, love the tree in the galvanized bucket!!

  13. So glad Abi is doing so well! And I love your Christmas decor – it's so old-Fashioned, yet fresh, bright and cheery!

  14. Brenda . . . it looks as though "All is calm . . . All is bright" at your home. Your decorating is so clever. I LOVE the tree with the canning lid ornaments in the galvanized pail!!! I also LOVE all the beautiful sunshine streaming through your windows!!!! Glad Abi is resting and healing. Merry Christmas to you all!!!

  15. Your home is warm, cozy, and welcoming! Abi looks so comfortable–so relieved she is doing better. I don't have much red even in my Christmas decor, and I now probably have to change that! πŸ™‚

  16. You have created a home that looks warm and loving. Would like to ride my sleigh down for a cup of coffee and check on Abi personally.She looks precious in her little bed.

  17. It's definitely looking like Christmas in you cozy house, Brenda. Your tree in the bucket is very cute. So glad Abi is doing well!

  18. Aw…sweet little Abi. I'm glad she's not messing with her bandage and hope she gets the rest she needs. I just love your style, Brenda! Love all of your touches of red! I love me some red! Everything looks wonderful and I really like your little trees.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

  19. Your Christmas decor is so cute. Love the red tree on the trunk, such a pretty contrast. I really like the look of small Christmas trees scattered about, very pretty. Glad to hear Abi is doing better and sleeping so peacefully, for now anyway. Everything is so cheerful and colorful and it really puts you in the Christmas spirit!

  20. Brenda, I love all your Christmas decor. So pretty. I haven't put up a bit of Christmas anything yet. I suppose I need to get a move on or I won't have anything this year. Abi is the cutest little thing. I'm so glad she's doing better. By the way, I'm still coveting that blue arrow.


  21. Oh my gosh, I just noticed the picture of your Santa dog! Too cute. Is that one of your doggies or just a cute look-a-like?

  22. I'm so glad Abi is calm and comfortable and that you can now have some peace.

    It's so simple but I love how you put candles in a muffin tin. Also, the little house in white-and-red enamelware pot/ladle is so sweet.

    I am planning on making some of your canning lid ornaments for my tree. They look so pretty on your little tree. I love the galvenized bucket you have holding your Christmas tree.

    I just love how cozy and cheerful your home is. It looks especially nice at Christmas Time.

  23. Your home looks lovely and cozy for Christmas! I love your red and white curtains!! Could you please comment on where you purchased them? So happy that Abi is on the mend! Merry Christmas!

  24. Glad Abi is doing well Brenda! I love all of your galvanized buckets and stands, that rustic cabin and your white trunk. Your living room looks cheery and festive! Hope you have a nice weekend… ~julie

    1. Do ya know how many stones it took me to buy at Hobby Lobby (because there's just no stones around where I live) to fill up that bucket in order to hold up that tree? Israel brought me some sand and we tried that, but the tree still tended to lean. So I bought four of those net thingies full of stones. I went outside and I had about three rocks big enough to cover the bottom and give it a base. I guess I can use the stones outside in the garden the rest of the year, then clean them up and bring them back in for the holidays!

  25. Glad to know that Abi is healing. Smiling at the little doggie bed on the couch, I have two with blankets. Beautiful Christmas treasures and I'm loving the red Christmas tree. I never did buy a velvet pumpkin for Fall, but now I want a bottle brush tree for Christmas ! But most importantly, your Abi is mending. Keep cozy warm with your pupsters Brenda, Kathleen in Az

  26. As always, you create a warm and cozy space. Love all the things you have done and most importantly that Abi is better.
    Connie IN/FL

  27. Beautiful holiday decorating, Brenda! I love your tree. Actually, I love it all! The depth of your talent is amazing. Really happy about Abi's progress so far. Hope all continues to go well. Such a darling pup!

  28. You truly have such a gift for decorating, Brenda – your home just makes me want to settle right in! So cozy and warm and truly welcoming. What a talent you have!! I'm so glad to hear baby Abi is doing well – she looks absolutely adorable in her little bed – poor little thing, she's just a tiny baby!! xo

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