I decided to put up my little white Christmas tree in my apartment living room this year. I bought it a few years ago at Big Lots.

Last year I put up my green tree. I also have a red one. All small table top trees, appropriate for apartment living.

I just choose which table top tree I’m going to put up according to whim really. I do usually use a lot of red and white, so that typically remains the same.

I adore the combination of red and white. It’s such a fun and spirited combo and it makes me happy to see a tree made up in red and white.

The little holiday vignette is beside the TV. Last year I put the tree in the dining room. 

Both times I put the tree in this red galvanized tub I bought a few years ago at the antique mall. It is for beverages, but I use it for my Christmas tree. 

I’m not putting Christmas all over my apartment. Just in a few select places. Tomorrow I’ll show you my dining table vignette.

Maybe I’ll open the front door and take photos with more light. These are pretty dark and also it’s overcast outside.

See the “snow” I put around the white tree? That is white netting I use every year to resemble snow. It’s cheap to have some cut at some place like Hobby Lobby. And I think it makes the tree look elegant.

Okay, my ankle is killing me and I missed lunch entirely so that’s all I’m doing today. Like I said, I am just decorating in a few areas, because I don’t want holiday clutter on every single surface. 

I’m getting to the age when I enjoy putting up the holiday decor, but get tired of it rather quickly and then of course I have to take it down.

I imagine it’s the same with everyone!

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  1. I love your white tree with the red & white ornaments. It’s absolutely beautiful! My kids are still fairly young (13 & 10), so we still put up a big tree. But I scaled back in other areas-mainly just decorated my mantle and railing, hung some wreaths, and put out a few of our nativity scenes. I lost my dad earlier this year, so Christmas is hard this season. I also love your vignette, especially the cardinals. They say that they are a sign of a loved one from heaven, so I’ve added a couple of cardinals to our Christmas decorations this year.

    I’ve read your blog for a while now, but this is the first time I’ve commented. Although we are at different stages in our lives, I really enjoy reading about your life.

  2. Brenda, the white netting is such a good idea, I picked some up to make snow for my little tree. I put it and a primitive looking snowman in an old wood box, then wished for an idea to cover the less attractive parts. This post of yours popped up in my email and I was just tickled by your “snow” idea. Thanks you!

  3. Beautiful Brenda! I love that white tree. I bought one for my mom's room at the nursing home. It just seemed so cheery, I had to have it!

  4. As a fan of red & white decor, I really love your tree and the white netting around the bottom is simple yet brilliant! Your holiday tablescapes are all lovely. Cheers! I'll live vicariously through your holiday decorating this year as I had to temporarily move in to my brother's home. All of my stuff is in storage…

  5. I have had to do small trees ever since I moved in to this place / with my youngest son and his dog here ( since his dad died ) I had to 'RE-DO" what I usually did and downsize ….but what is funny is that I still managed to put FEW people under a tree…which triggered an entire childhood memory for him of when we had the Lional train…all the characters and houses etc. back then / it seemed to be very happy moment for him 🙂 ( lots of trauma dealing with his dad's unexpected death in the spring ) We are still dealing…

  6. The red tub is a great tree bottom! I might even do that with our big tree! My grandmother was an incredible decorator, not unlike yourself – and she had a big white tree in the front window of her home. Some years it was decorated with all red accents, sometimes blue. It was gorgeous either way –

  7. I really love the white tree and the netting is a great idea! I'm behind on decorating this year since I've been sick so much and I'll definitely be scaling back. Until today, the weather has been fairly mild and it hasn't really felt like Christmas will soon be here.

  8. We purchased a very large tree this year for the family room, and I have not brought up my two small trees (one green, one white) from the basement storage room. We only decorate the large family room and kitchen area and never the entire house. I know some bloggers seem to do every.single.room of their house, but I have never seen the need to go so over the top with Holiday decor. Oh, I used to do my office, but decided to give that a break this year. Must be age. LOL

  9. it looks fresh and simply lovely.
    love the wooden basket~weave behind the red and the snowy feel of it all!
    and tiny white lights… I always love.

  10. Love the tree Brenda, when you said a 'small' tree I expected something different. Your white tree is absolutely gorgeous and I love the idea of the white netting for snow.

  11. We put our small tree in the top of the dry sink. It's in our den. The 7 ft. Pencil tree is in living room. I have a ceramic tree my aunt made in 1957 on an antique drop leaf table. Surrounded by 3 handblown green glass trees I bought at corning new York many many years ago. Also assorted holy and pointsetia arrangements arrangements around the room. A wreath on my door. That's it! Years ago I would do much more, but we are retired now and this is enough. Stay well Brenda. Rest your ankle. Love to read your posts.

  12. I could look at that vignette all day! It looks so peaceful and has so many interesting elements that work well together. The white tree with the peppermint ornaments looks so fresh and pretty. That white netting is a great idea. My house is small so I made only a few vignettes this past weekend. I have a small green tabletop tree to still put up. Maybe I will use only red and white as a way to give it a new look. Be sure to rest and eat well.

  13. I love the red tub you have your tree, what a cute idea. I'm with you on not decorating alot. I use to collect Santa Clauses and have a wicker chest full of them and they are staying in the chest this year. Maybe they will come out next year. I love the tree and I think your minimialist attitude is just right for your apartment. Decorating can poop you out so glad you stopped; now rest that ankle of yours! Carol P.S. How is Abi?

  14. Your white tree is gorgeous. I'm using a small tree now, too. I may look for a white one when they go on clearance this year. It would be fun to change them up! I'm no longer into 'decorating every single surface' these days, either. Too much to put away later! :))

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