1. I just finished Shetland season 7. I won’t ruin anything for you except to say, I quite liked the ending with him quitting….if he happens to be in further seasons, I’m hoping he has become a private detective…I, too get caught up in the characters when I watch a series, especially, a long running one…like Vera!!

    Your flowers look beautiful!

  2. Beautiful plants from Kasi. There’s no doubt you’ll enjoy them very much.
    When I’ve had a cleaner come to the house I’ve always tidied up before they come. It’s much easier for them to clean without the small messes and such.
    I hope you had a wonderful day.

  3. I have house cleaners that come every other week and I “clean before the housecleaners” too. Like you, it’s mainly picking items up and making sure furniture is cleared for them to dust. And of course picking up all the dog toys off the floor : ) I generally keep things neat but I do like that this makes me declutter and make sure everything is streamlined twice a month.

  4. Plants look great and I am glad they are getting a drink from nature which they like better than the faucet. Ivy is always adorable. I am glad you have someone to clean every once in awhile. I would love that and you getting things in order before Maria comes makes sense to me. The weather has been so nice lately except for the weekends. Eleven of the last weekends have had rain and the Preakness is this weekend. We just watch it on tv. Never went and that is too many people for me. It is great to run errands on the weekdays but even then sometimes it is crowded. Remember when families only had one car and most Moms stayed home? Thinking back, I am glad to have grown up when I did. Lots of fond memories and oh how things have changed.

    1. Oh yes, I do remember. I lived with my granny, but I saw other kids mothers picking them up from school.

  5. Awww, what a pretty plant she got you! Are the elephant ears going to get big? I used to have some of those outside, in a house I lived in a long time ago, and they were huge! I agree it’s good that you have someone coming in to help you clean. It definately gets harder as you get older, especially if you are suffering from an injury. And it’s someone you can trust, because she cleans your neighbor’s house too. I had to chuckle at your cleaning before your cleaning this morning, lol. I totally understand that. 😂

    1. I just don’t have it in me to leave any kind of mess or cluttered areas for someone else to clean. I put things in drawers and try to clear the way.

      1. Hi Brenda
        It’s funny I tidy up as well and declutter surfaces. I don’t want to pay her for that. It’s my job. My husband always says “I’m cleaning before the cleaning lady comes.” He doesn’t get it! A man thing.

        I like your new format. Always great to hear what’s going on in your life.

        Take care!

  6. I enjoy seeing the combinations of plants you put together…I don’t have a green thumb and would never know what to begin to do…but you surely once again have a very inviting outside area!!

    1. The one that Kasi got me is very well put together. I would struggle to make something look that good.

  7. The combo planter is stunning. I didn’t know there are dark colored elephant ears. The pink & blue pretty together.

    I moved back to Austin last week & have a tiny garden space by the front door at my rental so a combo planter would be ideal. Thanks for the idea! There is a common gardening space a neighbor maintains so a possibility of adding to that in future.

    I am living more urban than ever before for bus convenience. This means lots of restaurants & shopping are nearby. Luckily a favorite park as well.

    Great pic of Ivy Lou. I so want a cat!

    1. My father said he always wanted to sleep late when he retired but he would wake up early then.
      Brenda you sound better.
      I have a house cleaner once a month. I call her Cinderella when talking with friends. That is not my idea. A friend did that. The house cleaners say they have trained us when we get ready for them like that.

      1. There are some elephant ears for outdoors that stand straight up and do not seek the sun.
        I usually plant them now as the ground is warmer enough.

    2. It’s much easier on me right now to buy combo plants already put together. No telling what it would cost me to buy all the plants in that one. It cost her $69.99 though.

  8. When I was working I longed to be able to stay in bed in the morning but now I don’t work I get up at around 5 o’clock! In the winter its a bit of a struggle but in the summer I love to walk around my garden when all is quiet. We have our meals at a certain time and go to bed at around 9-30, Some of my neighbors
    who are retired stay in bed longer in the mornings and stay up later. This is what I thought I would be doing but I certainly prefer getting up early, on grocery day I’m out and waiting for them to open at 7.00a.m. I like doing this too when there isn’t many people in the store.

    1. I’m really relieved that I don’t have to go into stores anymore. That outing with Steve proved to me that it’s hard to be in stores using a walker.

  9. I am very much a creature of habit. I have a routine that I’ve been doing for, geez, at least the past 40 plus years. It’s amazing how little it’s changed, except since I retired (8 years retired as of January 2023) I have more time to spend on reading and watching my favorite programs online, and checking out Youtube daily. I think having a routine gives one a sense of personal stability and order in a world that often seems chaotic and uncertain.

  10. I like routine also, seem to do better when the day is at least somewhat organized.
    The plants are lovely… aren’t they such a joy?!
    I know what you mean about caring about characters on our programs…I love the PBS mystery Father Brown and Mrs.McCarthy and Bunty left this season. There’s a good new character, though…

    1. Thank you, Brenda, for showing all of us the planter Kasi got for you (as we asked—grin). It’s so beautiful, and perfectly balanced is more than one way—including that it has an odd number of plants in it. All of that lets me know it was you who picked it out. 🙂

      Time and time again, we all get to enjoy your fabulous sense of color and design. Thank you so much! Can’t wait to see how it changes as it grows.

      I’m enjoying another photo of pretty Ivy, as well.

  11. I am glad you have found Maria to help with the cleaning. If we are able to, I believe it is a wise decision to give up tasks and chores to others that are more able as we get older. Both our abilities and our priorities change, or at least that is how I see it and speaking for myself. I love your new plants (I see those pink impatients!) and I am enjoying seeing all of your garden pics these days! I see how happy the garden is making you feel and that is wonderful! Have a great day!

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