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  1. I love the white table and also the green glass lamp. They go so well together. Stay warm and cozy!

  2. Today the weather is not too bad here in Southern Ontario. I just got back from the hairdressers, went into the garden to feed the birds and left a few nuts at the base of the shed where I know a chipmunk lives, I have only ever seen him once but I assume he/she is still there as the nuts disappear.
    I really should get on with some housework but I am favoring going into my craft nook instead!
    On the surface the house looks clean but it really could do with some dusting here and there. I am sure my husband doesn’t want the noise of a vacuum as he has a bad headache which I suspect was brought on by worrying about the results of a procedure he had about 2 weeks ago. The doctor just called and all is well!

  3. Warm and Happy evening to you, Brenda
    I’m from Elma, Washington. We are about 90 miles south and west of Seattle. I have the pellet stove on. We are having cool sunny weather for the last few days… 47 daytime and 29 nighttime. Dinner is Ham with Split peas, leeks, carrots and celery topped with leftover bacon from breakfast. I love pot roast! Have you ever made a Machaca burrito from pot roast leftovers? Scramble eggs with onions, jalapenos and any other things you like. Add egg mixture to some roast meat and flour tortilla. Delicious!!
    The fur babies seem very content. I love your fireplace! So inviting and cozy like the rest of your house.
    I hope your aches and pains subside and get better!

  4. Hi Brenda,

    How much does it cost to run the electric fireplace? Does it add a lot to your electric bill?


  5. Hi Brenda ☺
    Chicago is freezing. I’m always cold. Old age!
    Ivy looks adorable posing. She is so photogenic! Easy to picture Charlie cuddled up with his mama!
    We made a nice size pot of chicken soup with wide noodles. A favorite. Pups love soup also with cut up chicken & veggies!
    Cozy decor. I really love your new white chair. So nice.

  6. Your place is always so nice and cozy to stay snuggled up inside and yes, you are so right with being grateful to have a roof over your head, food to eat and pets to pamper. We have enough to keep us happy and content. None of us knows what this winter will be like with the virus so finding ways to be grateful and maybe learn a hobby or take up reading some new books, should be a wake up call to others to think how you can manage without complaining. Boundaries will be different this winter for me as I intend to do more inside my home as I have been needing time to do projects.

  7. That fireplace is so totally awesome!!!
    I have admired it since the day you got it. Love you, Brenda!

  8. Looks lovely and snug at your place. It is beautiful here in the SoCal desert east of Palm Springs. First cool day of Autumn. It was low 50s when I went out for a medical appointment at 6:30am. It is 70 at 3pm now. Up to mid 90s next week. We have started our seasonal container gardening now that the wicked triple digits are gone. Doing blues/purples/lavenders this year. Dinner will be mini homemade cheesesteaks with grilled peppers and onions on toasted French rolls and oven fries.
    Take care and cuddles to Charlie and Ivy Lou.

  9. I like the green glass lamp and I like the red lamp also. Your little glass clock looks nice in its new home. It is in the mid-50’s in central Kentucky and a bit blustery and gray. I love this sort of day. The gray sky makes such a perfect backdrop for the remaining red and orange leaves. There is some split pea soup cooking in the Crockpot. One cat is asleep on the quilt on our bed and the other cat is sleeping on the love seat in the living room. They play together in the mornings and evenings but like some alone time during the day!

  10. In the Seattle area we are having some very rare sunshine. But the clouds are there so we do not know if it will last long. No rain yet. Odd weather for the time of year. Usually by Halloween the winter rains start and never end until about June or so. We get our summer after July4, if we are lucky, so we value every bit of sunshine we have. Too cold to work outside though.

  11. When I got up just before 7 a.m. it was still dark out and there was definitely a coat of frost on the garage shingles. About 40 minutes later I was shocked when I went to the patio door to throw out more nuts for the squirrels, jays and crows and raisins for the flocks of robins flying over to discover that it was SNOWING – hard! It was cold enough for the snow to stick for a good hour before the temperature slowly climbed from hovering around freezing. I checked the bird bath that remains out all year around and there was ice on top of the water. So I added fresh – hot – water and within a few minutes after I dashed back into the house the birds were out getting drinks and some brave ones even jumping into the water for a “steam” bath of sorts, I guess. It was nice enough out on Saturday, with partial sunshine and temperatures in the 40s, to finish taking down the netting and curtains from my Shezebo and I also disconnected the hose and put it away for the season. I was going to go out and rake leaves today but it just feels too cold and damp. It may be like this all week. It appears winter will be here earlier than usual – the new normal. Definitely a fireplace lit with 3 cans of gel fuel tonight!

    1. Everyone needs to disconnect their hoses! My garden hose is stuffed under the couch. I wish I had something to put things in outdoors.

  12. It was 6 degrees after a snowfall here in Colorado. I made eggplant parmigiana and it’s so nice to be in.

  13. It’s cold, dreary and rain mixed with snow here in IL today. Took Clementine to the vet this morning for her sub-q fluids. Was supposed to go to PT this afternoon but I cancelled my appt. Just not in the mood to go out. Staying in where I’m nice and warm and getting some things done. I made a mini Thanksgiving dinner last night using a roasted chicken, so we have a ton of leftovers. Won’t have to cook again for a couple of days.

  14. My garage floor needs to be hosed out. I was waiting for cooler temperatures. We certainly have them. My caladiums are sleepy looking after cooler weather last week. Now they need to be removed, of course. It is to be thirty nine tonight. Strange weather.
    We have cold rain now and I must drive forty miles to Dallas and back for a special physical therapy for my voice.

  15. It is 59 degrees right now and supposed to get to 65 today in WV. The sun is trying to peek out from the clouds. I love your white table with the fancy scroll . It really is a beautiful piece!

    1. I found that little table at Tuesday Morning one day and I wanted it out of the closet where I could see it.

  16. I’m in So Cal west of LA and it’s 54 degrees today with winds and threat of losing power. Such a change in weather these past few weeks.

    1. I hope you don’t live near where all the fires have been. I think about you every time I read something on the internet about them.

      1. I’m in northern ca 63 and windy. No power due to PG&E. 4 fires in my county yesterday and one this morning. All gotten under control by our heroes the firefighters. Big fire here last month. I don’t envy you the humidity in the summer, but the “ dry heat” has really lost its luster. We will be back up to almost 90 degrees tomorrow. Trees haven’t changed color. I’ve lived here all my life and it never used to be like this. Everyone else’s comments remind me that there ARE places having a real fall and that aren’t on fire.

  17. Chilly and damp here in NC, supposed to warm up a little later in the week.
    Love your fireplace, was wondering how big your tv is? I have a 32 inch and wondering if it would hold a 32 inch.

  18. It is cold here too in Kentucky and cloudy. My flower bed has been put to bed. Nothing but watching the birds and squirrels feeding on bird seed and peanuts and suet that we put out for them they are so much fun to watch. We have a 15 year old cat that loves to watch out the back door at the animals too. I hope the day brings you blessing.

    1. I’m warm, a bit achy. But nothing I can’t handle. The blessing is having a roof over my head and food to eat. And my pets with me.

  19. High yesterday was 11 degrees and got 14ish inches of snow. Snow has mostly stopped. It’s supposed to clear off later, so record-setting low temperatures are forecast tonight for the entire region. Hoping the snow has helped with the fires in the area!

  20. Lots of snow. I had hoped for a few more nice days to tidy up flower beds and clean the garage , but may be an early winter here in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Leaves are still on the trees, so it is a bit of a mess. Snowing out there now. The virus is moving hard here also with a hospital that only has 24 ICU beds. This has been such a hard year.

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