Cold Weather & Cat Funnies

The weather flipped overnight from shorts weather to coat weather. Tonight we’re supposed to have a low of 26 degrees. My arthritis is letting me know about it.

It was hard to get out of my warm bed. But at almost exactly 8 a.m., Ivy will start prodding me to get up.

If I get up, go to the kitchen, and give her more food, she will chomp at her food bowl happily for a few minutes. And then she will come right back to the bedroom to prod at me some more.

It’s not that she wants me to do anything else for her. Because once I’m up and moving around, she goes into some hidey-hole for hours.

Ivy The Cat Clock:

Ivy just seems to think she is a cat clock and her job is to guide me through the day.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say that cats are strange creatures.

For instance, when Ivy sees a bird or a squirrel outside through the patio door, why does she get down low and wiggle her butt? After she does this, she will go perfectly still and then leap at the door.

I understand about lowering their body to attack. But what is it with the butt wiggling?

I looked this up.

Why Cats Wiggle Their Butts Before Leaping:

When a cat wants to pounce on something, they wiggle their hind ends back and forth to check their balance. It helps them determine if they have solid ground under their hind legs to pounce, and also helps them determine if they will make the jump distance safely.

So now I know the answer to that question.

Why does Ivy jump up on the bed while I’m reading and beg to be petted, but she won’t lie down beside me?

Ivy loves from a distance. She does not want that distance messed with.

Ivy Is Afraid Of The Bathroom Rug:

Last week I put down a new 28-inch wide by 47-inch long white rug in my bathroom. It’s a great fit for that bathroom.

But for some reason, Ivy is afraid of it. This is a problem, because Ivy likes to lay in the bathtub. And she can’t get there without going around it or walking on the rug.

When she goes into the bathroom, she walks delicately along the narrow space between the rug and the floor. It’s as if she is balancing on a tightrope.

When she’s ready to leave the bathroom, she backs up along the same small space and out the door. Her feet do not ever touch the rug.

It’s so funny to watch her do this, but it sure is perplexing.

Ivy’s ways are sometimes strange and often comical. But the reasons she does what she does will remain a mystery.

“When my cats aren’t happy, I’m not happy. Not because I care about their mood but because I know they’re just sitting there thinking up ways to get even.”

– Percy Bysshe Shelley, poet


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  1. Brenda, have you ever watched a batter in a baseball game stand at the plate and get ready to bat? The way they will bend a little from the waist, stick out their butt a little and then shift weight from foot to foot waiting for the pitch? When you were describing the way Ivy gets ready to pounce by wiggling her butt I was reminded of that thing the batters do. I think something to do with balance or focus in both cases. Anyway, just an aside! Also, I was thinking that if your new bathroom rug is fluffy maybe Ivey doesn’t like the way the texture feels on her feet when she walks on it. But who really knows the mind of a cat? Perhaps another cat, but for sure not we humans. Yup, the weather went from the seventies this morning to the fifties this afternoon and now lower somewhere this evening. Brrrr. I wish I were a bear and could just hibernate in a cave all Winter! But, alas, the seasons do not consult we humans! Stay warm, Brenda and enjoy that little feline inigma that lives with you!

  2. Your post about Ivy and the bathroom rug made me laugh out loud! My Mom had very bad allergies and we could have no pets. I begged for years for a cat and then on my 8th birthday Mom brought home a Blue Point Siamese kitten that I named Nisa. The deal was I had to comb her hair every single day and I did (she actually loved it). Nisa slept at the foot of my bed every night for the next 10 years until I left home for college – a carefully measured distance on her terms for sure. Nisa loved baked chicken and Mom would always make a breast just for Nisa who would walk around the house meowing loudly the whole time it was in the oven. She lived over 20 years and the vet said the daily combing probably played a role in her longevity. Gotta love them and kind of agree w the psychopath study lol.

  3. Oh, Ivy!!!! One of my cats jumps about 5 feet in the air if he sees anything “string-shaped”. I do know he finds snakes repulsive….
    The Paula Poundstone quote is a favorite of mine. There was actually a study done that concluded that if cats were human, they’d be psychopaths. One of the most endearing things about cats is that they can carry off characteristics with aplomb that are quite unattractive when seen in people.

    1. That’s so funny about your cat and things string-shaped! But then cats are just truly funny much of the time, aren’t they? I will look for that study. Sounds interesting.

  4. Love the Ivy tails, err tales! Lol!
    The photo of her is so pretty – love her eyes.
    My Max keeps me entertained, although now that he’s a senior cat, he takes lots of naps. A sensible boy.

  5. hahaha…very funny today, Brenda…thanks for the laughs!! Animals are the best for comedy!!

  6. Today’s post was very entertaining. Cats are such strange but wonderful creatures. Stay warm. It’s only 31 degrees here today. Wasn’t ready for that yet.

  7. My brother’s dog would not walk in their new wooden floors until a couple of weeks later. I think it was because it sounded different and felt different, too. Keep us posted of the changes Ivy makes. And keep warm in your cozy little house.

  8. I love to hear stories about Ivy. My dog Bindy sleeps in my room at night, most of the night she sleeps on the bed and takes up most of it.
    She won’t let me sleep past 6:30 am. I’m not sure why she wants to get up so early, she doesn’t seem to have to go out. It could be she is hungry! We’re going from the seventies this past week to a high in the forties !

    1. I wish Ivy would sleep on the bed. Steve next door says his cat Skippy sleeps right up against his back. A breathing electric blanket.

  9. Ivy and the rug is so funny. I can just picture her slinking along beside it!! Our one little
    cat Norah likes to sit directly in the heat vent when the heat is on. I have a day bed with a trundle we use for a couch in the great room and both cats love to sleep on the trundle. Guess because it’s dark. Stay warm sweetie.

  10. That cold weather arrived here over night, bringing some snow up north. Yesterday we broke a record with 77F and I was working outside without a jacket doing yet more garden clean-up and gave the backyard its last cut for the year. Everybody was out with their mowers from the sounds in the neighborhood, LOL! And today it’s a sunny and windy 38F outside, brrrrr! No outside work today! Tomorrow, I will dress like an Eskimo and make the mile round trip trek to the supermarket to resupply peanuts (some in shell, some not) for the squirrels and all the birds who come here to feed (best food in town, the word is out) while I resupply myself with essentials like wine and Pringles. My gel fuel fireplace will be put to good use this weekend. I wonder if your new bathroom rug has something in it that humans can’t smell and that is why Ivy is avoiding the rug because she doesn’t like a scent that it is offgassing?

  11. Pets sure make life better…our kitten is doing good…recovering from being spayed with no problems…our little dogs were beside themselves when they could not find her in this house…an d when she came home they knew something had happened to her…she was supposed to be confined for 24 hours but broke out of her pet playpen..using her claws on the zipper. . we could not believe it…she has been a joy…they all 3 sleep by us on the couch and in bed…and make life so much better…love your Ivy stories💞

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