Cold Weather & Heater Goes Out

On what was the coldest temperature of the season last night, my heater wouldn’t work. The thermostat went blank around 7 p.m.

It needed a new battery, but you have to unscrew everything to get to it. So I put in a request for maintenance to come this morning.

At least I had my little stove in the living room.

So it’s long sleeves and warm pants today.

Tonight it will be in the mid-twenties. And maintenance just came and changed the battery so the heat is now on.

Walking Progress:

I am walking more. Not long stretches. But I am able to walk some of the time with one foot in front of the other rather than mincing steps.

I decided yesterday was a good time to straighten and organize my office before the housekeeper came today.

I got things done by sitting and rolling myself around the room on my garden cart. Carrying books and whatnot, I just rolled from one end of the room to the other. It’s not as easy on the carpet, but it’s doable.

I still need to get the closets straightened out. But that job is for another day. I’m trying not to take on too much in one day anymore.

Cleaning Before The Cleaning Lady Comes To Clean:

Why is it that some of us feel the need to clean the place just before the housekeeper comes?

I mean, my apartment is never dirty or really cluttered. But for some reason, I feel obligated to straighten things up and put what I can into drawers so she has uncluttered surfaces.

Maria is now the recipient of everything I give away. I gave her the gold dining chairs. And I gave her the houseplants that I knew were too heavy for me to bring in and deal with.

When I asked her to rearrange the living room furniture so I could get around in here better, she wouldn’t take the money I offered her to do it.

She said I give her so much I don’t need to pay her extra.

She’s a nice young woman of 33 with 4 boys under the age of 11. With all the places she cleans and 4 children, I’d say she has a hard enough job.

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What I’m Watching On TV:

I finished watching the 8 seasons of “Wentworth” (it was a great series) and started watching “Orange Is The New Black” on Netflix.

Thus I went from watching a TV show about Australian women in prison to American women in prison.

However, the American show is more of a comedy. And “Wentworth” was more of a drama.


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  1. I had a tip from a friend years ago about furniture movers. You put them under the legs of any sofa or dresser and they slide a lot easier. It would make it much easier for anyone you asked to help you with that. They make them for floor or carpets but I recently found ones that can be used on either floors or carpet. I get them on Amazon and the link was sort of long but if you look for “Super Sliders 3 1/2” Round Reusable Multi-Surface Furniture Sliders – Effortless Moving Across Hardwood, Carpet”you should find them. They do come in various sizes too. There are other brands but this is the one I’ve used.

  2. Your comments about Maria and what you’re watching on Netflix reminded me of a show I watched last year. Have you seen “Maid” yet? I loved it as well as the book it was based on. I highly recommended it.

  3. Good news to hear you are walking easier…progress comes in smaller bits when we age…and sounds like you really are in a good apt setup!!

  4. So good to hear about your walking progress!

    I have never had a housekeeper in my entire life. Maria sounds like a lovely woman. How nice of you to give her your chairs and plants.

    I watched OITNB years ago when it first came out. It was really good at first, but the last season went downhill and we stopped watching it. The last series we’ve watched was Ted Lasso. Finished that a couple of weeks ago and haven’t watched anything since then. I have some other shows in mind for the next time we decide to turn on the TV.

  5. Congratulations on your progress with walking! The arrangement with your fireplace and mantel is so cozy especially for the weather change. Housecleaners call our cleaning before they come to our houses “training us”. You sound so happy in your new home and neighborhood.

  6. Yikes! Temps down to the 20’s there tonight? Brrr. Here in Virginia they are saying it may get down to 30 degrees. Those little fireplace heaters are great aren’t they? Have had mine for about 7 yrs and it is still going strong. I love it. I have a large pot with a Meyer lemon tree outside that I need to cover and figure out a way to bring it inside to the sun porch for the winter. Need to make sure it is debugged and I have something to sit it on to protect the floor. Glad you are walking better and getting around with more ease. Love reading about your takeout food choices there in Tulsa. Here in the boonies we have a pretty good Chinese place to order from and a so-so pizza place, so I enjoy hearing about other’s food experiences! With cooler weather here, I am looking forward to cooking more. Your pinto beans are one of my comfort foods in chilly weather! Your apartment is looking so warm and cozy too!

  7. So happy you are walking a little
    bit. Every little
    bit counts. I didn’t realize it was getting so cold your way. Very impressed with the way your complex tends to repair requests. I am
    so glad you moved there.

  8. So glad you are walking some more! Little by little… Pure Food looks appetizing & hopefully tastes as good as it looks! I have watched OITNB & may give Wentworth a try. OITNB has lots of drama as you get into it but there is a comedic element to it (dramedy). Have you seen The Watcher, a new mini series on Netflix? I was curious about it because it is based on a true story in a town not far from where I used to live (Westfield NJ). It really isn’t a horror story, more of a drama; however there is a psychological terror element that prevails – anyway I am enjoying it so thought I would mention it here. Stay warm and well:)

  9. SO happy to hear of your walking progress – just like everyone else here who cares about you! And also, the reminder to take it slow and careful as you’ve been doing. That’s the way to do it.
    And I wanted to mention – way off topic – how much I love the Choom Choom cat hair remover gadget you showed us way back when. I ordered it and it does such a good job and no more having to buy lint remover sheet refills. So, a very belated thank you.
    I will be making that pinto bean dish one of these days. Thanks for putting up the recipe.

    1. Maria who cleans my apartment loves that cat hair remover. Steve next door ordered one for her to use because of his cat too.

  10. Well, of course your heater is going to go out on the coldest night! Thank goodness you had your cozy heater to keep you warm. I laughed when you talked about cleaning before your cleaning lady comes. Why is that a thing, lol? I suppose making sure the house is picked up so that she CAN clean, right? Anyway, that did give me a little chuckle. It’s really nice of you to donate your things you no longer have a need for to Maria. I’m sure she really appreciates it. And congratulations on your steps progress! One day at a time, right?!

    1. I think I just feel a bit guilty if I leave stuff on surfaces that she would have to move to clean underneath. When I was young I too cleaned houses.

  11. Wonderful you are slowly walking ,,,,, taking small steps in moderation Brenda!
    All your readers have wished for this day ,,,,,, slowly does it!
    Thoughtful and very nice to give Maria the beautiful chairs. Best way to downsize is to always donate.
    Give to someone who can use.
    We do the same thing.
    Ivy always looks adorable even sleeping!!
    Hope you were both okay (for awhile) when the heater had battery replaced.
    How did those beans turn out yesterday?
    I cannot make beans very well.
    Usually cooks up too tough.
    Easier using canned.
    They taste fine.
    Perfect in tacos, soup or even a salad.
    Enjoy Tuesday everyone!!

    1. The beans I made came out wonderful. Best ones I’ve ever made. I think the chicken broth is the secret. And sauteing the onions and garlic before putting them in the slow cooker.

    2. Tough beans can be from adding tomatoes before the beans are done. They stop cooking when the tomatoes are added. The other solution is soaking them overnight.

  12. So glad to hear you’re walking better and more! Progress is a wonderful thing!
    Miss Ivy looks peaceful and content, not a care in the world, and safe & secure. I’m having some exterior work done on my house, and the cats are NOT amused or happy about strangers walking around outside, power saws whirring away, and the banging & thumping of hammers. Although I’ve told them that we’ll be snugger when all is said & done, that hasn’t made much of a dent in the glares they’re giving me. LOL 😊
    So glad you have Maria to help with your housework, and it’s lovely to hear that you have a mutually respectful, caring, and kind relationship.
    Stay safe, well & warm!

  13. I’m so glad you’re walking alot better Brenda! I’m sure Maria appreciated those gold chairs that u gave her, so that was payment enough. My heater just came yesterday so today I need to screw the legs on. Just in time bc it’s starting to get cold outside! I took out and organized all my winter clothes yesterday, so I’ll be cozy and warm.
    Have a fantastic day everybody!

  14. It is so kind of you to pass things on to your housekeeper…I donate to St. Vincent’s here anything I give away…hoping someone in need gets it.. yesterdays beans sounded wonderful..I made apple pie last good…the pilsbury roll out crust taste just like homemade.. so does the Walmart brand…so glad you are doing better…my kitty is sleeping somewhere…then she will magically appear…love those kitty pics. ..stay warm🍁🍂🍁💕

  15. Nice to hear of your walking progress. And glad that you are considerate of Maria. So much better that things can be reused rather than added to the trash.

  16. As a house cleaner the less clutter and items picked up the better- It leaves more time and energy to clean surfaces instead of trying to organize the clutter, clothes, toys and garbage.

    1. I cleaned for people myself when I was in my twenties, and I recall they weren’t careful or thoughtful at all. Always left lots of dirty dishes around. I can’t stand to leave used dishes around uncleaned. I’m cleaning up the whole time I’m cooking so there won’t be more work later.

  17. Beautiful post about how we should all be kind and giving towards each other. Things can flip and any of us could need a helping hand in a minute. I love to donate my extras and love when free cycle works. So happy to hear you are getting around without over doing it. Ivy is living the life! Glad you are cozy and warm and the heat was a quick fix! Enjoy your afternoon!

  18. Like the pic of Ivy snoozing. So glad you had that little heater. It’s been really cold at night here for the last couple of nights. Supposed to warm up this weekend I think.

  19. Hellllllooooo!!!! 🙂
    I’m so glad you’re walking a bit better. Progress!!! Yay!
    Having someone to give what you no longer need or want is great. I’m sure she appreciates every little thing. You’ve established a wonderful relationship with her.
    Our temps are finally starting to drop. Must cooler mornings and evenings.
    Have a terrific day!

  20. So happy to hear that you are walking a bit more Brenda. It is very encouraging.

    When you show pictures of your apartment, I always think how clean and tidy it looks, I can’t imagine you need to tidy before the cleaning lady comes.

  21. I’m so glad you had the little electric stove heater to give you some warmth. Looks like that 20 degree weather will be headed my way in a day or so. SO not ready for this!

  22. Your comment about Maria brought to mind how it is usually those who have the least who give the most. What a beautiful relationship you have with that lady, mutual givers and appreciators. Wish the whole world lived like you two ladies do!
    (Meanwhile, Ivy looks like she ain’t giving up that primo napping spot any time soon! 🤣 lol…”cats!”

  23. So glad to hear you’re beginning to walk more comfortably. Do take it easy and don’t overdo (sound like a nagging mother, don’t I) but I’m recovering very well from my knee replacement surgery (just 8 weeks ago) and I’ve learned myself not to push because I’ll pay for it later. I’m walking independently with no cane but I do see that my knee gets tired after shopping for a while and I make myself give up, go home and go back another day and that’s something I never used to do.

  24. What a kind and generous person you are to gift items no longer wanted and let someone else enjoy them without paying you. So much greed in many aspects of life today that it makes you less likely to do business with those who can’t have a little compassion. Take it easy and glad you are walking better and the heat issue was taken care of in reasonable time.

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