Cold Weather & Winter Blues

Yesterday I took the dogs to the vet to get their yearly immunizations. The pupsters were less than thrilled, even though they got a ride in the car, which they love.

They were tired when they got home, so naps on the couch were in order.

I’ve spent a lot of time updating my blog since the WordPress switch early last month, so I haven’t been as present here as I like to be. There’s simply a lot of work to be done. Fixing formatting that got messed up in the transition, along with photos, etc. Adjusting SEO, which I won’t even bother to explain. But I’m getting there.

I think I told you that I received 5 medical insurance cards last weeks. (Weird) This week I got 4 big benefits books. Don’t they realize how much paper they’re wasting. (Strange)

Last night I began reading a new book. No, it is not a mystery or a suspense novel. It’s a pretty funny book overall.


In Kate Rorick’s first adult fiction novel, we enter the wild, bewildering world of modern pregnancies. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll shake your head as you wonder where everyone’s sanity went…

Meet the mothers…

Nathalie Kneller: Nathalie’s plan: to announce her pregnancy now that she’s finally made it past twelve weeks! But just as she’s about to deliver (so to speak) the big news to her family, her scene-stealing sister barfs all over the Thanksgiving centerpiece. Yup, Lyndi’s pregnant too, swiping the spotlight once more…  

Lyndi Kneller:  Lyndi’s plan: finally get her life together! She’s got a new apartment, new promotion, new boyfriend. What she didn’t count on—a new baby! She can barely afford her rent, much less a state-of-the-art stroller…

Sophia Nunez: Sophia’s plan: Once she gets her daughter Maisey off to college, she’ll finally be able to enjoy life as make-up artist to one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, and girlfriend to one of rock’s hottest musicians. But after 18 years she discovers the stork is once again on its way…

Now these women are about to jump headlong into the world of modern day pregnancy. It’s a world of over the top gender reveal parties (with tacky cakes and fireworks); where every morsel you eat is scrutinized and discussed; where baby names are crowd-sourced and sonograms are Facebook-shared. And where nothing goes as planned…

The night before, I finished reading “Emma In The Night” by Wendy Walker.

The world sure has changed a lot. Back in my day, we never knew the gender of the baby until it was actually born and the doctor told us. So obviously there were no “gender reveal” parties.

And surprise, surprise! We didn’t have computers and social media, and Facebook was not even a glimmer in Mark Zuckerberg’s father’s eye. Lawsy, that boy is only 33 years old!

We didn’t have home pregnancy tests. We wore “smocks” to cover the baby bump instead of tight cling-to-the-belly shirts.

Oh my, the world sure has changed.

The sun is shining, though it’s a bit overcast. I know this is only February, but I’m SO missing greenery and blooms on my patio. I sit here and stare out at the wind blowing and the wind chimes dancing, and I’m ready for spring to arrive and blooms to come with it!

What are you up to this week?


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  1. We are getting a mixture of freezing rain and snow today…yucky weather! My daughter did not want to know the sex of her 2 daughters beforehand. She said she wanted the element of surprise and her husband agreed! In the society we live in today, this is definitely not the norm. She has always done things the way she wants to live her life without letting other people influence her very much. For that, I am a proud Mama. She is a great Mom.
    Have a nice weekend Brenda

  2. Glad to read all is good. I note I now get adds in the middle of your blog post. Seven in total within the context of this blog post and more at the bottom. Will this be the same moving forward ?

  3. We have the flower festival here in Chiang Mai Thailand this week end. The parade is tomorrow always many beautiful floats with various flowers featured. I hope to go the park where the parade ends and has many stalls selling plants and food. Have a lovely week end everyone.

  4. I’ve been meaning to mention this to you, Brenda. When you changed over to WordPress you somehow fell off my bloglist. I didn’t think your blog address had changed, but I entered it again, so now you’re updating. strange. one more weird blogger thing.

  5. That sounds like a cute book. Pregnancy sure has changed these days and so has the guidelines for caring for babies. In my day you put them to bed on their stomach (never on their back because they might spit up and choke) and you had to have bumpers around the inside of the crib. Now you put them to bed on their back and you are not supposed to have bumpers! But they survived!
    I’ve sure been getting the winter blues and with all this flu going around I am almost afraid to go out anywhere. We are going to celebrate my granddaughter’s birthday tomorrow though – she will be 22. Now that makes me feel old!
    It’s good to hear from you Brenda. Love those pups!

  6. I appreciate the time in my sewing room this time of year. I also enjoy getting out to cross country ski when the temps allow it. I enjoy the four seasons and would miss it without them! But due to central MN’s lack of snow, I am rather tired of ‘brown’.

  7. Just surviving this week! I have driven a few times to take my Mom to Dr’s. and I am feeling stronger but I do get tired easily. Still reading a lot. I hope Spring comes early this year, it’s been a dreary winter.

  8. Ha! I have four great nieces with one more on the way and yup…this sounds like modern pregnancy. I am happy I delivered long ago. It was much simpler then.

  9. I am so ready for spring! Today is a very nice day — 64 degrees, sunny, and a light breeze. But I know this will not last although I am hoping we have had the worst of winter here in North Florida. My eyes are tired of looking at shrubs that took a beating during the last freeze. I did plant a few pansies and snapdragons today (after digging up the annuals that bit the dust during the freeze) and it felt good to have my fingers in the dirt.

    The Baby Plan sounds like a fun read. Should be interesting to note the contrasts between pregnancy then and now. I do remember those mostly unattractive maternity clothes and listening to my family (mostly the aunts) explaining to me how to figure out if I was going to have a boy or girl. I cannot imagine dealing with social media during a pregnancy. My daily news would’ve be “yep, I threw up again this morning. Thought this would stop after a couple of months.”

  10. I just realized that I hadn’t seen a post from you in a while so came looking for you. I now realize that your blog dropped off my reading list because you switched formats. Are you back on WordPress now? Good luck with the transition. You are braver than I am! lol
    Glad you were able to get the pupsters to the vet without incident. xo Diana

  11. It’s too early for me to start getting excited about spring, but not too early to take stock of my seed supply and get my seed order in!! Nearly time to get those seeds started in my utility room, I have to figure out my plan!

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