I would not be have thought that bright paint colors in a very small space would work. But surprisingly it does!

A contrasting of bright colors with white ceilings brings this condo to life.

 The small kitchen got a nice bright paint job as well.

The bamboo shade gives the room texture.
I like the addition of the architectural piece above the door.
This homeowner was bold and painted each room a very different color. This gave each room a different personality.
The wood bed and table next to the bed is quite lovely. I like that they didn’t paint over the wood pieces.
This condo tour did not have kitchen or bathroom photos. But I thought the colors were striking and still wanted to show it to you.




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  1. I like looking at peoples' bookshelves–it tells me who they are. I'm glad too they did not paint their antiques; that is so irreversible. It seems the farther north you live, the more we need bright colors. While in the South, neutrals are more calming. I've always thought the nicest, most interesting accessory for any room is…the dog!

  2. The color on the walls in the first photo is close to the color I have in our main bathroom. I love it.
    I had orange curtains that matched the striped upholstery on the dining room chairs in our previous house. That was back in the 70's and I don't think I'll ever want orange again. 🙂 Now red…oh yeah!

  3. I spied a kitchen photo towards the beginning of your post with some pretty painted cabinets. I love how colorful and cheerful this condo is. The owner definitely isn't afraid of color and created a wonderful, cozy home! Hope you're feeling better very soon!!

  4. Wow, I absolutely love that condo!! They truly did a great job mixing in color but everything is still balanced with all the white pieces and white matted artwork. Sorry you're not feeling well again, hope today is a better day for you.

  5. Very pretty and well put together. I love color, so it was right down my alley. Hope your feeling better today and each day will be getting better for you. Take care Brenda!

  6. I'm sorry you had a rough day, Brenda. Do what you have to do to be comfortable and take care of yourself. My husband had an appendectomy a few days ago, so he is having to take things very easy also.

    As for the apartment, If I was working in a bustling city, this decorating approach would keep me feeling on my toes and ready to handle anything! I personally prefer a more restful decorating approach, but I can see how this would be appealing to a confident, creative person. My favorite part is the secretary, all set up for letter writing with pen and inks. The homeowner probably is skilled at calligraphy. I also like seeing some wood furniture that has been left unpainted, such as that wonderful round dining table. Thanks for sharing this home.

  7. What a fun space to visit. I had an orange kitchen back in the 70s…lol…but don't think I would want one today. Love how cheerful the place looks though.
    Hope you feel better today! xo Diana

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