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  1. Glad to see you are posting daily again. Don’t ever feel bad though if you need to take a break now & then. We all understand that sometimes life just gets hectic. Sounds like your garden is off to a good start. Pet babies are cute as ever

  2. I am so happy to see you back posting everyday.
    We have been having cold rainy weather for about a week, so hard to do anything out in the yard. The weeds are taking over. Oh well!!
    Miss Ivy looks quit at home on “her table” and Charlie is so adorable. Hugs to both of them.
    Thank you for your Blog.
    Have a wonderful day

  3. And HOORAY from me, too, that you’re feeling better and posting more often. Yay for both!!

  4. Great tips AND photos, as usual!! Always look forward to both. ?

    After seeing your Eucalyptus, I’d like to try having it, too. The strong fragrance makes me think it might be poisonous to pets and/or humans…but I’m POSITIVE you would never put Charlie in danger like that, and I’ve never seen it on any such list. Have you or anyone else here? Thank you!

  5. I’m also really enjoying the more frequent posts. So happy to see you feeling better. Your writing style is like having a conversation with a dear friend. I look forward to every post!

  6. Thank you??Dear Brenda,
    Love you & enjoy your posts.
    You are so giving of sharing your
    thoughts. I can relate to you.
    You are truthful & no
    pretense in your life.
    You have bad days as we all do &
    when you are in pain I care.
    I am blessed having you in my life.
    Happy you are there for me & others.
    Puppy kisses ? to Charlie & Kitty kisses ? to Miss IvyLou.
    Always the very best to you?

  7. Your growing season is so much more advanced than ours. How wonderful. I still have my heat turned on. We can’t seem to get out of the 40s at night, it’s depressing. And for the past 2 plus weeks, it has rained nearly every single day. Same for this week. Charlie is so adorable, especially the way his tongue lolls out of his mouth, LOL!

    1. ???Dear Brenda,
      I am very happy you are back being you
      With no pretense just your truthful self.
      Thank you for being a devoted friend,
      Your hours spent getting your blogs ready for us to be happy with you or
      keep you in our thoughts & prayer when
      we all fight for sunny days.
      Your life touches mine & many, many
      Big Blessings always

  8. I am always glad to catch up with you and the fur babies so I am very happy that you are feeling well enough to write more often. Brenda, your readers love you very much! When I read your blog, I feel as though I have had a visit with a very good friend! And you know that we always like to hear about Ivy’s antics and see pictures of both Ivy and Charlie.

  9. I am so happy you are posting more often. I like to read you ramblings. You are an interesting person. Good for you to go to your community gathering. I have social anxiety and it is easier for me to just stay home. have to force myself to get out of my comfort/safe zones. Your patio looks great. I can’t believe how much further along your plants are than mine. I live at near 5000 feet, and you are about 1000 plus. It mades a huge difference. Have a great day.

  10. Glad you ventured to the bbq gathering at your complex. I think it is a good way to know your neighbors.
    Enjoy your pretty and comfy patio and flowers. I am so happy to be getting mine done. Just love this time of year.
    Have a great Sunday and wonderful week.

  11. your blog is always welcome! and it comes right to my email box every time you post! I’m so glad I subscribed. and no pressure ever. but it’s always lovely when you talk about those furry babies. I just never tire of them! the BBQ sounds lovely.

  12. So glad that you are posting almost every day. You don’t know how it brightens my day to hear from you and read about your adventures in gardening and the antics of Charlie and Ivy. I suffer with social anxiety so I can understand how difficult it is for someone to step out of their comfort zone. A trip to Walmart causes me to be anxious so I order many of my items online and have them delivered to my door, something I learned from you. I hope you will continue to let us hear from you daily. Also hope you will continue to include decorating tid bits in your future posts. I so enjoy seeing changes that you make in your decor, even though your space is limited….just like mine.

  13. How interesting! b/c just last night my friend Joanne was talking about times she has and is! stepping outside of her comfort zone … and encouraging me to do the same.

  14. I missed your daily posts. Call it ramblings but your words fill a spot in my day. So if you’re up to it with your arm/ hand pain glad to read every day. Ivy looks like she’s on duty monitoring the patio. She is a little queen bee and Charlie is so very dear.

  15. Welcome back to daily posting. We ALL love you, and love reading about your garden, life, and Charlie and Ivy, well, everything you write about. It’s cold here, really wet and still raining, in central WI, and I am still waiting anxiously, to plant flowers..Summer is short here, and I can’t wait..but have to wait till it warms up, maybe next week…I have gotten so many ideas from you, about container gardening, and want to say Thank you for all the information!!!!

  16. I was very glad to hear that your new chair has helped ease your neck pains ~ and lovely to see your writing more! Love the pictures of Ivy Lou and Charlie ~ he looks like a King! (despite the tongue)
    Hugs ~

  17. I also pinned pics of Charlie Ross and Ivy Lou to my board. Just too cute to pass up! I’m glad the real Brenda is back and in full force! You go, Girl!

  18. Brenda, I so enjoy visiting with you and your babies. Just pinned the pictures of Charlie and Ivy. It is amazing what you grow in containers. No need for a huge garden! I finished planting containers of mint around the chicken coop and run. They sure sweeten up the area! It’s going to rain so we are going to check out Lowe’s plant sale.

  19. I, for one (and sure I am one of many), am happy you are back to writing more often and about just normal routine everyday stuff!

    The community gathering sounds like a bit of fun and a chance to say hello to neighbors (and a nice neutral venue to do so). Easy to pop in, chat for a bit, have a bite to eat, and then leave and go back to your apartment when you wish.

    I have tomatoes in my small space (and the tomatoes are a pretty good size already) and wish I had planted cukes and peppers. Might still purchase a few established plants and add them to my space. I love watching them grow. There is a shaded area where I might even add some arugula (although I am certainly taking a chance on it being too late for any type of lettuce in my part of the country). Heading to the local hardware/nursery in just a bit to pick up birdseed so I know that I will be looking in at the plants while I am there. I just cannot resist walking through the nursery area.

    Charlie looks vigilant (and his tongue is so cute) and Ivy looks like she is just waiting for something to move.

    Hope you and your babies enjoy the day.

  20. It’s good to socialize once in a while. Charlie is just adorable. Pets love routine so they must be happy right now. I love routine, too; who am I kidding??? haha

  21. I’m soooo glad your back every day . I look so forward to your blog every day .

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