1. An aspect of the finale that I really enjoyed had to do with the big picture of Wendy’s Foundation. Anyone notice who the new donors were? A famous family from another TV show. And notice who she dropped like a hot potato and why. In the big picture that would have a lot of consequences. Spin-off, Wendy and Marty Change the World!

  2. You did a great job summarizing the series, which is so complicated! It makes my head spin ( in a good way). We are halfway through the final eight episodes, and I can’t imagine how it’s going to wrap up. Buckle your seat belt!

  3. We binged watched it and finished it the first weekend it was released. When you are finished I’ll make a comment. We loved it! Enjoy!

  4. Ozark has been quite the series. I hadn’t seen Series 3 and just watched in in anticipation of the finale. I was a little disappointed in the development of the young sons character though. I thought it was getting a little far fetched but that’s the way things are. I have definitely enjoyed the characters though. Do we know when Season 4 comes out?

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