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  1. Like you, I like to organize with containers as well. It does make cleaning go much quicker and smoother. Also, keeping things organized keeps my brain functioning like it should and I don’t get freaked out by clutter…LOL It’s good to hear about renovations but not good about increased rent. I had a hard time finding my son a decent place to live when we moved him back to Texas in April. His rent is through the roof and takes up most of his disability check. We are still looking for decent, less expensive apartments. It is frustrating! Love and hugs!

  2. Certainly my not good news about the apt complex but I agree it’s best just waiting it out and seeing what happens. It may not go down as Nathan says. I will hate to see you lose him.

    Love everything in a container. Looks so neat and tidy. We are having high temps for the next two days. Have to pay strict attention to the patio plants.

  3. That’s sad news that Nathan is leaving but I can see how hard working so much and trying to care for his boys must be. Also, like he said if the development is renovated and the rent goes sky-high that makes staying there pretty impossible for many tenants. I had a friend that lived in HUD income-based townhouse development here and a developer bought it and renovated it and doubled the rents and did not reserve any units for low income residents. Predictably, my friend had to move as he couldn’t pay the higher rent. I just hate when housing opportunities for lower-income folks are coopted by profit-driven companies. I really hope you don’t have be move, Brenda. But if it becomes necessary then I’m going to keep imagining that there is another even better place for you to live and garden and have your fur babies.

    I like your habit of “containering” things. Things do look neat and tidy corralled in their bins and baskets. Just one question, though: don’t you have to take things out of the containers to clean the items and the containers as well as dusting or wiping around the containers? I suppose maybe not as often as just cleaning around the bins and baskets. Things sure do look nice all gathered together in their various attractive containers, though. I especially like the look of your quilts in their container and your plants grouped together in their containers. Oh, yes and your books in their wire basket. You have such a good eye for creative and appealing decor. This was a fun post. ( With the exception of the new from Nathan.)

    Try not to stress about the sale of the complex and all it might entail. Just keep as positive an attitude as you can and trust that it will all work out for the best.

    1. I’m not going to stress about it. What happens happens. If I can afford to stay I probably will. And as for dusting things in the basket, I suppose if they were covered with dust. If not, I turn a blind eye.

  4. Brenda, I hate the idea of you losing Nathan and of maybe having to move. I hope Nathan is wrong in both counts. Of course, working 65 hours a week is too much. There is no point in looking for another place unless it’s absolutely necessary. Like you said changes might not come that soon and if you did find a place you’d have to move quickly. Sometimes hard to wait and see but I’m in this instance I don’t see another way. I do love the way you decorate. You make everything look so pretty and organized too! You have a great eye… the artist in you is always surfacing in all you do. Hope Charlie and Ivy are doing well and their Mama too.

  5. Brenda, your containers are so pretty. I especially love the canisters and crates…and anything red!! The sale sounds like progress, but I do hope they keep the rent stable for the current residents.

  6. Love your container ideas, so I am always on the look out for small wooden boxes and baskets. I found I had a few in my shed so cleaned them up and started to use them. I love them and things sure are more organized.
    You have so many great ideas that I love.
    I live in a small Mobile Home, which I own, in a small in an older mobile park. I have been here for 21 years. About 5 years after we moved in the park was sold and the rent on the space went up almost every year. I now pay around half of my income for the space. It can not be moved because there is no place to move it and it would cost about $800. to move it. I know there are people worse off then I am, but it is so upsetting that seniors have such a problem with rentals.
    Hugs to Charlie and Ms. Ivy. Love see pictures and hearing about all the antics.

    1. Sad the place seniors can find themselves in and talk of messing with Medicare and SS. I’m sorry about your predicament. I have no idea what they’ll do here. Just have to wait and see.

  7. Well, I always keep on the lookout for other possibilities for rentals cause owners always raise the rent. We have had that over and over and over happen to us. Maybe buying a condo might be better…then it is only the fees for yardwork etc that go up. Due to taxes, which always seem to rise, at least more than our income does, things continue their rise. We are forced to be flexible it seems. Sorry your friend Nathan is looking elsewhere too…maybe he will come across something that will work for you too. You have invested SO MUCH in that apt, I am sorry to see this. Oh well Brenda, we have to just think: “it’s only money”!! Take care and try not to worry!!

  8. Love your Cozy Home and the containers look great…jealous of your organization skills…love the idea for storing your books and love the quilts display idea. I surely hope that the end result of the buyout is not a bad thing for you and others. I know you will surely miss Nathan, but perhaps he will be close enough to still help you when needed. Have a blessed week.

  9. I have used containers like this some, but you are inspiring me to look around & do some more! I know I may have items to use as containers, & also love to go to garage sales & find things like that.
    Thanks for the idea!
    I think you are right to wait & see about your apartment. Plans often do fall apart, or change, or take years to happen.
    I have you can stay there for a long time, & Nathan doesnt give up & leave too soon!

    1. Wishing that you could stay there forever; it seems you have adapted well to this apartment life with the pretty patio area.
      And things may fall through. and it might not be sold. Who knows what life will bring? If you have to move, maybe you and the lady down the way who has a job that takes her away for days, could get together and rent a two bedroom reasonably priced, w/two of you splitting the rent. There is more than one way to look at things.

  10. Brenda, I love to keep things in trays, basket and boxes too. So I* like the way you think. 🙂 Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  11. Just loved your ideas about organizing with containers. I hope you can stay there in your cozy home.

  12. I live in the Tulsa area and wonder if you got your glass cannister set locally….if so, where?

  13. I love using trays as containers. I make what I call vignettes, which is what you are doing. I love lots of little things, but by making a grouping, it’s not cluttered. Great ideas.

  14. Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear that! You have a good relationship with Nathan, and it’ll be a shame to see it possibly end. Are you going to start looking? Are there any towns nearby that might have more affordable housing? That way you’ll still be relatively close to your daughter and grandson.

    1. I’ve already looked at nearby towns. Some are even higher than Tulsa rent. I’ll have to just wait and see. No, I’m really not going to start looking because something could fall through and Nathan might be wrong. Besides, I look from time to time and nothing is changed from looking not very long ago.

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