Converted Garage Studio Space In Melbourne, Australia

Alex lives in this 380 square foot converted garage in Melbourne, Australia. Her home is situated at the back of her Mom’s house in a converted double garage.

Alex didn’t have much of a budget, so she pitched in and provided labor on her new home on weekends.

One of Alex’s favorite parts of the design is the way it leads outdoors. There are glass walls along the back of the garage, creating a light and open space.

The space for the bed is elevated and thus seems more like a separate room in the open studio.

Alex said her decor style was influenced by Japanese design and a desire to use recycled materials.

She chose bare concrete floors for her studio space.

The bathroom area is exposed to the rest of the space, a rather unique design choice.

A half-wall partition separates the toilet from the bath tub.

The outdoors was designed in her beloved Japanese style.

I hope you enjoyed this small space home tour.

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  1. Very cute little space….except for the “public” bathroom! Why?

    I have always wanted to convert my garage into a living space for myself and let my daughter have the house. However, the city’s codes won’t allow for it. They said I could have studio with plumbing even, but not a residence. I have a two and half car garage and I think it would make a very adequate little apartment. I’d still love to do it and call it a “studio”.

  2. What a cute little space and great idea to convert the garage space. My daughters good friend from college lives in Australia and the property over there is very expensive so a lot of younger peeps have to do things like Alex did. I love that she used a lot of recycled material in her design too.
    Happy new week.

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