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  1. Great use of space and recycled materials. Really like this!

  2. Very cute little space….except for the “public” bathroom! Why?

    I have always wanted to convert my garage into a living space for myself and let my daughter have the house. However, the city’s codes won’t allow for it. They said I could have studio with plumbing even, but not a residence. I have a two and half car garage and I think it would make a very adequate little apartment. I’d still love to do it and call it a “studio”.

  3. I like it all except for the bathroom being exposed to the rest of the space.

  4. What a cute little space and great idea to convert the garage space. My daughters good friend from college lives in Australia and the property over there is very expensive so a lot of younger peeps have to do things like Alex did. I love that she used a lot of recycled material in her design too.
    Happy new week.

  5. So nice and a clever use of space. Love that pretty brick wall.

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