It’s that strange weather time of year when you have to turn the heat on at night, but often have to turn the air conditioning on during the day.

I don’t open my windows. The screens are flimsy and have holes where insects get in, and the pupsters go nuts when flying insects get in. 

Speaking of the pupsters, Charlie had to have eye surgery Friday. It was kind of a sudden thing. We went in Friday morning for a third check up of his left eye, which has an ulcer in it.

Charlie with his left eye stitched shut

Later that afternoon when I picked him up, they had taped a cone around his neck to keep him from bothering the stitches. He hated that. I’ve never been able to keep those things on either dog.

When I nodded off that night, he got that cone off real quick, even though he was right there beside me.

So Saturday morning back we went to the vet for her to check his eye. We didn’t have an appointment so had to wait until all the scheduled appointments were seen first.

She put him on a table and cleaned his eye. Then he jumped up in my arms and clung to my neck.

The stitches were intact, so we left the cone off. Now I have to follow him around for two solid weeks to make sure he doesn’t scratch the stitches out.
All I can do is give him the one pain pill a day and keep putting drops in the corner of his eye. And watch him like a hawk. Because if he manages to get into another room before I get there, I catch him trying to dig those stitches out. 
I love my pupsters. I’d do anything for them. They’re both ten years old now. And their health is not what it was when they were pups. We’re just a trio of old folks here now with all kinds of old folks’ afflictions.

So if I’m not on top of things per usual in the next two weeks, you’ll know why. 

I chased a fly in here for two solid days. Abi cried and jumped in the bath tub. Charlie headed for cover, any cover he could get under. And I chased the fly trying to kill it with my zapper. 

This one fly was so elusive. Just when I thought it had possibly run out of gas and laid down and died somewhere, I’d see the dogs running, bodies close to the ground as if that would keep the fly from seeing them, heading for their respective hidey-holes.

At night we are all absolutely tuckered out, as irritable as toddlers who’ve missed their afternoon naps. 

Does your pet have any strange phobias? Like becoming terrorized by small flying insects?


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  1. Bless little Charlie and you too! I hope you can keep him from scratching those stitches loose. That would really set you back with the recovery.

    Our Lab we had in Oklahoma was terrified of storms. Now think on that for a minute….afraid of storms in Oklahoma. She would jump the fence, she ate the shutters and blinds, she jumped on my dresser and ruined the surface…all of these things anytime there was even a hint of thunder. We had to drug her.

  2. Sweet little Charlie…hoping you do better each good for your Mom..As for a fear of bugs..I don't think it exists for cats..they are too busy trying to catch them and eat…My oldest cat Susie is scared every Fall when the heat turns on again..she runs when she feels it blowing out of the vents..after a while she will get used to it again and not worry over it but the beginning of every Fall it will happen…Oh yes…they all run and hide from the vacuum!

  3. Poor little Charlie, and poor you as you have to watch him like a hawk! I've never seen dogs scared of flying bugs. We've had dogs who tried to catch them…lol Miss Molly doesn't like to get groomed. We use the term Fluff and Puff and now when she hears us say Fluff and Puff, she runs under one of the chairs in our living room. She's actually getting a Fluff and Puff tomorrow morning (Tuesday).

  4. Poor Charlie. I hope his eye heals quickly and without him scratching the stitches out. How in the world can you watch him 24/7? I mean, you have to sleep! Hopefully, he sleeps when you do at night! Have you ever tried one of those inflatable or soft collars?

  5. oh poor Charlie….Hope his recovery is quick. I know what it is like to watch over sick pets. We have a black lab who is afraid of several things such as Mylar balloons, hoods and dark glasses. How about some kiddie swimming goggles for night time? just a thought [email protected] Sweet Tea n' Salty Air

  6. Oh- Poor, poor Charlie…and the thing is you feel so bad for them and feel helpless to do anything to 'fix' them…and you can't explain to them that it will be better soon. Poor thing.
    Hate flies—ugh—I think ours are mostly gone this time of year though. xo Diana

  7. Awww, poor little Charlie… and poor Brenda! I hope you can manage to keep him from digging at the stitches, poor little guy. As far as their phobias you need Caesar the Dog Whisperer to come for a visit!! :o)


  8. I have used this trick on flies, mosquitoes, stink bugs (ugh!) bees and wasps. Spray them with hair spray, the cheaper the better. Try not to spray them on a wall, and quickly wipe clean any surface that gets sprayed. They plummet to the ground where it's easy to grab them with a paper towel. Good luck.

    1. I have used hairspray on flies and wasps that got in the house. It stops them in their tracks.
      I hope Charlie heals up well. I know how stressful it is trying to keep a dog from scratching their stitches out. I'm sorry you and poor Charlie are having to deal with this. My pug has a lot of health problems and it is not easy on him. I worry over him so much! I will be thinking of you and the pupsters. Hoping all goes well for little Charlie.

  9. Brenda, see if you can order a soft cone from Petco or Amazon for Charlie…so much better than those hard plastic things. If I get an occasional fly in the house, I check all the windows and sliders first (they go to the light) and have a spray bottle of vinegar or alcohol in my hand and drench them…..have paper towel handy to grab them and discard. Pretty fool proof. Do you know how Charlie got the ulcer? Does he rub his eyes a lot and maybe has a dew claw that could hurt his eye? My Maltese came home from grooming and could hardly open one eye….called the groomer immediately and told her the problem. Took Chazzie to the vet and sure enough, an ulcer the size of a pencil eraser had already formed. 150$ for eye stain and meds…..sent bill to groomer and she reimbursed me. I never went back to her and found a new groomer. I don't really trust any groomers anymore and very few vets. We are always at their mercy. Chazzies eye cleared up within days. Maybe a second opinion is in order?? Good luck with Charlie.

  10. My pug is 8 years old but she has been afraid of noise mostly plastic bags since she was a puppy. We are remodeling our bathroom and last night she would not walk past the bathroom even when we were done for the night, to get in her bed. She has a bed in the living room so that's where she slept. She hates plastic bags and if I happen to slide her dish on the tile when I set it down. Silly girl. I had a blow up cone from Petcibthat worked way better than the plastic one. You might try that. Good luck with the little guy.

  11. I agree with DownthelanewithDaisy, get some of those fly sticky papers. Poor little doggies, so sorry for Charlie, it is really difficult once they start aging and problems develop. I hope he heals really fast, poor baby.

  12. Brenda, there are other measures than the cones. I've also seen do it yourself ideas. Don't know cost. Read your blog every day. Thank you for sharing so much.

  13. Oh dear! This can't be fun for any of you. Luckily for me, none of my pets over the years have had any eye issues at all. And yes, those cones are a blasted nuisance. I know your concern over the eye issues since one of my daughter's 2 cats has a big eye issue requiring trips to the vet, the ongoing administration of eyedrops and when that eventually fails, the vet has said the eye will probably have to be removed. So my daughter soldiers on with diligent care to hopefully avoid that trauma. For both the cat and her!!

    One of my 2 dogs has a phobia. It's called a 'camera'! I'm sure that dog thinks it will steal his soul. The use of the flash has no bearing on it either. An actual camera or phone coming out and being held in front of you will send him scurrying to crawl under a bed or into a dark corner. We've only managed to get a few pictures of him over the 10 years we've had him. His older brother, on the other hand, is quite a ham. Cameras don't phase him at all. He just carries on doing his thing. Ah, our sweet pups! What would we do without them? Mine bring great joy to my life.

  14. Bentley does not seem to have any phobias, other than hating to be groomed. He is a very mellow and easy going dog. We had a scare last year when he chased after a possum and the tooth of the possum caught his eyelid. I rushed him to the vet, who had left for the day and our vet came back to the office to tend to Bentley. Fortunately it was just the lid, but they kept him overnight and he was on antibiotics, salve and pain meds for a week. Bentley will be 11 in December. I make all his dog food and take him for a long walk every evening to keep him in shape. So far so good. I understand how much you love Charlie and Abbi. Bentley has my heart too. I hope that Charlie heals quickly and perfectly.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  15. I'm sorry, they really do have phobias. That has to be so hard having your eye stitched shut.
    My puppy goes crazy if he has anything on him other than his collar. No clothes or bandanas, or he goes into a trance.
    Both hate the vacuum. Piper can hear thunder miles away and shakes tremendously. Hank barks at it.
    Hank also watches TV. He doesn't like seeing other dogs on the tube.
    I hope Charlie will behave and leave his stitches alone. Hugs

  16. Hope little Charlie feels better soon and leaves the stitches alone. Our last basset hound Libby was afraid of flies too. She would go nuts if one was in the house. Little Cooper is just afraid of storms. Brenda I feel for you with having to watch Charlie like a hawk. Hopefully as the eye heals he will not be tempted to scratch it. Hugs.

  17. Poor Charlie…hope he can leave the stitches alone long enough to heal properly. The only thing my dogs are really scared of is storms, Riley especially. When my granddaughter Zoe was much younger, she was terrified of bugs. Now she's ten years old, a black belt tae kwon do and past her phobia.

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