1. I somehow missed this post and don't know if you'll see my comment, but I had to chime in with my 2 cents worth! I loved your cottage look with the quilts, etc. I loved the reds you had, but then red is one of my favorite colors. You should decorate in whatever style suits YOU the best!

  2. Easy, bohemian cottage! Why pick one or the other when you can make it your very own mix. No matter what you do it will be cozy and wonderful.

  3. Easy, bohemian cottage! Why pick one or the other when you can make it your very own mix. No matter what you do it will be cozy and wonderful.

  4. My favorite picture was the one with the florals & checks. It just seems like it would hug you when you came in to the room. I have some anxiety issues and I love our home to be cozy! I have quilts out all year long. I move them around & refold them, so they look different. But, they are always out. I also love color like you do. My favorite is red, so there is a lot of it in our little home. You need to do what makes you comfortable, you live there all the time. Have a wonderful day Brenda.

  5. I don't know why, but my taste seems to be all over the place lately. Maybe all of the house hunting has muddled my brain. Now with that being said, I tend to usually lean towards a cottage look as a consistent favorite, with a little bit of rustic, elegant flare. I don't know if there is such a style….LOL. Quilts are lovely for decorating and if you want to look at them, by all means, pull them out! 🙂

  6. I love that top photo a lot and the blues.. pretty.. I was just sitting in my living room yesterday thinking I wanted a change as well. It all of sudden seemed drab.. Happy Weekend with love Janice

  7. I like to rearrange my pictures in wall galleries. I'm always trying to find room for the new acquisitions. Also, I have a drooly handicapped daughter, so I use covers (I'm not a quilt person) on the sofa etc to keep it clean for her to play on. It also gives new color and lightness. So, I say arrange away, and come up with your own style.

  8. If you miss your quilts…then it is time to bring them out! I live in Florida & put quilts out whenever I feel like it! Whatever cranks yer tractor!

  9. I like the Bohemian style which is what I am slowly working on here due to lack of funds…But…I want you to do what is true to your heart…which is what we should all do…I look at quilts as works of art…I believe that hanging them on walls makes them become just that..no matter what time of year…You decide what is best for you and I will be watching to see what you come up with next…Go Girl!!!

  10. I always like your rooms and envy the way you can use so many cool objects and not create clutter. Quilts are art. If you miss being surrounded, bring them back!

  11. Beautiful pictures, and great ideas. I love quilts and I think it is time for me to change out also. I say do whatever makes you happy. It is still summer, but quilts can be out all the time. Mine are. And by the way, your home is adorable. When ever you change it just makes it that much nicer. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Love them, Hugs to you, Karie

  12. Pretty pictures! I always love your rooms, whatever you do. But I would love to see some new ideas for using quilts!

  13. I agree with Rue that you should do whatever you want! It's your house and your living space should be a reflection of you and your taste, not what anything else likes or thinks! Maybe you can mix the bohemian and cottage looks and come up with a Brenda look! Who knows, you might start a new fad! 😉

  14. The inspiration photos are so beautiful. It's a long, hot summer, but I still use my beloved tartan blankets when the a/c gets wonky/chilly. I would say, pull out a quilt that you love and take it from there.

  15. I love the cottage look and miss your love of red but both are nice. I'm going to changing some colors around here also since I got a new sofa!


  16. All the rooms you posted are quite nice. You have done Bohemian very well. I have enjoyed seeing it and am amazed at how you made the transformation. Your decorating is always magazine worthy.

    My personal preference is cottage style. Therefore, I liked your home best before the change.

    Have a great weekend.

  17. Brenda,
    I love your space. Its not time for quilts here yet. It's 99 degrees outside. I am looking forward to Fall. Everything is brown and dead here and we aren't even through Aug.yet 🙁

  18. You know what I think? I'll be you can guess lol

    Do whatever the hell you want to do and don't worry about what anyone thinks. For too many years I let people dictate my style and I finally said ENOUGH. My favorite saying these days is "I'm a grown ass woman and I do what I want!"

    I've liked every home you've lived in, so whatever you do will be great. Just be authentic to who YOU are.


    1. Oh and all the rooms you posted are pretty cute, but my favorite is the second one 🙂


  19. It takes a lot of experimenting to find what's right for ourself, especially when we're on a limited budget. But that's fun too. I think you're lucky that you can change your look up when you want to with your eye for giving an entirely new look to your rooms.

    My eye was so drawn to the room with the orange and white striped rug and the green and white striped curtains, but it's nothing like my own rooms, and much too late to start over now!

  20. Brenda, I think you can combine boho and cottage together for a great look. Maybe you would call that eclectic. In my own home I have neutral backgrounds accessorized with lots of color. I love color! You'll never find a white sofa in my house – it's just not me, but my decor is definitely cottage. I have missed seeing your quilts. I love having quilts throughout my house when going into the cooler fall weather. But currently it's way too HOT here to even think about getting them out yet….

  21. I agree with Sharon C. you have a cottage look to YOU:) I love cottage myself and yet I've never lived in one and its not likely I ever will now. I don't let that stop me from making the inside as cottagy as possible.

    I just bought a king size quilt to put on the largest wall in our family room. Then I can call this room- DONE:)
    Both bedrooms are in more of a Nantucket style but yea- that's just Coastal Cottage in my mind lol..
    Once I walk thru the front door I feel like I have entered a cozy sanctuary and believe me with the size this place is and the 20 foot ceilings, it wasn't easy to get the FEEL I wanted.
    I say- quilts are in regardless of the time of year.. You do what makes you feel good and whatever that is I'm sure it'll look great.

  22. Brenda, I have to say that I liked your cottage look more than the bohemian. Don't get me wrong, I think it looks great, but you seem more the cottage type. I loved your beautiful quilts and especially all of the red that was incorporated into your design.

  23. These photos are all such cozy, gorgeous ideas for living spaces and I love that most of them have light colored sofas. Before meeting my husband I had a white sofa… GOSH how I LOVED that sofa! But he needs dogs in his life and they would simply destroy a white sofa so I had to sell it… what a sad day for me… Oh boo hop. Someday, though I plan to have another white or light colored sofa. Someday….. Oh, and I think a quilt on a piece of furniture works anytime of year. The air conditioning in summertime can put a chill on a room.

  24. I get it, Brenda! You have to pull out what you love and are naturally drawn to. I love to turn a couple of quilts backwards so only the white shows and throw them over the sofas. It really feels and looks cooler and with August starting up we need the coolness. I was going to comment on the post you did on depression but for some reason it was taking forever to comment. Have you heard about the serotine(mspelled) is in our gut?! It is true or at least partially! I was on probiotics and withing a little while I got in a great mood. Now I had not read the latest findings on it. The probiotic was in powder form and you mixed it with water. It was expensive too or I would take it all the time!

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