Craft Project Decorating File Folders

Yesterday I got out my paper scraps and started a craft project decorating file folders. I enjoy working with paper and washi tape. It is relaxing.

Well, except when I had to keep putting Ivy down because she wanted to play with my supplies.

You will need:

  • Scrapbook paper
  • Glue stick
  • Washi tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

I didn’t take step by step photos, but it’s a pretty simple craft project. Pick out scrapbook paper to put inside the file folder.

The first one I made I decorated the whole inside top to bottom. But then I decided I could just cut a piece about 4-5 inches long and not use as much paper.

Lay the scrapbook paper underneath the file folder and trace around it with a pencil.

Cut out the scrapbook paper to fit inside, then glue it down with a glue stick or whatever adhesive you prefer to use.

Then choose another color of scrapbook paper for the outside of the file folder. Do the same.

Just to add a decorative touch, I cut another piece of paper horizontally to glue to the bottom of the front. This just adds a bit more color.

Then I selected various rolls of Washi tape and carefully laid each one down across the intersection of the two pieces of paper in front.

Then you’re done!

I decided to use this kitchen cutting board holder to hold my file folders. It was in my closet and I wasn’t using it for anything.

Remember, shop your house before you go buy something!

This project took about an hour.

Charlie & Ivy photos:

Here are a few love bug photos of Charlie and Ivy…

They seem to be getting closer every day. Ivy likes to love on her brother. I’m amazed he’s being still and letting her.

As you can see, Ivy is bigger than Charlie now. She’s about nine months old. I keep wondering how big she’s going to be when she’s full grown. Guess we’ll find out pretty soon.


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  1. I love how you decorate your file folders but I won’t be doing that since my folders are in a drawer. 😉 I do work with paper and washi tape, etc but that’s in scrapbooks, card making and art journaling. Love that photo of Ivy rubbing her head on Charlie. So sweet.

  2. I like working with paper, too, Brenda. I am getting itchy to do some paper collage. I have a folder with pieces of various kinds and designs of paper that I can use for art projects and collage projects. I don’t seem to find much time to work with them though, lately. I just spent a couple hours this afternoon looking at flooring for my kitchen. It’s all quite different from when I chose what’s down there now about twenty years ago. Not to mention the prices! The cost for my 12’x12′ kitchen with the material I liked best was going to come to around $1500. Yikes! I’m seriously considering trying to mend the hole in what’s down there with an extra piece of it that I found in the basement. How bad could it look? Not as bad as it does with the hole in it, right? Gotta think on that for a while.

    I’m happy to hear that Charlie and Ivy are getting along so well these days. It’s funny how Ivy tries to groom him. And cute that he lets her. Maybe they will end up fast friends after all.

    Has your patio door gotten worked on yet? I just noticed that my big bay window in my living room has quite a large crack in one lower corner of the center section. I don’t know if it happened because it got so cold or what. Wonder which bank I will rob to pay to replace it?

    We had sun here all day today. Makes me optimistic about Spring coming.

    Hope you’re having a good start to your week. Give Ivy Lou and Charlie some pats and take good care of you. Hope your pain is less.

  3. I love the photos of the fur babies .So very happy that Charlie is letting Ivy love on him.
    Love all your ideas !
    Rain all week in Tennessee we will need a boat instead of a car very soon.
    Enjoy your Monday evening .
    Hope your pain is better .

  4. Love the folders. Think I’ll buy the supplies and when I visit my grands they will love doing this craft. We can make folders for their Mom and Dad and for their teachers too. Ivy is appearing to win Charlie over. Love her being attentive and loving to him. I, too, miss your daily posts but I want you to take care of you . I do go into your collection of blogs you have organized but so many blogs are truly just not as good as your. Take care .

  5. Brenda, I just love that idea! Very creative and I would have never thought of it, thank you for sharing that idea. I love decorative file folders but won’t buy them because of the cost OR until a pack is on sale for $1.00. I like this idea much better because I can personalize them any way I want! Too cute!!! Love the photos also…so glad they are getting along so well! Love and hugs!

  6. What a cute idea, Brenda! Definitely more interesting looking than standard manila files. They sell cute file folders in Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls too.

    Love the photos of the babies, I’m glad they are so close!

  7. What a wonderful photo of Ivy and Charlie! That’s a keeper. I honestly miss reading your daily post, but fully support your new schedule to allow yourself to heal.

    1. Sorry, meant to add this and then forgot. If you have Walgreen’s in your area, sign up for their emails. A couple times a year (actually one just ended Saturday) they offer a free basic 8×10 for pick up. All you have to do is upload a photo, select 8×10 as the size, apply the code, and it truly is free. Two locations in our town, and I select the store that I’ll be closest to the next time I run errands.

  8. Love the pic of Ivy rubbing her head on Charlie ~ what a pair of sweethearts!

    I also really like your idea of decorating the file folders ~

  9. The pictures of the love bugs is the sweetest photo yet…Precious!!!!! So happy to see that Charlie is trusting Ivy. There is certainly a whole lot of Love in your home…

  10. Pictures of Charlie and Ivy Lou are so adorable. Ivy Lou is being so loving and Charlie is so sweet looking. Great picture to be blown up and framed.
    I use to do a lot of paper crafting but have not done any for a few years. Loved the Washi paper. I would decorate blown out eggs for Easter with it. Glue the paper on then coat with ModPodge. So pretty in a bowl.

    Have a great day

  11. Super cute to have nice file folders. OMG that pic of Ivy and Charlie is adorable. Looks like they are getting to be really great pals. I bet that is so great for Charlie after losing his sweet Abi. Have a great day and wonderful week.

  12. What a fun project! I am going to make a run to Hobby Lobby this week to get supplies and decorate a few file folders (the ones I keep on my desk) this week. Maybe I will go today since it is supposed to be a rainy day tomorrow; this little project will give an indoor activity (and perhaps tempt me to go through other file folders and shred information no longer needed).

    Those photos of Charlie and Ivy are so darned sweet! I cannot believe how big Ivy has become. Looks like Charlie is enjoying the attention. Hope you have a great Monday with your furry family.

  13. That photo of your two sweeties is the cutest thing ever! Charlie is obviously adjusting to the rough and tumble activities of Ivy, but it looks like she is being very affectionate and sweet with him. Adorable. Did you ever think a little kitty would change your and Charlie’s life sooo much?!!!!

    1. Wow so sweet are these 2 cuddlers! It’s ❤ wonderful ,,,,, just simply amazing to see/watch them both. I don’t think Ivy will grow too much more. She’s so pretty! ?

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