People always wonder why victims of abuse don’t leave their partner. There are many reasons. Fear, financial dependence, children in the home, of loss of self-esteem.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month:

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month.
It’s easy to be judgmental of women who do not leave their abusive partner. No one knows what goes on inside their home. Women are often steeped in fear for a long time. And her partner has probably done a good job of destroying her confidence.
People tend to think abused are women that are dependent on their partner. But that isn’t necessarily the case. Many times these women are lawyers, doctors, and other professionals.
When you see the woman in the video link below, you will automatically think: This doesn’t happen to women like her.

Crazy Love:

Listen to why it does. And why she wrote a book called “Crazy Love”  describing her relationship with a man who nearly destroyed her.
Your life may never have been touched by domestic violence. However that doesn’t mean it never will. Please watch and listen.

Why Domestic Violence Victims Don’t Leave

Leslie Morgan Steiner
Please take 16 minutes out of your day to listen to this woman tell you why domestic violence victims don’t leave. Please listen to her story here.
Despite a successful career, this woman found herself trapped. Sometimes a woman is physically trapped. Sometimes she is psychologically trapped. And sometimes the answer is both.
The reason she had not left was inexplicable, even to her. The perils of abuse are like a centipede with many arms. It reaches out and takes everything it can from you. And it destroys your judgment and feeling of well being.
This could one day be your sister, mother, aunt, best friend, daughter. Or you.
Just 16 minutes. It may change the way you look at victims of abuse.

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  1. I worked for a time at our local sheriff's office, and the stories I heard about this very topic were enough to make a person's skin crawl. The message must be spread! Thank you, Brenda, for sharing this.

  2. As you have all seen on the news, the story of Ray Rice and his fiancé (who later married him), who punched her so hard in the face he knocked her out and dragged her off the elevator into the hallway and dropped her there. It is sickening to watch, more sickening to know she later married him, and even more sickening to watch them sitting side by side swearing they are gonna show us all "what real love is".
    I grew up in a home where my father repeated beat my mother. Often times my sister and I watched her "taunt" him, knowing what was coming next. (DO NOT EVER READ INTO THIS THAT SHE IN SOME MANNER DESERVED WHAT HE DID TO HER!) What so many people fail to recognize, and I have only heard this mentioned once on the news, that a man who would beat his girlfriend, or beat his wife, will also BEAT HIS CHILDREN! And my father did! So to all the women out there who is dating an abuser, if you can't get out for yourself, do it for your future children! They should not have to pay the price for this dysfunctional mess. I thank the Lord that I married a very good, kind and gentle man who would never raise a hand to me. But in reading this post, and I am 66 years old, I can still hear in my head the sounds coming from my mother as my father, the one who promised to love and protect us all from harm and danger, slap, punch, kick and choke her. Sickening, just sickening………

  3. My daughter has been married to an abuser for over 30 years. When I found out about the abuse about 20 years ago, I was so mad I told everybody I knew – family, friends, co-workers, you name it. I didn't know I was doing the right thing but was driven by anger. I told her to tell him I was doing it, too; and everybody would know what a sorry piece he was and if I found out it happened again I would call his boss. He had a very good job he didn't want to lose. She told his mother and she said, "Well, you just need to not do anything to upset him." I wanted to knock a knot on her head. I found out later she had been abused by his father so she thought it was "normal." Long story short, as far as I know the abuse stopped. It was good to hear the lady in the video say that getting it out in the light was the right thing to do.

  4. Very enlightening video, thanks for sharing it.
    Abuse must be brought out into the light and TOLD to as many as the victim can reach.

    the flip side of her story is:::

    So many women are so desperate for companionship that even with prior knowledge that the man is an abuser, they will scoop the bastard right up because they are deluded enough to believe " They can cure Him" "He wont be that way with Me" or "He's just soooooo misunderstood"
    No amount of previous behavior on his part , gets through to those women. I have seen this happen several times and each time it sickens me. YES Ladies, if he did it to Her, He WILL do it to you~!

  5. Thank you Brenda for sharing. I thank God everyday that the man I married is loving and kind. I was 19 when we married, he was 26. I had no idea what I wanted or even what I deserved. I am so lucky that he is the kind of man that I do want and deserve. The real point of the video is that women can get away from abuse by lighting that spotlight, and go on to have a good life.

  6. Great video, and very interesting how she described his next steps descending even farther into this crazy behavior. I really liked her comment about how abuse thrives in darkness and not being shared. The isolation is also interesting, but a story I've heard over and over.

  7. Wonderful video! I've had some experience with friends in this situation. I've been a victim of psychological abuse myself. It is so hard to get away, but it can be done. Thanks for sharing this!


  8. Oh- That is so so sad. It is really awful to feel so helpless and have a life that looks "normal" to the outside world..and yet be stuck in a scary place that no one can reach … and you cannot get free because of the fear..xo Diana

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