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  1. I’m not so sure about the cat hair diagnosis. related to your A/C unit.
    I am a multi cat household and I am very sure that I am not as scrupulously tidy as you. I have had cat hair on filters but never was it a big problem. As one of your readers said, units freezing up are usually related to low freon or freon leaks. I suspect they saw your pet and got the idea to say “cat hair” blaming the conditioners problems on you, the resident. If you moved in after the fire, how did that area get so dirty.? Most certainly not from you.!
    Is there a serial number on your unit? That will allow you to find the date of manufacture – if it isn’t already printed on the plate. Could they have moved an old unit from one of the unoccupied units iinto yours? Companies make their money by blaming all problems on the tenants.
    Shorts, no tags, no turtlenecks, here too. Gloves, even with my arthritis, are a problem as well.

  2. I’m glad to hear you like “Breaking Bad”. It took me a bit to get into it too but once I did I was really hooked. I think the writing, directing and acting is all very good. One important thing though – do NOT watch “Breaking Bad El Camino” until you have finished the series completely! If you watch it now it will destroy the rest of the series for you with many spoilers . The series is good enough to wait and watch the movie when you are done.
    We have been through many cat trees and scratching posts too and have found that the ones wrapped in rope last longer, at least for our two cats anyway.
    If your air conditioner did not work until they put freon in it then that was the problem not the cat hair. People always want to blame the renters!
    Have a great weekend Brenda!

  3. The cat hair may not have had anything to do with the a/c issue…an easy way to throw it back on the renter..(I may be a bit biased toward the…. It really sounds like you are on top of the hair, anyhow… With that said..glad you are back in the cooling business…I once had a dishwasher repairman telling me I probably used too much soap(after he asked me if I prerinsed the dishes..had to such a crappy machine)…lol I worked for a major retailer and took repair calls for years…those repairman would really stretch things it seemed….I like folks who are ethical…So I was always an advocate for the consumer complaint… ;0) Have a nice restful and beautiful weekend. !!!!!!!!!!! Cooler weather headed to NC our area tonight.. love Fall.

  4. Brenda, I always love to see pics of pets sleeping! It relaxes me. You can always include pics of that!
    Sorry to hear Charlie has problems with weather change
    I can wear capris rather than shorts, but I just can’t stand scarves around my neck, turtle necks or long sleeves! I layer short sleeves, cotton jackets or cardigans, and lightweight winter coats all winter long.
    I need to be able to remove layers or feel like I can’t breathe!
    Give your babies kisses for me!

  5. The air conditioner repairman told me to buy the less expensive filters because they work best.

    1. Well, that is good information about cheap air filters. Maybe I will try that.

  6. Good morning Brenda,

    I am happy to hear the AC is working. As for the cat hair and the filters, our AC man said to use the cheapest filters and change them more often. Don’t let them blame you for faulty equipment.

    Have a great weekend with your fur kids.

    1. I agree with Elizabeth…
      My house builder & local co/op cheapest filters. We have been using these for 30 yrs having two dogs & one Kitty.
      Know many folks that use cheaper & have had no
      problems. Cost much less, save money. I pay
      $1.49 for size “20x25x1 “.
      Change 1 – 4 weeks.
      The best to you, CharlieBoy and “Ivy aks
      The Entertainer!”.

  7. Why is it that we avoid moving, to our discomfort when our cats sleep on or near us? I had a dog for 12 years and never resorted to such lengths. Could it be that dogs will gladly come when we call, but our royally superior felines only come when they want to; we are always grateful when they do.
    By the way, Brenda, having two kitties, I “HAVE TO” change/clean my ac filter once a week.
    I can’t wait for Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman!

    1. These filters are so cheap that when I change them, they’re completely clean. I asked them once to buy better ones and I’d pay for it, but that never happened. I remember checking into it and I have an odd size I think. I’ll recheck. I hate to disturb either pet when they’re sleeping.

  8. Yes, there are better air filters to be had, I buy one for my furnace and it costs around $12.00. I also invested in a little bissell vacuum (it also converts to a hand held as well and only costs $19) . You can order one from Walmart. It works well to clean the bare floors especially around the cat box. ( I also use a throw rug in front of the cat box to catch the majority of the cat litter.) I use it every day and I am amazed how much cat hair it picks up every day! And then I use my heavy duty vacuum once a week and it also picks up a ton. It is unbelievable how much cats shed every day!
    Leo also loves to sleep on my bed during the day and I have a white quilt on it and it is covered with cat hair by the end of the day and I use my lint roller on it to clean off the cat hair.
    I also started using Worlds Best Cat Litter brand because it is safe to flush and I live on the third floor far from the elevator and I can’t be going to the trash every day which is a long ways from my unit. It has made my life a little simpler. I also use plastic cat box liners so that when I need to change the litter out, I simply lift out the plastic bag, and dispose of it. I usually change the litter about every week or so. I order my cat supplies from Chewy and I get them the next day. I buy in bulk so I get free shipping. Maybe the cat hair and dander help contribute to Charlie’s cough. Do you have an air purifier? I am very sensitive to odors and dust and I am thinking of investing in one for myself. It would also pick up a lot of cat hair I think, but I would need to change the filter pretty often which can get expensive, but this winter I may not have a choice with the apartment closed up tight.

    1. I just realized you have two air purifiers, so that is good. I am surprised it does not pick up more cat hair, so maybe I will hold off on purchasing one. I do have one very small one that I use in my bedroom, and you are right, it does not pick up much cat hair.

    2. I have two air purifiers going that more than covers my square footage. I bought some plastic sacks that fit inside the litter box, but they were too small and I never got others. But I clean it out 2-3 times per day. I have a handheld Dyson that cleans up most anything. And the cat litter box is in a closet. Hoping that would contain the dust.

  9. Leave sleeping dogs lie, and feisty cats also, or something like that. I would tip toe to the bathroom during the middle of the night, so I wouldn’t wake up the cat. Funny how we humans are. They just as soon jump on our head when we’re sleeping, to wake us up. Gotta love them…sure do miss Cleatus.

  10. I also wear my shorts until it gets cold,Another thing we have in common is . I don’t like long sleeves, short sleeves or , or high collars.

  11. Brenda that does look like a stronger and better made scratching post.

    So glad your AC is fixed. Here in Ohio it was a cool 60 degrees this morning. But that is ok . I like the cooler weather much better.

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