If you set a pretty table, I think food just automatically seems to taste better.

I looked through my small stash of tablecloths and chose this gold one for my table. The shade of gold looks a lot like the fall leaves that have been falling on my patio.

Adding a table cloth is always pleasing to the eye. And layering adds a cozy decorative touch.

I started out with a gold tablecloth and the fruit in the white footed bowl.
I added a round red place mat because my dining chairs, which are actually outdoor chairs that I use as dining chairs, are red. Also it reminds me of tree leaves turning a vibrant red in the fall.

Vanilla taper candles adds sweet perfume to the air.

Lighting the candles is something I love to do as the days begin to get shorter. Candles just create a warm and cozy atmosphere, don’t you think?

I found a white set of dishes at Target.com that I ordered. No, I really didn’t need more dishes. Heavens no. I just wanted them.

I ordered them with my frugal voice whispering “you know you don’t need this, Brenda.”  

But I hushed that voice and ordered them anyway. And told myself that sometimes you just need a little splurge for no reason.


You can build many different tablescapes with white dishes as the base. Adding neutral dishware highlights your more colorful dishes.

Elizabeth at Pine Corns And Acorns does this, and it sounded like such a wonderful idea that, yes, I will copy her idea! 

I loved her post yesterday showing gorgeous fall dishes from Williams-Sonoma. Go over and take a look.

Below is the set I ordered.

This week I want you to do something nice for yourself. 

You work hard as a homemaker and often don’t get a lot of credit for doing so. Some of you also work outside the home and then put on your homemaker hat as well.

So splurge on a little something for yourself for no reason. Just because.

One of you (I think it is Carol) calls splurging on things “blame it on Brenda.” 

So get something nice for yourself and blame it on me. Temporarily hush your frugal voice and just do it. 

I want you to tell me what you splurged on! So there’s no getting out of it.

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  1. Your tablescape is so pretty, Brenda! I was just in HomeGoods a few days ago and splurged on a pretty set of placemats & napkins….I think linens may be the bane of my willpower! We are barely under triple-digits here (like 98-99), but that hasn't stopped me from decorating for Fall!

    Warm hugs,

  2. Oops! Forgot to plug in the name of the other set of dishes! They are Federalist Ironstone and I am most fond of them and then the Heritage pattern from Johnson Brothers.

  3. I love white dishes. I have two patterns that I am partial to. They are Heritage by Johnson Brothers and ——-which used to be sold by Sears. I have partial sets of both and would like to add to them but the pieces I've found on E-bay and elsewhere are so expensive. Adding shipping makes them just too much for my budget. I keep looking, though, and some time I'll find some I can afford. You never know.

    Your tablescape is charming. I wish I could see more of the dishes, though. I'm not a person who is fond of red, usually, but those candlesticks are just the ticket with the fruit and placemat. Very nice.

    I do splurge a little every so often, and it's usually at a thrift store. But I try to limit myself to spending not over $20. per visit. It's still a fun outing which I am longing to have again. It's been a while.

    1. I realized after I posted this that you couldn't see the actual dishes well. Live and learn I guess. Will remember next time. I can't have very expensive dishes because I am clumsy and break things.

  4. Your tablescape is right on the money for this time of the year, Brenda. It goes so well with your recently acquired floral artwork. Would you share where you bought your art? I have been oohing and aahing over it since the first time I saw it.

    1. Wayfair. And here's how to get a cheap deal: Click on Sale, then click on Open Box. Then you will see a bunch of categories. I clicked on decor and wall art. These have been opened and sent back, but looked over very carefully. I got one huge one for $12!

    2. Thank you Brenda! I can never get too many flowers. I got your message, I don't know why my computer didn't recognize you. Once someone has left a comment previously it goes through. New ones have to be looked at first because of spam.

  5. Love your tablescape Brenda! I also have white dishes I treated myself to. This week here in the N. Ga. Mountains, we're all digging out from Tropical Storm Irma. With power out 2 + days, I'll only be restocking the freezer. Many trees came down and the Fig tree split into 3 huge pieces! That hurt the most? Be well!

  6. Hi Brenda, I love the tablescape and I want to get into fall, but it is 90 degrees here and I just haven't gotten with it yet. Your pedestal bowl is beautiful and you can use it in any season, just like the white dishes. I imagine lemons and limes would be great in the summertime. I have never had anything other than white dishes because you can enjoy an elegant meal or a hot dog on a white plate. Love your blog and read it every day!

  7. That's about the only thing I decorate for the seasons anymore.. is my dining table. That's where hubby and I sit most of the time! I splurged the other day on four dinner plates with Fall leaves on them.. white plates with the leaves around the edge.. only $1 each at the Dollar Tree.. but I really had to override that voice inside that said "you don't need these" and get them anyway! I had wanted at least one last year, just to put some pretty Fall cookies on.. so now I have 4 and can use them for the 2 of us, or if we ever have company (which is VERY seldom). I also splurged and bought myself 2 scrapbook paper pads at Tuesday Morning (less than $10 for both)… but is always hard for the furgal me to buy pretty things for myself (that I definitely don't need!). It was so fun. Love your tablescape too! Marilyn

    1. I think I have more room than you do. I'm using fall colors, just not the same way I normally have decorated for fall. I'm enjoying being different from that.

  8. I'm enjoying your posts. You have inspired me. I made a vignette for fall. I used a tray and filled it with a rooster, fall flowers in a tin can with a small scarecrow, handmade velvet pumpkins and a squirrel. It was so much fun! Your tablescape is very pretty. Is that an owl plate on the cutting board? I like the whimsey. Thank you for showing us how you decorate and inspiring us!

  9. This is one of my favorite vignettes you've made. Your picture on the wall really completes it. I've enjoyed all your ideas. I splurged and bought a potted orchid–only $9.99 and, while cut flowers might last a few days, an orchid blooming will last months.

  10. Brenda,

    First, thank you for the mention! I have always had white dishes and I always buy dessert/salad plates for each season that I like. I think it is a great way to get the look that you like and you do not have a bunch of stuff you can only uses once a year. Sometimes I only purchase 2 salad plated because for the most part it is just my husband and I unless we entertain. It is a great way to splurge and treat yourself nice everyday.

    Speaking of which have you seen all of the post on the new "HomeGood" store called HomeSense? It looks fabulous with lots of home stuff, no clothes, no toys, and no dog toys.

    I love your tables cape. IT is fun to play with what we have an make everyday special.

    Thank you again for mentioning me and my blog.


  11. LOVELY tablescape. Knowing your proclivity to choose RED, the candlesticks are not a surprise, they are quite delightful. I love the fruit in the footed bowl. You deserve to treat yourself . . . the dishes will be used and the enjoyment they give you obvious.
    We all deserve the right to treat ourselves, without feeling guilt for having done so.

  12. I have almost bought white dishes many times, but I always stop myself because 1. I don't need more dishes and 2. I don't have space to store more dishes! I did splurge on the new Mrs. Meyers scent for the season – Apple Cider – oh my gosh, it's awesome! I bought it on Grove Collaborative, and I got the dish soap, hand soap, two counter sprays, and a candle – as soon as I put out all my fall pillow covers (hopefully this weekend….after I stack a cord of wood!) those scents are going into the kitchen!! Bring it on, I'm ready!

  13. Love your vignette! Simple and elegant..
    as well as 'Less Being More' !
    That's how I like to decorate too. .I love mixing White Dishes in with most of my Decorating. I've done it from when I was first married. I guess a lesson in decorating learned from my Mom. .Most if not all were purchased from The Salvation Army,
    and not long ago from Amazon ( Mikasa- Italian Countryside).
    So seeing your Simply Elegant – Fall Table scape, drew me in immediately!

  14. You always do a great job of balancing colors, textures, and sizes in your displays. I like the solid colors combined with the patterns in the dishes and tablecloth. Your new white dishes will add texture to your upcoming displays. As for treating myself, all I want to buy is plants for my yard. I have a section that is mainly plants native to Kentucky, and I bought a joe-pye weed for that area this week.

  15. As we travel, we stop at Goodwill stores and I have found a huge selection of china and pottery available. I usually buy just a couple of salad/dessert plates to mix and match with what I have, but have been absolutely astonished at the complete sets of gorgeous china at low, low prices. I love your touches of red. Sometime a bright color just sets the tone. I just made a door wreath with purple, burnt orange and deep red flowers, a combination I almost never use and I just love it.

  16. Your table looks lovely. I love your red candlesticks. I like your new dishes too. The pattern is very nice.

    I'm looking for a lightweight set of white dishes to match some floral ones that we use. Everything out there seems heavy. Plain white Corelle would be perfect. If anyone knows where I might find some please let me know.

  17. love your table scape Brenda and I do like the white set you have ordered, I always think food looks better on white plates.
    Yes we do need to splurge once in a while. I had my haircut this morning and splurged on a hair thickening product! It was more than I have ever paid before so I do hope I am pleased with it when I use it! The hairstylist used it on my hair and I was very impressed.

    1. Oh, I'm so glad I'm not the only splurger! I promised myself that I would cook for myself more after ordering them. Went to the grocery and will be making meatloaf first!

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